Nike Zoom All Out Low 2

The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is an update, as you'll note from the name. But, since Nike is a world-renowned company, immediately recognized for its "swoosh" and shoes built for performance and excellence, they must continue to develop cutting-edge designs and the best shoe for the sport. With the most recent technology, the latest shoe expands on the most recent advancements to their catalog, focusing on comfort, security, and satisfaction to the runner. From the lightweight mesh upper to the waffle rubber of the outsole, Nike is all about comfort in this low profile running shoe.

The lightweight mesh upper of the Zoom All Out Low 2 allows for air flow, keeping things cool while maintaining a supportive construction. The midsole is a Cushlon EVA foam midsole that provides both support and cushion. The Air Zoom unit is pressurized and highly responsive. Runners love the additional support without the extra weight which can cause foot and leg fatigue. The waffle-inspired pattern on the outsole as well as the crash rail for traction and flexibility are just a couple more features that runners love about this updated shoe. For a low-profile, breathable trainer, this shoe is designed to ride like a high-end limousine.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Responsive, cushioning technologies
  • Lightweight construction
  • Crash rail on the outsole 
  • Low-profile design
  • Cons
    • Medium traction on outsole
    • Not a lot of color options available
    • Key Features
      The rubber outsole of the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is a waffle-inspired design pattern with an added crash rail for traction and flexibility. The rubber strips across the toe line of the forefoot with small cuts along the side help smooth heel-to-toe transitions while allowing a better grip with toe-off. The waffle piston design allows for a natural flex of the foot without resistance causing foot fatigue or injury. The additional flexibility better enables the Zoom Air cushion to repurpose the energy of each heel strike into a propulsion-filled toe-off.
      Nike's Cushlon foam midsole with Air Zoom pressurized cushions stretch across the entire foot. This protects muscles and joints by absorbing shock but also creating a snapback, returning the energy being put into the run for a faster, more propulsive run. The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is pulling double duty for comfort with both air and foam technologies.
      The upper of this shoe is a lightweight, engineered mesh. This creates both a snug and breathable fit. The partial mesh inner sleeve was added to keep the fit lightweight but also breathable and comfortable. Nike also incorporated a padded tongue and collar. Inside, the shoe has a firm structure in the heel that cups the foot. This holds the foot steady while acting as a cushion against any potential friction or impact. It helps to hold the foot secure to reduce the possibility of blisters and it grounds the foot into the base, keeping it secure and stable.
      The average weight of the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is approximately 12 ounces. This is a lightweight, responsive shoe. The inclusion of the Cushlon foam, as well as the Zoom Air cushions, keep the weight down.
      The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 features an all over the lightweight mesh that allows fresh air flow to keep feet cool. The inner sleeve is also a partial mesh for a comfortable fit. The engineered construction of the upper enabled Nike to keep this shoe lightweight and comfortable. Even on a longer run in the middle of summer, runners won't be complaining of sweaty feet.
      Nike is present in every sport for a reason. They know how to keep an athlete comfortable. That's no different with the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2. This shoe is built with responsive cushioning technologies. It features a lightweight, supportive construction. It has a sturdy base and traction to keep you stable on your run. The outsole is a waffle-inspired pattern with a crash rail across the forefoot for traction and flexibility. The strips on the toe help to smooth heel-to-toe transitions and allow the foot to flex easier. Cushlon foam covers the midsole from heel to toe, providing cushion and response to each step. Zoom Air cushions from heel to forefoot create a pure response. The pressurized air unit provides a snapback for the energy put into the step, creating a softer, faster run.

      The lightweight engineered mesh upper keeps feet cool but provides support at the same time. A heel cup holds the foot in the base of the shoe while a cushioned collar and tongue create a soft feel all around the foot. A partial mesh inner sleeve allows air to circulate while creating an even more comfortable fit.
      The sleek design and minimal colors available in the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 give this model a very classy, clean appearance. The familiar Nike 'Swoosh' is still present though not always an obvious contrast. The Zoom technology is still spelled out on the midsole but the mesh appearance overall with the clear Zoom visible underfoot creates a dynamic-looking shoe that will cause a second look wherever they are worn.

      The lightweight mesh upper fits the foot cleanly without any additional overlays that could fray or peel, distracting from the design of the shoe. There are also no distracting heel or tongue loops to break up the clean lines.

      The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is a standard Nike product. The rubber outsole is a waffle-inspired pattern with a crash rail for traction and flexibility. The thickness of the rubber is fairly standard with a traditional makeup. These shoes should be expected to last the average amount of time with daily use. If rotating them into use with other shoes, they should last considerably longer. With the focus on breathability, the inner shoe should stay in good condition since there will be less heat and sweat to break down the inner padding and lining.
      A company that delivers athletic shoes on a regular basis should also focus on protecting their athletes. This is something Nike does. With every new model or iteration of an older model, they are working to increase safety, stability, and performance. The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is the second generation and they have made a few tweaks to the original. They changed the laces back to the standard top-lace model without extra wiring and refocused on a natural run. The flex grooves along the forefront of the outsole provide smooth heel-to-toe transitions and increase traction to complement the waffle pattern on the remainder of the foot. This is important when considering a route, whether the road or trail is clear or wet. The heel cup holding the foot securely into the base of the shoe is another aspect that remains important. Keeping the heel secure avoids friction and potential blisters. Coming as close as possible to the shoe mirrors the foot's natural movement is paramount and Nike makes every effort to do so.
      The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is a lightweight, incredibly responsive shoe. With a Cushlon foam midsole working together with Zoom Air cushions from heel to forefoot, the energy put into the run is returned just as equally. The faster the run and the quicker the toe off, the more propulsion is expended, creating a smooth, fast ride. With a medium drop, the runner still feels close to the road while experiencing the feel of the terrain without the excessive shock to the muscles and joints.
      The engineered mesh upper on the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is lightweight yet supportive. The design is such that it hugs the foot securely while still allowing the flexibility necessary with a natural step. A firm structure in the heel holds the foot steadily in place, grounding the foot in the base and providing stability and increasing the snug feel of the shoe. A partial mesh inner sleeve also holds the foot steady for a comfortable fit. With the waffle-like sole and the crash rail for traction, the outsole supports the full movement, providing stability and traction as needed.
      The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is a road shoe. Its most effective terrain will be roads, clear pathways, compact tracks, and treadmills. The waffle-like outsole with the crash rail does increase traction but only nominally.
      Nike shoes range in price from extremely affordable to extremely high-end. The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is a moderately priced running shoe with all the elements of a high-end design, state-of-the-art technology, and incredible performance. This shoe is well worth the price.
      The outsole of the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is comprised of rubber, waffle-like pistons and a crash rail of rubber strips. The strips feature small cuts along the side to help smooth heel-to-toe transitions, add traction and flexibility, and allow the foot itself to flex. This unique design allows for a natural flex along the foot rather than a forced flex where the shoe is designed to do so. The rails will reduce foot fatigue but also increase traction along hard surfaces.
      The engineered mesh of the upper allows for a higher degree of flexibility to the top of the foot than with alternative uppers. The crash rail in the outsole emphasizes flex and encourages a natural foot flex throughout the forefoot. The waffle pistons on the remainder of the outsole also allow for additional flex depending on the gait of the runner. The benefit of the combined Zoom Air cushions and the Cushlon foam midsole is that they are both incredibly lightweight and allow the foot to flex naturally, reducing foot strain and fatigue.
      For a neutral running shoe, the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is stable and comfortable. The structure of the heel cup that holds the foot in place into the Cushlon midsole makes the foot feel more secure with little to no movement inside the shoe. The firm but responsive Zoom Air cushion provides enough resistance for a natural feel with a good over the road experience. Added traction on the outsole with the waffle pistons and crash rail give a better grip on the terrain keeping the run stable and secure while enhancing the heel-to-toe transitions with a better flex of the foot from heel strike to toe off. Cushion around the collar as well as a cushioned tongue and standard lace-up design help to secure the foot firmly into the base of the shoe for a more stable experience overall.
      The measured drop on the Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is 8 mm. This measurement is a neutral drop but this shoe does retain the responsive, natural ride associated with a lower drop due to the Zoom Air cushion technology.
      Key Features
      • Zoom Air cushioning gives a responsive feel
      • Lightweight mesh allows air flow and keeps feet cool
      • Waffle-inspired outsole with crash rail increases traction and flexibility
      • Sleek, streamlined appearance with additional color choice
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Zoom All Out Low 2 is an upgrade on the previous version. Nike removed the wires from the lace casing and the result is a more streamlined, sleek design. The lightweight mesh upper, Cushlon foam midsole, and Zoom Air cushions make for a soft, comfortable ride but the responsiveness in the Zoom Air is the show stealer here. The energy put in results in a snapback propulsion, for a faster, natural feeling ride. This low profile shoe is fantastic on a long run or a fast run to the grocery store. With Nike's experience in performance-based shoes as well as lifestyle sports shoes, the Zoom All Out Low 2 is a beautiful combination of the two. While it runs great on a clear path with minimal debris and will last a significant number of miles, it is also a beautifully designed shoe that will hold its own on vacation or running errands around town.
      Where to Buy
      By Jennifer Frazier
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