Nike Flex Run 2014

The Nike Flex Run 2014 is a very interesting running shoe, not only to look at but to actually run in. The shoe is lightweight, flexible, breathable and very versatile.  The Flex Run 2014 is a competitive shoe and right out of the box, you'll be surprised at how lightweight but sturdy the shoe is. The icing on the cake is the low price tag.  Let's take a closer look at what makes the Nike Flex Run 2014 such a unique shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • It has a well cushioned and comfortable inner lining.
  • It is a great value.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and flexible
  • A variety of color options to choose from
  • Cons
    • Issues with outsole durability
    • Not suitable for over or underpronators
    • Not suitable for trails
    • Small rocks and other debris can get stuck in the grooves of the outsole.
    • Key Features
      Nike Phylite is the magic material utilized in the outsole that is responsible for flexibility as well as overall weight reduction of this shoe. Phylite possesses the ability to be the shoe's outsole and midsole. Many shoes in the Nike Free line use the midsole/outsole technique, but the Phylite material improves this approach. It is 60% Phylon and 40 % rubber. This mixture prevents the slippage and lack of traction found in foam only outsoles. The hexagonal Flex grooves on the outsole permit more natural foot movement. The outsole is very flexible with rubberized hits on high wear areas like the toe and heel region of the shoe to increase the durability of the outsole.

      The midsole is mainly made from a material known as Phylon, which is found in many other Nike shoes because of how lightweight, comfortable and responsive it is. Phylon is made from compressed, heat expanded Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam modules that cool into a malleable mold. The comfort of the midsole is only complemented by the insole, which is a well-cushioned removable Fitsole insole.
      The upper of the Nike Flex Run 2014 is mainly mesh, which is full of properly placed perforations for superior breathability. The mesh upper sits overtop a Nike Flywire lace locking system, with the midsection possessing a sheer visible window, very similar to the Nike Lunar Eclipse 2. You will find a well-cushioned tongue and rear inner collar to avoid common problems with pinching in the ankle or the top of the foot.

      This shoe avoids feeling heavy like lead on your feet. The men's version of this shoe weighs 8.8 ounces, while the women's version weighs 6.8 ounces. The lightness of this shoe can be credited to the Nike Phylon and Nike Phylite materials used in the midsole and outsole on the shoe. The materials are strong enough to hold up during competition while remaining very lightweight in the process.
      Highly saturated perforations in the mesh upper give birth to an abundance of breathability. Excellent amounts of circulation can be found throughout the upper of the shoe to ensure your foot doesn't overheat and cut your run short due to unbearable and uncomfortable temperatures inside your shoe.
      Thanks to the Nike Flex Run 2014's midsole being mainly made of Phylon foam material, every footfall feels cushy. The shoe's overall fit is very comfortable, even with the addition of an upgraded Flywire lace locking system midsection. The Flywire lace locking system works in conjunction with a well-cushioned mesh tongue for an extra layer of comfort for the bridge of your foot.
      The Nike Flex Run 2014 could easily walk on a runway with the amount of simplistic, minimalistic style that it possesses. The shoe packs a sleek profile with a color contrasting outsole that draws attention and makes bold statements. The trademark swoosh is found at the heel of the shoe right next to a sheer midsection window visibly showcasing the Flywire underneath. The front of the shoe maintains a well-rounded silhouette that displays a decent amount of perforated mesh. This shoe is available in a wide variety of color combinations.
      All of the components that come together to make up the Nike Flex Run 2014 stack up reasonably well against the test of time. Durable features were built into the design starting with carbonized rubber hits on the outsole that often experience the most wear on any running shoe outsole. The midsole foam material behaves like most foam materials over time, eventually decreasing in the high amount of responsiveness it once displayed when new, but this effect is relatively experienced towards the end of the shoe's lifespan.
      Protection for your foot is found in the Nike Flywire lace locking system located in the midsection of the shoe. The evolved engineered upgraded Flywire system is directly mounted into the midsole to protect your foot from sliding around and causing unnecessary injuries and discomfort during a run.
      The engineered design of the Nike Flex Run 2014's midsole and outsole work together to make this shoe highly responsive. This shoe borrows cues from the highly responsive Nike Free line of shoes and improves the formula of using a midsole as an outsole by adding rubber to the foam. This mixture allows grip of the road provided by the rubber in the midsole, and the sensibility to feel the road's response to your foot. Flex grip hexagonal pads located on the outsole only enhance the responsive experience as you're able to freely move and feel everything underneath your foot.
      The Nike Flex Run 2014 is decent in the support department. The shoe offers well padded cushioning in the rear collar area that hugs your foot with precision while not becoming overbearing. The midsection Flywire keeps your foot intact and under control while running. The support for this shoe has been specifically designed for neutral runners, meaning that if you are an overpronator or suffer from supination, there are better support running shoe options for you than the Nike Flex Run 2014.
      The primary terrain that this shoe was designed for was concrete, road, and pavement type surfaces. The outsole is honestly one of the better outsoles that Nike has designed, with its efficient and effective execution. The only setback is when taking the Nike Flex Run 2014 to other terrains, like a trail, the outsole tends to be a rock magnet. Flat smooth surfaces are where this shoe performs at its peak.
      The price of the shoe only manages to demonstrate why Nike is a leader when it comes to providing great value for a great price. The initial retail price of the shoe fell just short of $100, and when a shoe fails to be high priced, affordability often ends up being attractive attribute runners can appreciate in a shoe. The shoe can easily be found for a fraction of an already amazing initial introductory price.
      The traction of this shoe performs well. The outsole was designed to be very aggressive when it comes to traction, giving you the grip you need to not only stick but to propel your foot with zero slip. Hex pattern flex grooves on the outsole make traction possible on a wide spectrum of terrains, although this is really intended to be a road shoe.
      The Nike Flex Run 2014 is very flexible for many reasons. A fine mesh upper cradles your foot with a flexible custom-like fit without losing the overall integrity of the structure on the upper. The outsole has deep Flex grooves that encourage flexibility at virtually every angle. The Flex Run 2014 manages to be completely flexible while securely stable at the same time.
      This shoe was designed for neutral run style runners but still packs powerful potency when answering the inquiry about its stability capabilities. The mixed materials on the midsole create a cushy carrier effect with the dual materials creating a stiff outer chassis for a cushioned foam center to sit on top of. This combination provides good stability for your arch and joints. Nike has used this method before on other models with success and flawlessly replicate the technique once again for the Nike Flex Run 2014.
      With a heel to toe drop of 4 millimeters, this shoe's height is small with a very low to the ground profile. At 4 millimeters, the drop height is significantly lower than the average running shoe. The average running shoe has a drop of about 11 millimeters, which has become the unofficial accepted drop height standard for most entry-level running shoes.
      Key Features
    • Highly perforated mesh upper for extreme breathability

    • Trademarked Nike Flywire Cable Lace Locking System

    • Updated thick hexagonal pads located on the outsole

    • Nike Phylon material

    • Fitsole Insole

    • Bottom Line
      The Nike Flex Run 2014 is a running shoe that has managed to perform magic when it comes to relocating some of the great features often associated with higher end model running sneakers and placed them in a Nike model that is not only friendly to your foot but your wallet as well. In order to asses the shoe properly to determine if these are the right shoes for you, you will need to fully understand your primary intentions for using the shoe.

      The Nike Flex Run 2014 is very versatile and scores well on a wide spectrum of uses, carrying few cons along the way. Satisfactory arch support, good breathability, suitable flexibility, and amazing overall cushioning are all well-deserved descriptions belonging to this shoe. The best trait about the Nike Flex Run 2014 is the ability to captivate a broad range of experience leveled runners, from beginner to expert and every level in-between. These shoes come highly recommended for a novice as well as seasoned runners in need of a reliable neutral running style shoe.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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