Nike Air Trainer 180

The Nike Air Trainer 180 is an all-around fitness trainer that features a well-cushioned, flexible design suitable for a variety of activities. The men's only neutral shoe is a versatile piece of fitness gear that's a good choice for the fitness newbie or the gym rat who wants a classic, reliable Nike-brand shoe.

While the Nike Air Trainer 180 can certainly be used for running, it shouldn't be your top choice for run-oriented training. There are better options for that. However, if you prefer to participate in a variety of fitness activities, the Nike Air Trainer 180 is a good option. Do you like to hop on the treadmill at the gym one day and then head to the weight room next? You need a shoe that can take you from one activity to another.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Nice selection of colors
  • Supportive design
  • Comfortable
  • Grippy outsole
  • Simple design
  • Versatile
  • Flexible construction
  • Breathable
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Key Features
      The Nike 180 is a fairly basic sneaker with a standard rubber outsole.

      Although the outsole looks like nothing special, reviewers did comment that they found it exceptionally grippy. Users also appreciated the outsole's Flex Grooves, which provide a little bit of extra malleability.
      The Air Trainer's midsole is composed of Max Air cushioning. It should be pointed out, however, that the cushion is concentrated in the heel. For most activities, and according to most users, the heel cushioning provides plenty of protection.

      The amount of cushioning is appropriate for low mileage training or light gym use. There's also foam cushioning along the rest of the shoe for extra protection and comfort. Some users did feel the Max Air heel cushioning was a bit too soft for their liking.
      The upper of the Nike Air Trainer 180 is composed of fabric and features supportive Flywire cables. The Flywires are connected to the lacing system so users can tighten the fit as they wish.

      This support system provides a locked in fit without adding extra weight since the cables are barely there. Reviewers appreciated the supportive design and liked the snug fit of the Nike shoe. Users also liked the breathable upper construction.
      Reviewers were a bit surprised at the weight of the 180 saying that it was lighter than they had expected it to be. The men's only shoe weighs just under 14 oz.

      In comparison to other fitness trainers, that's fairly heavy, but users were adamant that the shoe didn't feel bulky. The Air cushioning helps to keep the weight down as do the supportive Flywire cables present on the upper.
      Reviewers found the Air Max shoe breathable. The lightweight upper features Flywire cables for support so there aren't bulky, obtrusive overlays to limit ventilation.

      Overall, reviewers also noted that the shoe was lighter than they expected, which helped make the upper feel breathable instead of restrictive. The upper design is supportive without feeling uncomfortably tight.
      Most reviewers said the Nike Air Trainer 180 was very comfortable. The majority liked the Max Air heel cushioning, a pocket of air to soften the impact. The foam cushioning along the rest of the shoe was also well-liked by reviewers. Users who tried the trainer also liked the perfectly snug fit. Not too tight, but not overly generous either.
      The Nike Air Trainer 180 is a plain-jane looking shoe. The design is simple and the shoe comes in basic colors including white, black, and grey. Reviewers said they liked the color selection that they were offered and liked the simple design of the Nike shoe. It's not overly athletic looking, so it's easy to wear to and from the gym or in between.
      Reviewers didn't comment much on durability but the 180 seems to be a well-built shoe. It won't hold up during high mileage training but for those with a varied fitness schedule, heading to the gym a few times a week, the Nike trainer is a good option.
      The Max Air cushioning of the Nike Air Trainer 180 is the main source of protection for wearers. The air pocket is concentrated in the heel area and protects against impact.

      Some found the cushioning a bit too soft for their liking, but there's no doubt it absorbs impact fairly well. The rest of the midsole features foam cushioning for added impact protection. It's certainly not enough for dedicated run training, but for other fitness activities, it should be plenty of padding to provide impact protection.
      Reviewers didn't talk too much about responsiveness. The shoe is less of a running shoe and more of a fitness trainer so responsiveness is not the most important aspect of this type of shoe.
      The 180 is quite supportive thanks to the upper's Flywire cables. The cables are attached to the lacing eyelets so users can tighten (or decide not to) the laces to adjust the amount of support provided.

      The tight-fitting upper also helps provide support to wearers. Even without adjusting the laces (and thus the Flywire cables) the shoe fits tightly around the foot.
      We'd suggest keeping the Nike trainer for indoor use at the gym. They're not durable enough for regular outdoor run training and just aren't built for rugged outdoor conditions. A basic fitness trainer, the 180 is better suited for training at the gym or for fitness classes.
      Unfortunately, quite a few reviewers felt the Nike Air Max 180 was a little overpriced. It's likely due to the fact that the shoe doesn't stand out in any one particular area.

      The design is simple, clean, and easy to wear, but the shoe itself just doesn't shine in terms of responsiveness, comfort, or durability.

      If you're going to spend your hard earned money on a shoe for gym use, there are way better options out there, to be honest.
      The rubber outsole of the Nike 180 provides the right amount of cushioning for the gym floor or indoor treadmill. In fact, reviewers thought the outsole was a lot grippier than they had anticipated, which was a nice surprise.
      The outsole of the Nike Air Trainer features deep Flex Grooves to ensure maximum bend when moving forward and working out. A more flexible shoe means that your foot can move with the shoe. The result is a more natural movement for whatever activity you're pursuing. Reviewers liked the flexible outsole of the 180 and felt it made for a comfortable wear experience.
      The Air 180 provides neutral support. This isn't a suitable option for overpronators, in other words. Sure, the Flywire upper design is supportive but when it comes to lateral support, there isn't much of any.

      While the Nike Air Max 180 is a decent choice for all-around fitness use, it's not a good option for sports or activities that require lateral movement. Zumba classes or tennis, for instance, require a lot of side to side movement.
      The Nike 180 features a fairly high 12mm drop. For most fitness activities, this drop height should work just fine. Wearers who prefer closer to the ground feel will be disappointed, however.
      Key Features
      - 12mm drop
      - Max Air heel cushioning
      - Flywire cables for lightweight support
      - Deep outsole Flex Grooves
      - Rubber outsole design
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Trainer 180 is a decent option for workouts at the gym. It's not a good running shoe simply because there are tons of other, much better, options out there. What does it have going for it, then? It's fairly well-cushioned for general fitness use.

      It's also surprisingly flexible, which makes it a lot more comfortable than might be expected. For heel strikers, the Max Air cushioning is a nice touch, and the upper offers plenty of support thanks to the clever Flywire design. Overall, it's not the most inventive or advanced Nike running shoe available. But for those looking for something simple over something complicated, it definitely fits the bill.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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