Nike Air Max Typha 2

Nike's Air Max Typha 2 training shoe is the follow-up to their original Air Max Typha model. Its tread pattern remains the same as last time, and its Max Air heel unit is still as effective and responsive as ever. However, its outsole is now coated in a rubber compound from heel to toe for greater durability and traction. Its upper now features a partial bootie construction for a more snug fit and more accurate ankle support. And the warp-knit fabric has now been replaced with a breathable mesh and more subtle TPU overlays. While there are still some issues, such as the shoe's narrow fit, most reviewers see this model as an improvement.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Stylish design

-Lightweight wear


-Very comfortable

-Great for casual settings



-Does not fit true to size

-Not enough support for some

Key Features
Nike uses a simple rubber compound to cover the full length of its outsole, protecting the rest of the shoe from damage and providing the runner with stronger traction. This material extended forward and curls up over the tips of the toes to enable a small amount of protection against possible impact. Its textured tread pattern consists of numerous clustered, diamond-shaped lugs for a sturdy grip on paved roads and indoor fitness equipment. Several flex grooves are also added to the forefoot area to allow for easier and more flexible wear.
Product listings and reviews don't seem to mention when the Air Max Typha 2's full-length midsole unit is made out of. Based on similar shoes that Nike has made, it can be assumed that it's either EVA foam or the brand's Phylon material. Aside from providing comfortable underfoot cushioning, both are known to be very supportive and responsive on their own. Its heel, on the other hand, is equipped with a Max Air unit that relies on compressed air to enhance shock absorption where it's needed most. Its design also permits for a more lightweight wear and greater energy return, which is really felt during workouts and runs. Added cushioning also comes in the form of a fixed foam insole, which adds greatly to the shoe's level of comfort.
The Air Max Typha 2's upper is made using a highly breathable mesh fabric that's outfitted with synthetic, printed on overlays along the toes, midfoot, and heel to ensure both durability and structure. These features form a partial bootie construction that performs the dual task of supporting the ankle and keeping the foot snug and secure. Its first two lacing eyelets are made from the brand's Flywire cables, which are attached to the midsole unit in order to ensure a lightweight, secure, and highly supportive fit. Pull tabs are also attached to the instep and heel to enable easier insertion.
Since this shoe is available only in men's sizes, the average weight of the Air Max Typha 2 is 11 oz. This is considered to be just above the average range, according to some shoe experts, yet its wear is still incredibly lightweight. Reviewers seem incredibly happy with how light and easy this shoe is to move around in. Not only does this make it an excellent choice for casual workouts and everyday life, but it also means that it's perfectly fit for more intense training sessions and activities such as basketball and tennis.
Given the upper’s mesh material and limited overlays, it’s a given that the Air Max Typha 2 offers runners a highly breathable wear that many reviewers greatly appreciate. With help from a soft fabric lining, the shoe allows for plenty of airflow into the foot chamber and enables swift and easy moisture-wicking and elimination of hotspots. So not only does the foot feel cooler but also dryer and much more comfortable, with the runner experiencing far less odor, blisters, and skin irritations than they would otherwise.
Across all online review platforms, buyers have praised the Air Max Typha 2 for its incredibly comfortable wear. Its full-length foam unit is enhanced greatly by the Max Air heel unit, which delivers greater shock absorption where it’s needed most. A fix foam insole is placed on top to add further cushioning and support. And the mesh upper permits a completely breathable wear while its partial bootie construction supports the entire upper foot area all the way up to the ankles. Many with conditions such as plantar fasciitis say that they’ve struggled to find a comfortable running shoe, yet felt immediate relief when wearing this model. However, its tendency to not always fit true to size does lessen this quality for some runners.
With its flashiest feature being its Max Air heel unit, the Air Max Typha 2's overall design is relatively simple. It's streamlined and mostly monochromatic, with the brand's logo prominently displayed on the shoe's instep, lateral heel, and arch. Although the original launch of this model came with only black, grey, and white options, allowing it to easily pair with a number of different looks, there are some special releases in the colors of various NFL teams for diehard football fans.
Online reviews don’t give any clear indication of how durable the Air Max Typha 2 actually is. The rubber compound covering the full-length of its outsole does allow its grip to last longer, also protecting the midsole unit from damage. And its Max Air Heel unit does enable longer-lasting responsiveness and support. However, while its overlays do help this shoe maintain its overall structure, its mostly exposed knit upper still makes it susceptible to wear and tear. As a result, it’s recommended that buyers take proper care of this model and put it to the side when it comes to hiking, trail running, or other outdoor activities.
The Air Max Typha 2 gives the runner a basic amount of protection against hazards that they would encounter during training and casual running. The outsole’s rubber compound runs the entire length of the underfoot to ensure complete traction and also curls up at the tip of the toes to shield against potential impact. The Max Air unit in the heel provides added impact absorption to keep the runner safeguarded against chronic pain and fatigue. Breathable mesh lessens the likelihood of the runner developing skin irritations and blisters. And the upper’s minimal TPU overlays form a toe cap and heel counter for further protection against accidental impact and removal.
Buyers seem to be very happy with the Air Max Typha 2’s level of responsiveness, thanks to the Max Air unit that’s fixed into the heel. There’s no indication of how well its full-length foam unit performs since listings and reviews don’t mention the material that it’s made out of. But the Max Air unit, on the other hand, relies on compressed air to increase the amount of impact absorption where it’s needed most. Although reviews and descriptions don’t indicate how well its level of energy return is, this simple unit is still enough to greatly reduce the runner’s overall pain and fatigue that would result from constant impact.
While the Max Air heel unit focuses more on impact absorption, the full-length foam midsole ensures that the entire underfoot area stays properly cushioned and supported. This is enhanced further by a fixed foam insole and has many reviewers saying that it relieves the pain of their chronic foot conditions. The upper’s partial bootie construction enables greater support for the entire foot area, especially the ankle where it’s most noticeable. And the inclusion of printed-on TPU overlays enhance the overall fit by integrating with the lacing system, which makes its wear even more effective during workouts. Despite this, however, there are still some reviewers who feel that it doesn't give them enough support, particularly when it comes to their arches.
As a training shoe, the Air Max Typha is meant to be used heavily at indoor training facilities and on paved road surfaces. Whether the runner is on a treadmill, a floor mat, or even an outdoor basketball court, its lugged tread pattern ensures a sturdy grip throughout the entire training session. And the breathable mesh upper makes it fit not only for intense workouts but also for casual warm-weather runs. Unfortunately, this shoe’s overall design does make it unfit for trail running and other high-intensity outdoor activities. Furthermore, there is no indication of its performance level on wet and slippery surfaces.
Compared to several other models released by Nike, the Air Max Typha 2 is surprisingly reasonable in price. On sites such as Zappos, Eastbay, and Champs Sports, it runs for only $110. Most reviewers seem perfectly happy with this price range, especially when they consider the shoe's level of comfort and extremely versatile wear. However, its inconsistent sizing does have some buyers feeling a bit worried. If buyers can't try the shoe on before making a purchase, then it's recommended that they choose a retailer with a great return policy.
Reviewers seem to be quite satisfied with the level of traction that the Air Max Typha 2 gives them during workouts. Clusters of diamond-shaped lugs form larger, hexagonal lugs of varying sizes in order to ensure a more accurate and stable grip on both paved roads and indoor surfaces. It also allows for better drainage of dirt and dust, so its grasp can stay just as strong throughout the day. As stated before, however, there is no indication of how well this shoe can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
Since it is meant to be used for training, the Air Max Typha 2 has to provide support and stability while still being easy to move around in. While the heel stays rigid and secure, this midfoot and forefoot areas stay reasonably pliable thanks to the full-length foam midsole and mesh upper. The forefoot area stays the most flexible, due to its lack of overlays and the deep flex grooves carved into the outsole unit. Not only does this quality make for an excellent workout shoe, but this also makes it even more fit for daily life.
The Air Max Typha 2 seems to be a bit limited when it comes to its stabilizing features. This particular quality is mostly found in its midsole, as the Max Air heel unit provides greater impact absorption that then keeps the runner’s movements secure and smooth. Its outsole's full-length rubber compound adds to this by enabling a strong and stable grip on the surface below. The minimal overlays on its mesh upper integrate with the lacing system in order to give a more secure fit, and the printed-on TPU heel counter further ensures that the foot stays locked into place.
There are no product listings or reviews that mention the Air Max Typha 2's heel-to-toe drop height. This feature typically measures 10mm on a standard running shoe, a height that allows for plenty of comfortable heel cushioning yet doesn't interrupt the natural gait cycle. After comparing this model to similar shoes on the market, especially those with this exact measurement, it's safe to assume that its drop height is either at or just below 10mm.
Key Features
-Full-length rubber outsole
-Responsive Max Air heel unit
-Fixed foam insole for cushioning
-Warp-knit upper with TPU overlays
-Lacing system with Flywire cables
Bottom Line
All-in-all, the Nike Air Max Typha 2 has changed up quite a bit from its predecessor. Its partial bootie construction, use of breathable mesh, and more subtle printed-on overlays are the most noticeable changes. Yet despite these swaps, reviewers still seem to be quite happy with this shoe's overall wear. If anything, most reviewers feel that this version is actually a massive improvement, from its cushioning and shock absorption to its levels of support and breathability. With that said, this particular version is still not without its downsides, as some reviewers claim that it's still fitting very narrow. Still, given most of that feedback that's online, this model could still be an incredible selection for both workouts and casual living.
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