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Nike Air Pegasus 35 Review Facts

Nike is, no doubt, one of the most well-recognized names in the sports apparel industry and that is for a good reason. Year after year, the company puts out technologically-advanced sneakers and gear that is engineered for top performance. The Air Zoom Pegasus has been around for 35 models and, again, that is for a reason. This particular shoe model has delivered excellent performance in every model and with each update, Nike makes it even better. The Pegasus 35 has some pretty great features in its upper which add flexibility and movement while the midsole has been updated for even more comfort, cushion and response. Nike worked in conjunction with several professional athletes including Mo Farah, a British running star, to adapt the 35 to perform even better. The Pegasus 35 is definitely a great update to its predecessor and will not disappoint.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Updated lug system delivers smooth heel to toe transition
  • Soft Cushlon combines with full-length Air Zoom air unit for excellent cushion and response
  • Lightweight engineered mesh upper is breathable and allows for adaptable fit
  • One less set of eyelets for more flexibility
  • Tapered heel counter for freer movement of Achilles
  • Sewn-in tongue for added comfort and ease of putting shoes on and off
  • Affordable price tag 
  • The outsole may pick up some small pebbles from time to time
  • May run a little on the narrow side
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  • I usually need a more supportive style shoe but these work. They have been very durable and comfortable. I used to have the Lunar Glide and these are less stable but more cushioned and comfortable they fit true and look really nice on my foot. The color bleeds through. It is weird. My socks always have the color of the shoe on them. I use pricey dry sweat socks.
  • I have been using Nikes for 40 years and these are so good. They are the best they have made in years. I did have to change out the laces though.
  • I go about 9 miles a day and these have been great. SO comfortable and the heel cup is very secure. I am able to do my speed work with security and confidence., no slipping. It snugs the Achilles and helps support it well. I didn't have an break in times in these.
  • These have a smooth feel to them when running and absorb well. The arch feels a little misplaced though. Other than that they are near perfect. The sole is softer in these that the older pegasus. The shoe does perform pretty perfect.
  • These are much different than any other Pegasus I have owned. They are bouncy and have a full length foam sole. They have a great stride transfer and they cushioning is way better.
  • Great cushion flexibility and support. They look great and they feel even better. They heel is skinny and a little awkward. Takes getting used too.
  • I am able to use m orthotics with these and they have good support. I like the width and they fit right on my skinny feet. They look really nice a well.
  • I did not like the 34 model, so glad they fixed the Pegasus. The full length sole foam is killer and they are so padded and secure, it is nice to run in. They last a long time with a lot of running. Great upgrade, very happy with them.
  • These are a pure upgrade to the Pegasus. I have worn them all and the last one was horrible I would say they put a bit too much padding in the mid shoe. They are a bit ugly but I love them either way. Feel good when running.
  • I had the Epic Reacts and these are so much better in the heel cup. The bottom feels more durable. The back is less bouncy but I can wear them longer without pain.
  • These are similar in support to the Mizuno Wave but with a lighter feel to them. They are like a glove since they are all one piece. The foam bounces nice and feels good all across the bottom of the foot bed. Has just enough support and the cushioning is nice.
  • Great toe box and a great upgrade to the 34, which I oned 6 of. These are really nice and snug and keep true to the comfort of the Pegasus.
  • These were perfect from the first wear No breaking in needed. I didn't get hot spots, they breathe well, and the comfort is the best in the model.
  • I had the 32 forever and these are so much better. The foam goes all over the bottom and the support and grip are great. The style is good for casual wear but the shoe is built for a good run.
  • These blew the 34 out of the water. These are a normal Nike sizing. They redid the fit to be more like the 31s. They are a great daily shoe for running and walking alike. I am so happy with my purchase.
  • Nike fits my feet the best and these are dreamy. I run 20 miles a week and these feel so much better with the full length sole in them. The heel toe switch is great, some of the best Nike has made.
  • The toe box is so much better than any Nike I have worn. I hate the heel though, fits weird and make the shoe less than satisfactory. It is a wonderful shoe though. I would recommend.
  • So happy with these. They look great and feel way better than my old Asics. They are so responsive and work well out the box.
  • I have had all the 30s of the Pegasus and it is great, soft and sturdy. They are light yet durable. A well rounded shoe. I am very happy with these for sure. Sizing seems to be true to Nike.
  • The whole Pegasus line is the best Nike has I feel. They really hold up and have a great comfort to them. I like the full foot bd foam now and the heel is ok. I could deal without the point.
  • I like it, or wanted to. They flattened out in the sole with 2 runs. This sucks on pavement after that. So disappointing. They were nice.
  • They were low and had no support at all. They were tight and way too narrow. The cushioning seemed to fail after minimal use. They are light though.
  • The toes are too wide in these and the eyelets are shorter making is less secure. These just do not fit my feet right. Awkward heel cup for sure.
  • I tried this one after the 34 ducked and this one did too. These are way too narrow and the cushioning wasn't comfortable. The arches were misplaced and dug into the foot weird. The shoes were sized different as well.
  • These are not equal to the Pegasus model The foot bed is new and way different and heel cup is so weird. The arches suck, period, I am not impressed, they went back to the store.
  • I liked the 34s but these were way too narrow in the toes and the midsole was way too low and can't be adjusted. The shoe is one piece and it horrible. The sole was way too squishy.
  • They redid an already great shoe. This is not a Pegasus for you fans. It didn't fit right at all and seems completely remodeled.
  • These were too narrow and really uncomfortable based off the older versions. The laces do not do anything for the shoe either and the heel is awkward.
  • These have made me question my loyalty to Nike. These are so narrow i feel they were made for ballerinas. Painfully uncomfortable and a set up for serious hammer toes. Too bad.
  • I hate how the heel comes to a point and makes my ankles go numb. It is the weirdest sensation. They ripped the skin off of them as well. The 34s were so good. Why did Nike destroy the Pegasus.
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The redesigned rubber outsole on the Pegasus 35 features shorter lugs on the front of the shoe for a faster toe-off compared to its Pegasus 34 predecessor. On the 34, the hexagonal lugs were the same size throughout the outsole. On the most current version of the shoe, the lugs are smaller on the front and increase in size as they move toward the midfoot, resulting in a snappy toe-off. Between the lugs, you will notice some negative space, revealing the sneaker’s Cushlon midsole. This not only cuts down on weight, but it also helps aid in flexibility. These tapered lugs are referred to as traction lugs and heighten the grip capacity of the sneaker. On the lateral side of the sneaker, you will find a lateral crash rail which is designed to receive the landing impact and deliver a smooth heel to toe transition. The rubber that makes up all of these features is called Duralon and it is a material that has excellent response as well as durability. A unique update to the outsole is the beveled heel which comes to a small point. This is to optimize initial touchdown and transition.


Like its predecessor, the Pegasus 35 uses a combination of Cushlon Foam and Zoom Air in its midsole. However, rather than two separate air units at the forefoot and heel, the 35 utilizes a single full-length airbag that runs from the heel all the way to the forefoot which aids in an even smoother transition. This full-length air unit resembles the one found in Nike’s VaporFly 4% and gives the Pegasus 35 a bouncier ride. Although Cushlon is not as technologically exciting as Nike React Foam or ZoomX which is present in other sneakers, because it combines with the Nike Air technology, it results in a great ride. As you run, you will feel a soft landing thanks to the Cushlon and then a snappy takeoff thanks to the Zoom Air.


The upper on the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is made of extremely lightweight engineered mesh which provides an adaptable fit and breathable comfort. There is a visible zigzag weave throughout the upper which strengthens the material, making it more durable. Like its predecessor, the Pegasus 35 uses Nike FlyWire in the upper which are cables designed to deliver a customized and snug fit that offer support because they help the shoe hug your foot. The FlyWires adapt to the tightening and loosing of the shoelaces, delivering a customized fit. On the back part of the shoes’ upper, you will find a reflective strip which will help you stay more visible if you are running in low light conditions. The upper also features a high resiliency sock liner which shapes to your foot to provide excellent comfort. The inside of the shoe boasts a partial bootie fit for added support.

Two noticeable upgrades to the Pegasus 35 appear in the sneakers’ upper. Firstly, the bottom row of eyelets have been removed, automatically pushing the lacing system up on the shoe, giving your foot more room to flex in the forefoot area and allowing the shoe to accommodate more foot shapes. The other noticeable upgrade is something running superstar Mo Farah suggested: a heel counter that tapers away from the heel. Although this may feel odd when you first put the shoe on, once you start running you don’t notice it. In fact, it is a bonus that your Achilles is freer to move. Because of this feature, the heel counter on the Pegasus 35 grips along the lower side of the ankle as opposed to the back so you still get that locked down feel you want in performance running shoes. The interior of the sneaker features soft mesh with a tongue attached to the shoe, which is another upgrade. The tongue of the Pegasus 35 comes up higher than its predecessors for easier on and off capabilities.


Since the materials making up the Pegasus 35 are so lightweight, the sneaker is lightweight as well. The outsole features durable rubber, but it has peekaboo holes in it where you can view the Cushlon midsole, lightening up the sneaker. The midsole’s Cushlon and Air Zoom materials are super lightweight as well. The upper is an extremely lightweight engineered mesh. The men’s sneaker weighs in at 10.1 ounces and the women’s weighs in at 9 ounces. This is about one-half ounce lighter than the Pegasus 34.


Several users have commented on the incredible breathability of the Pegasus 35. One went as far as to say that it may not be the best shoe to run in if you are running in cold weather. The engineered mesh allows for excellent airflow in and out of the foot chamber of this shoe. Some users have said they run without socks and can feel the air moving, making this sneaker super breathable.


With the help of pro athletes like Mo Farah, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is designed to be super comfortable for both short and long runs. The tapered heel counter is unique in design and engineered for the sole purpose of providing additional comfort for your Achilles. Since the bottom row of eyelets has been removed, your foot will feel freer to flex and move as you transition from heel to toe. The incredibly squishy Cushlon material combine with the Air Zoom unit to result in a soft and cushioned, and very comfortable ride. Because the upper is made of a double-layer engineered mesh, your feet will be comfortable thanks to the adaptable material, no matter what your foot shape.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 has a familiar shape and design and resembles other Nike sneaker silhouettes. It is a low-key basic looking running sneaker and is aesthetically pleasing. The prominent Nike swoosh on each side of the sneaker lets the world know that you understand a high-quality sneaker when you see one. Both the men’s and women’s versions come in a variety of colorways so you are sure to find one that suits your fancy - or perhaps more than one.


The durable rubber outsole and hexagonal lugs will definitely withstand the test of many miles. The Pegasus model has been around for quite some time and it is a well-known and well-loved sneaker so it must be fairly durable due to its reputation. The midsole is protected by the outsole but the Cushlon material is extremely squishy and will probably develop creases after wearing them a few times. This isn’t a big deal but some people may get annoyed by this fact. This midsole shouldn’t compress too much over time thanks to the Air Zoom system within. The upper is made of a dual-layer engineered mesh that adapts to each individual foot shape. It won’t withstand a lot of lateral and training movements but that’s not what the sneakers are designed for. If they are used for running short to long distances, they should hold up for quite a while.


The carbon rubber featured on this sneaker’s outsole will, without a doubt, protect both your feet and the sneaker itself. Because the midsole is made up of such squishy material, it needs the protection of this rubber outsole. The upper is very lightweight and breathable which is good, but it makes it so these shoes aren’t meant for cold climates or extreme conditions. They are ideal for running short to long distances, not for trails or cross training. If you use the Pegasus 35 for what it was designed for, you should have no problems with protection.


The rubber outsole with specifically placed and sized lugs delivers a pretty responsive experience when it comes to a neutral running shoe. The shorter lugs at the front allow for a smooth heel to toe transition. The Cushlon midsole at the heel of the shoe is super squishy and will absorb shock but it does minimally take away from the responsiveness of the shoe. The Air Zoom midsole works in conjunction with the Cushlon for a snappy response from heel strike to push off. The uniquely-designed beveled heel will also allow for a smooth ride.


The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is engineered to be a neutral road running shoe and delivers support for that use. The heel collar is unique in that it is the sides that grip your ankle while the back of the heel tapers outward, allowing for more free movement of the Achilles. This may seem like it would be unsupportive but almost all users have found the sneaker to stay snug and say that it supports the ankle and heel just fine. The dual-layer engineered mesh upper with FlyKnit cables delivers an adaptable and customized fit and you will feel supported within the sneaker. The Strobel Board is pretty thick within the shoe as well so you shouldn’t feel any movement.


The Pegasus 35 is ideally suited for running on asphalt or cement. The shoes’ makeup is designed specifically for neutral runners who are planning on hitting the pavement. Due to the fact that this sneaker does not offer a lot in terms of lateral support or a grippy lug system, it should not be worn on the running trails.


The Pegasus 35 is priced at $120 which is how its predecessor was originally priced. Although this may seem a little steep, experienced runners know that you pay for what you get. Nike has consistently put out exceptional running sneakers and the Pegasus itself has always been held in high regard. In comparison to other Nike running models out there, the Pegasus is actually cheaper.


The carbon rubber featured on the shoes’ outsole will definitely keep you sure-footed on running surfaces it is intended for. The multi-sized hexagonal lugs will keep you safe and secure on asphalt or cement surfaces whether they are wet or dry. However, they are not the best shoes to wear in icy conditions or for trail running.


From its outsole to its upper, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 is a flexible sneaker for sure. The outsole features lugs with spacing in between which allows for a more flexible and less restricted feel. The midsole is incredibly flexible with its soft Cushlon and Air Zoom technologies. The upper is not only made of lightweight engineered mesh, but this version of the sneaker features one less row of eyelets in the lacing system, which allow for more flexible movements of the forefoot.


Because the Pegasus 35 is designed to be a neutral running shoe for people with neutral arches, they do not offer a lot in terms of stability. With that said, however, the shoe does feature a lateral crash rail on its outsole which will help to keep your feet aligned from heel strike to toe-off.


With a heel stack of 29mm and a toe stack of 19mm, the Pegasus 35 has a 10mm drop. This is a pretty average drop for many neutral running shoes.
Key Features

Key Features

- Redesigned specifically placed hexagonal lug system will deliver a smooth heel to toe transition and a snappy take-off
- Dual-cushioned midsole features soft Cushlon under the heel for a soft touch down and a full-length Air Zoom air cushion that extends from the heel to the forefoot
- Lateral crash rail on the outsole for support and stability
- One less row of eyelets allows for more flexibility
- Beveled heel helps to deliver a smooth heel to toe transition
- Specially designed tapered heel counter for freer Achilles movement
- Sewn-in tongue for easy on and off
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is not on number 35 for no reason; it has built a solid reputation and a reliable running shoe. With each update to the sneaker, Nike adds or takes away a feature that either enhances or has detracted from its performance in the previous model. The updates to the Pegasus 35 are definitely an upgrade from the 34, whether you are a novice or serious experienced runner. The tapered heel counter alone will allow for better movement while you run, while the full-length Air Zoom unit in the midsole will propel you forward. By taking away a couple of eyelets, Nike has raised the bar in the flexibility department as well. These are affordable, comfortable, responsive, high-quality sneakers that would be an excellent addition to many runners’ shoe collection.