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Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 Fully Reviewed Review Facts

The 2015 version on the Nike Flyknit Air Max utilizes a lot of Nike’s typical technology to create a strong shoe. This is a neutral road shoe that is made for heavy and everyday runners alike. Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is ideal for a runner that want a supported, cushioned experience without sacrificing miles. It helps runners add speed while remaining supported. Nike combines three of its high-performing technologies to create this dynamic running shoe.

The shoe utilizes the Flyknit technology on its upper to create a seamless, featherweight design. The Flyknit is said to have been inspired by feedback from runners who wanted a shoe with a snug fit like a sock. The shoe also utilizes its Air Max technology, creating an air cushion for runners. This technology creates a comfortable running experience while adding to the shoe’s high level of support and responsiveness. The shoe also utilizes Nike’s Flywire technology that strategically places filaments that provide support where needed. In true Nike fashion, the shoe also comes in a variety of bold colors that runners and non-runners enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Comfortable running experience

Nike Flyknit technology

Highly cushioned shoe


Breathable upper


Heavy shoe

Pricing is high compared to other brands

Concern of durability of air cushions

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  • There is a high percentage of 5 star reviews for the Nike FlyKnit Air Max 2015. Many of those 5 star reviewers simply claim these are great shoes with a great, comfortable feel.
  • Air Max 2015s have a decent level of support and cushion.
  • These work well for heavier runners.
  • Many reviewers say these shoes are durable and can last a long time.
  • Although these are marketed as running shoes, many buyers say they are great as everyday shoes as well.
  • The design and materials are lightweight.
  • These shoes have a strong, high-quality design.
  • The sole absorbs the brunt of impact while road running.
  • The design of the outsole keeps feet comfortable on hard surfaces.
  • There are no reports of heel slip.
  • Some buyers say these work well for flat feet.
  • A few reviewers claim these have helped relieve hip and joint pain for them.
  • Many buyers say they get a lot of compliments on their Air Max 2015s.
  • A lot of buyers say Air Max 2015s look good with shorts or jeans.
  • There are vibrant color options.
  • There is enough space to accommodate personal inserts.
  • A large percentage of reviewers claim these are the most comfortable shoes they own.
  • One reviewer noted that these work well for her during her long work shifts at a hospital.
  • There are no reports of foot fatigue or blisters from reviewers.
  • A common note from reviewers is to check sizing. Most buyers say these run small.
  • Several buyers had issues with buying these shoes online from 3rd parties.
  • Many buyers note the price of these shoes. Some say they are worth the price, others are not convinced that they are.
  • A few buyers claim these are lacking a little in arch support.
  • There may be some break in time needed for the heel to feel comfortable.
  • The toe box is narrow compared to some other running shoes.
  • Some buyers doubt the durability of the lacing system.
  • Several reviewers noted that the bubble of the outsole "popped" after just a few months of wear.
  • There are a couple of reports of the soles squeaking.
  • These shoes don't have great grip on wet surfaces.
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The outsole helps to support the foot from underneath. The outsole of the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 utilizes typical Nike technology to enhance the experience while running. The outsole helps deliver strong protection against wear, adding to the shoe’s durability. Nike redesigned the air cushioning with more tubular construction.

The shoe has a rubber traction pattern that has also been redesigned to help with the shoe’s responsiveness by distributing the runner’s weight more evenly. This provides runners not only with added traction but also with a smoother ride. The shoe also has flex grooves that help make it more flexible. Overall, the outsole is a strong component of the shoe.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 uses Nike’s Air Max technology within the midsole. This is where the ultimate cushioning comes in. Nike uses a tubular construction to support the underfoot and provide smoother transitions. The cushioning also helps during impact by absorbing the shock, adding to the high comfort level of this shoe.

There is also the Nike sculpted cushion that provides plush cushioning and protection during impact. The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 also utilize flex grooves that provide additional cushioning and flexibility. Overall, most reviewers felt that the midsole was above average and contributed to the comfort of the shoe.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015's upper is one of the key features of the shoe. The shoe gets part of its name from the Flyknit upper, which is a woven one-piece that was inspired by feedback from runners who wanted a shoe with a snug fit like a sock. The shoe has a knit upper with technology that still manages to provide the shoe structure and durability. Nike does this by using one layer of support, flexibility, and breathability, and still manages to keep the upper lightweight.

Many wearers felt that the upper is more breathable. The upper also integrates the laces adding to the upper’s additional support structure. The lacing system is also dynamic and customizable. The shoe also utilizes Nike’s Flywire technology that strategically places filaments that provide support where needed. Overall, the upper is a key feature that adds to the shoe’s support and breathability.


With a weight of 12.8 ounces for men and 10.3 ounces for women, the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is on the heavy side when it comes to running shoes. While the upper is considered an ultralight feature, the oversized, plush cushioning adds to the shoe’s weight. Many users felt that the shoe was too heavy for their liking.


Breathability does not seem to be an issue for the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 at all. With the woven upper, which is made of polyester yarn, the Flyknit technology provides comfort and support. The precision technology helps contribute to the shoe’s flexibility and breathability. With one layer of stretch and support, the technology integrates breathability as well.

Flyknit technology helps keep the foot cool and dry. Many wearers felt that the Nike shoe is more breathable than ever. They also said that the Flyknit upper is more breathable than previous models and had a lightweight feeling that mimicked a sock.


As mentioned in many of the featured sections, comfort ratings are high for the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015. All the features combine to create a comfortable experience for runners and fashionistas alike.

Starting with the Air Max cushioning that provides a high level of not only comfort but support and flexibility to keep runners protected during impact. The lightweight, woven, Flyknit upper also adds to the comfort of the shoe by providing a sock-like fit based on feedback from runners. There is also strong arch support. These features combine to meet the runner’s comfort needs. Most wearers say that the shoe offers a tremendous amount of comfort.


With colorful running shoes more prominent lately, the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 fits the style. Nike utilizes different and bold color combinations throughout the shoe. The shoe’s style even goes so far as to appeal to lifestyle wearers, as well as runners. The vibrant colors definitely work for what most runners are looking for. However, some runners that were looking for something a bit more simple were disappointed with the color choices.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is average when it comes to durability. The shoe is considered reliable for the most part with its high level of cushioning, knit upper and overall support. The rubber outsole adds to the shoe’s durability by offering protection throughout areas that often experience high wear. However, there have been several complaints surrounding the air bubbles popping after use ranging from three months to six months. With such a costly shoe, users were not very happy with the level of durability from that standpoint.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 has many features that contribute to the shoe’s protection quality. With a high level of cushioning utilizing Nike Air Max technology, as well as the rubber outsole, the foot is protected by the shoe. The sculpted cushlon midsole not only offers a plush cushioning, but it also provides protection from impact, adding not only to the shoe’s protection but also its responsiveness. There are also reflective elements that help keep the runner safe when visibility is low.


The Nike Flyknit Air Mac 2015 offers average responsiveness. The shoe provides support and balance to the foot, allowing a smooth transition from heel to the forefront. This helps create a much more efficient running experience. The shoe provides support and balance to the foot through its tubular construction. This allows the foot to receive more air, which assists with transitions.

The sculpted cushlon midsole’s cushioning also helps to aid responsiveness by protecting the foot during impact, ensuring smoother transitions. The flex grooves work with the Max Air unit to create a more natural range of motion. Reviewers felt that the shoe created a responsive running experience.


Support is above average for the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015. Nike has created a supportive, neutral shoe that includes many features that help create a supported running experience. The shoe is designed to support everyday runners who put miles on the shoes.

The Flyknit upper fits the runner’s foot creating a customized feel. The single-layer construction combines not only flexibility but also support, providing structure for those that need it. The shoe also utilizes cushioning to support the foot during impact. Reviewers felt that the shoe was highly supportive.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is designed primarily for runners on the road. The neutral shoe has elements like the cushioning and supports that fair well off the road as well. Wearers felt like the shoe provided an excellent amount of traction and grip, helping this shoe perform well both on and off the road. Feel free to take this shoe off the road and onto the trails.


The price is definitely above average on the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015. With the Nike branding and three forms of high-level technology, it would be expected to be higher than most. The shoe comes in at $225, but can probably be found a bit lower since it is no longer the latest model of the shoe. While runners expect to pay a premium for a shoe like this, the durability plays a large role in why some runners did not feel the shoe was worth the cost.

The question concerning durability comes in with the price, and overall durability doesn’t seem to be an issue for everyday runners. It could potentially be an issue for heavy runners. Style plays a large role in the price as well, since many non-runners are able to pay this high price tag, just for lifestyle wear. They feel that the design and coloring are worth the price alone.


While the shoe is not specifically designed for trail running, it still ranks high for traction with a strong grip on rough surfaces. The shoe’s outsole is redesigned with a lighter waffle pattern outsole that adds to the shoe’s traction. The rubber traction of the shoe’s outsole is said to provide high levels of grip. With the strong traction the shoe fairs well on and off the road.


Shoes that typically have added support and cushioning don’t often have a high level of flexibility. However, Nike’s technology continues to go above and beyond by still managing to create a flexible shoe. The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is said to be more flexible than previous models.

The shoes upper helps create a flexible shoe, ensuring that the foot is able to move comfortably, while still being supported. Nike uses its lightweight, Flyknit upper to find a balance between support and flexibility. The shoe’s cushioning and flex grooves combine to make the shoe even more flexible.


The Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 offers a cushioned design that helps the runner feel more stable in the shoe. The shoe’s upper, cushioning and a supportive lacing system combine to make this comfortable shoe a stable one as well. While stability is a strong point for this shoe, the Flyknit Air Max is still a neutral shoe. This means that if stability is a key element in the purchasing decision, it would be best to explore the options in the Motion Control category of shoes.


Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 has a midsole drop of 12mm. This is typically a drop recommended for runners who require additional cushioning or beginner runners. The 12 mm drop helps to support the heel of runners with added cushioning. As the drop gets lower, cushioning tends to be more evenly spread throughout the foot and is not as much in the heel. Some runners were concerned that the drop was a bit much and was looking for something lower than their running shoes.
Key Features

Key Features

• Nike Flyknit technology on the shoe’s upper
• Nike Flywire technology
• Stitch and turn collar
• Sculpted Cushlon midsole
• Flex grooves
• Reflective elements
• Midsole drop 12mm
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is a neutral shoe with typical Nike features that combine to create a soft, comfortable shoe, unlike any others on the market. The combination of the Flyknit upper and the Air Max cushioning make this a great shoe for every day runners.

The shoe is designed to fit like a sock, and most runners agree that the shoe does just that. The shoe is highly responsive and flexible, creating an optimal running experience. And runners in need of arch support can feel comfortable purchasing this shoe.

While the high level of comfort makes this shoe an excellent choice, runners were put off by the price and the possibility of the air bubbles popping. Lifestyle wearers, though, felt that the shoe ranked well on style, and was willing to purchase it for everyday wear. Overall, the Nike Flyknit Air Max 2015 is a shoe that provides a comfortable, supported running experience.