Nike Air Max 2015 Fully Reviewed

Nike is a brand that is known to walk the line between high performance and lifestyle. The Air Max line is no exception to this rule. This shoe will provide you with moderate mileage capabilities, high marks for comfort, and an overall look that reviewers love.

This is a pricey shoe, make no mistakes about that, but Nike is a trusted brand, and this is a quality shoe for the neutral runner. It can do double duty as a stylish everyday wear shoe and as a running shoe that is dependable enough to take on your daily jogs.

The shoe offers added features to make this a comfortable fit. Runners enjoyed the seamless construction of the upper that reduces friction and keep the foot secure. Another addition is the plush inner sleeve for a bootie-like feel. If comfort and style are at the top of your running shoe priority list, this might just be your new running buddy.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very stylish and comes in 30+ different color combinations
  • Older model means you can find it at a lower price
  • Great comfort and a glove-like feeling
  • Cons
    • Relatively expensive
    • Durability level doesn't match the high price tag
    • Key Features
      The outsole is the segment of the shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground. This is a section that can add extra traction to the shoe. However, in this model, the Nike Air Max 2015, the outsole provides minimal traction.

      This shoe received decent marks for durability, but many commented that for the price, they wished it was more durable overall. The outsole of a shoe provides a high percentage of a shoe's overall durability. In general, the outsole material is a durable rubber. In this model, the outsole is a translucent rubber material, rather than a more durable rubber, like carbon rubber. In general, a less durable rubber outsole isn't a deal breaker for runners, but with the price being so high, many runners expected a more rugged material. The underfoot consists of a Waffle design that is mostly flat but does contain a few small nubs. These nubs are not enough to add adequate traction, and this is one area where the Air Max 2015 falls short. The underfoot does contain deep flex grooves and this gives the shoe good flexibility.
      In general, when you are scoping out the midsole of a running shoe you are considering what level of shock absorption and cushioning the shoe will provide. The foam in the midsole of the Air Max is Cushlon foam that provides a firmer ride. Nike also uses a regular compression molded EVA foam. Runners reported that the added foam gives a comfortable ride and provides some cushioning. However, this shoe would be suitable for runners who prefer a more firm ride.
      The upper refers to the entire part of the shoe that covers the foot, and this is where the biggest changes have occurred. The mesh is a lighter weight material which makes for an overall lighter feel. This is also a softer mesh material than the previous model which makes the shoe more comfortable. The upper of the Nike Air Max 2015 uses a seamless construction to eliminate potential friction and discomfort. In addition to this, the interior of the shoe features a sleek inner sleeve that gives the shoe a sock like feel. The upper is made up of larger and smaller holes to allow for maximum breathability. Runners found that this helped prevent excessive heat and made for a cooler, drier foot.

      Another big update to the upper of this shoe is the addition of the Flywire cables. Not only does these add a unique criss-cross aesthetic to the outside of the shoe, they also serve a purpose. These cables are used to improve midfoot fit. They connect to the laces to the midsole, creating a snug, but not suffocating feel.
      There have been a handful of iterations of the Nike Air Max. Previous models were heavier than the Air Max 2015, but that doesn't mean that you should expect a very lightweight running shoe. This shoe still weighs in at 13.2 ounces, which is above the average weight of a running shoe. Despite its weight, runners reported that this didn't feel like a dense or overly heavy shoe.
      The upper of the Nike Air Max 2015 is made using a super lightweight, soft, breathable material. The upper contains small and large holes to aid in airflow and reduce overheating of the foot. This adds to the overall comfort of the shoe and is another reason why this shoe receives such high marks for comfort.
      Runners love how comfortable this shoe is. Runners enjoyed the extra cushioning provided by the inner sleeve. The upper mesh is softer than the previous version of the Air Max. The upper also provides a sock-like feel. There are many reasons why runs can be cut short, but comfort won't be one of them in these shoes.
      This shoe has style for miles! Ok, that's a bad pun, but seriously, this is one of the most stylish running shoes on the market right now. It comes in a plethora of different color combinations (white, bright crimson and black, classic charcoal, white volt, and total orange, or black, white, bright crimson, and blue legion to name a few) and it has a unique crisscross style along the side to improve comfort and fit. The runner who likes a colorful shoe, this model comes in over thirty different color combinations! Plus, it should be noted, that the logos along the side of this version are made of reflective materials that are great for running in the dark or lower lit areas.
      If this were a less expensive shoe, it is possible that the level of durability would be adequate; however, since this shoe runs at the higher end of the spectrum, many stated that the durability of the shoe leaves something to be desired. The outsole of the shoe is a translucent rubber material. The upper of the shoe is made of a very soft, very breathable mesh. This is a great material for comfort and breathability, but it wears away quickly and frays along the laces and ankle. For a lower priced shoe, the durability would be fine, but when you are paying more, you expect a shoe that will last longer.
      Running in the dark can be potentially dangerous, but luckily, the Nike Air Max 2015 considers the needs of runners and uses a reflective material on the logos of the shoe to create a safer runner experience for runners taking evening runs or runs through low light areas. Another area where this shoe offers added protection is in the heel. The heel of this shoe provides extra stability to eliminate movement and keep the area free from blisters and irritation. Since the upper of this shoe is very soft, breathable and thin, you should not expect any protection against rain or water of any kind.
      Running in these shoes feels firm, yet comfortable with a some cushioning. Runners can expect a moderate level of cushioning in these shoes. Since they come equipped with a thicker mid and outsole and a twelve-millimeter drop, runners shouldn't expect to feel the road through these shoes. These are also not suggested for intense speed work or interval training that will have you increasing and decreasing speed often within the same workout.
      This is not a shoe for the runner who needs extensive arch support. This is also not a perfect fit for the runner who is an overpronator and looking for a shoe that will correct their stride. This is a good shoe for the neutral runner who isn't looking to make any changes to their gait. The upper of the shoe does afford the runner some added support. The seamless construction and Flywire cables keep the shoe secure and close to the foot.
      These shoes are made for pavement and a great choice for your everyday wear. Some runners reported that they were good gym shoes, and they felt comfortable wearing them to complete cross-training activities at the gym. These are not a good choice for off road adventures and athletes should reserve these for the more urban activities.
      So overall, great women's and men's shoes for standing all day, good for gym and trail.
      This is an older model of the shoe and since it has come out, Nike has developed the Air Max 2017. This means that you can still get a great quality shoe, but you can find it at a lower price tag than the latest model. However, that doesn't mean that this is a cheap shoe. You won't be paying the close to $200 price tag of the 2017, but you will still be paying more than the average running shoe.
      This shoe received low marks for traction. While the underfoot tries to provide traction with their splattering of nubs and a Waffle design, it falls short in this endeavor. Stick to dry, even terrain in these shoes. The underfoot contains deep flex grooves that add to the flexibility, but it still lacks as far as traction goes.
      The underfoot of the Nike Air Max 2015 contains deep flex grooves that give the shoe a very flexible feeling. If you appreciate a flexible feeling shoe, this could be a good fit for you.
      This shoe is for the neutral runner. If you are looking for added arch support or a shoe that will help improve your stride, this isn't a great shoe for you; however, if you are a stable runner and you aren't interested in changing your gait, this shoe will work well for you.
      The Nike Air Max 2015 has a drop of 12mm. This is above a standard drop, and will provide plenty of cushioning in the heel area, which might be suitable for those who heel strike.
      Key Features
      - Waffle design and deep flex grooves
      - Cushlon foam in the midsole
      - Nike logos on both sides have reflective lining
      Bottom Line
      This is a fine alternative to the newer, more expensive models of the Air Max line. This is a comfortable shoe that can be used for your daily jogs as well as your everyday wearing shoe. This shoe offers great style and over thirty color combinations. Keep in mind that this is a pricey shoe, so you need to be prepared to invest a good amount of money.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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