Nike Free RN Flyknit MS Review

When looking for running shoes that are flexible, breathable light and comfortable, check out the Nike Free RN Flyknit MS Review. This shoe has outstanding flexibility and natural comfort for miles. Equipped with minimal but amazingly precise cushioning, these neutral running shoes continue being a favorite shoe among many reviewers.  Great for training, road running, gym workout and for some runners, trail runs. Some reviewers have even used them for triathlons. The great fit, flexibility, and traction make them very responsive as well as supportive. They provide a bit of extra support for under-pronators.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Great fit
  • Highly breathable
  • Very comfortable
  • Cons
    • Can feel narrow
    • Lack of support in the heel area
    • Limited color selection
    • Not suitable for off-road runs.
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this shoe is really good. They feature an Auxetic Tri-Star outsole which promotes a more natural foot movement. The triangular cuts on the outsole act as flex grooves, promoting a greater range of movement. While being very light and flexible, the outsole unit is very durable and provides enough traction. Reinforced with harder rubber compounds in the heel area and the front area, the outsole enhances traction on the landings and toe-offs as well as provide additional durability to the outsole.
      A doubled layered midsole provides comfort and responsiveness to the shoe. The IU002 inner foam makes the midsole durable and helps with stability. The second foam layer, the Lunar Foam, is a lightweight foam that enhances overall responsiveness and comfort. Both layers together provide a great bouncy feel that absorbs the shock of the impact and turns it into a more responsive toe-off. Reviewers stated they provide enough support for underpronators.
      Some say the upper is what really makes these shoes so special. The upper is Nike's seamless FlyKnit design. The shoe looks like a sock and feels like a sock. The flexible upper provides a comfortable, but secure fit. These shoes can be worn without socks. For extra stability and support, the Dynamic Flywire technology connects the upper to the midsole by using cables in the midfoot area.
      With an average weight of only 215 grams (7.5 oz.) for the men’s version and 181 grams (6.3 oz.) for the women’s, the Nike Free RN Flyknit Review pair is truly lightweight running shoes. Designed to be flexible and light, these shoes offer precise padding and cushioning only in the areas you need it the most. You will definitely run faster when wearing them.

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      The woven upper provides excellent breathability to the whole foot. For enhanced breathability, there are holes in the front area and the tongue. These shoes will keep your foot cool and dry. By keeping feet dry, there is a decreased chance of getting blisters.
      With or without socks, these shoes are very comfortable. They feel supportive, responsive and very flexible. The responsive padding in the heel area prevents friction and allows for a better fit. The Flyknit design of the upper hugs your feet in a precise and comfortable way. Users have worn them during gym workouts, a road runs, treadmill training, cross-fit training and some have even taken them to triathlons. In all occasions, the shoes provided good comfort. They promote more natural movement. However, some reviewers found them a bit narrow.
      These shoes have a great style. The color selection is limited to bright yellow for both men and women. The shoes have been in the market for a while, but you can get them online. The stock is limited, but there are some still available. The big Nike logo on both sides of the shoe gives them the brand's classic touch.
      As presented in the Nike Free RN Flyknit review, Flyknitare durable shoes. They have been designed and built to provide great performance at short and medium distance runs. As they do not provide plush cushioning, running long distances with them can decrease their comfortability performance. However, reviewers have used them for running triathlons. The rubber outsole is very durable. The reinforcements in the front and rear foot areas of the shoe make them long-lasting. The flexible and breathable upper looks a bit fragile but is not. The high-quality material used in the upper is breathable and durable. The double-layered midsole extends the life of the shoe.

      The midsole and outsole provide good shock absorption which protects your ankles, knees and hips when running on paved surfaces. The flexible but durable rubber outsole protects your underfoot. The upper including the tongue prevents debris from getting into your shoe. These shoes are great for those looking to transition to barefoot running.
      Thanks to the secure, comfortable fit, as presented in the Nike Free RN Flyknit review, this pair is a highly responsive shoe. The very flexible outsole allows your foot to move naturally. The midsole gives a bouncy feeling, meaning that the energy return is optimized. Softer landings turn into more powerful take-offs.
      As with other minimal shoes, these shoes provide neutral support. They do not come with extra cushioning or technologies that provide extra support. However, reviewers have said that they provide sufficient support for under-pronators. Dynamic Flywire technology provides a great fit and solid support, especially in the midfoot area. Reviewers stated that the running shoes work for runners with high arches.
      These shoes perform their best on the road and track. They also perform very well doing cross fit training and working out indoors. Some reviewers used them for trail running and had no issues. However, the protection is not enough for off-road runs and over unstable surfaces. We recommend them for half marathons. The breathability, lightweight, traction, and responsiveness can help you in PR.
      The price of the shoes can vary. At the moment, you can find them from $105 USD to $160 USD. The prices depend on the size and availability of the shoe.
      The rubber outsole provides optimal traction when running on road or track. They also perform well in wet conditions. The triangular cuts in the outsole add to the traction of the shoes.
      One of the best qualities of this shoe is that they are very flexible. They have been described as "socks with outsoles." They bend in all directions which allows for more natural movements when you run. The Dynamic Flywire technology is flexible cables from the midsole to the lacing system which bring better fit and stability. The outsole's Auxetic Tri-Star design was made to enhance the flexibility from the bottom of the shoe.
      As presented in the Nike Free RN Flyknit review, they are as stable as minimal shoes can be. The combination of a very flexible outsole, a responsive and flexible midsole and an extremely flexible upper, makes the shoe really soft and flexible. It does not mean that it feels unstable. All the components make sure to provide enough stability for the foot. Dynamic Flywire is the most important component to make the shoes stable. It is the link between the outsole, midsole and upper. The Flywire cables provide the shoe with a secure fit.
      The drop of a shoe is the height difference between the heel and the forefoot. The drop for these shoes is 8 mm for both men and women. The height on the heel is 24 mm and the height on the forefoot is 16 mm. A lower drop allows for more natural gait cycles. Some reviewers have said these shoes are great for transitioning into barefoot running.
      Key Features
      • Engineered Flyknit upper
      • Nike Free outsole
      • Asymmetrical lacing system
      • Dynamic Flywire Technology
      • IU002 and Lunar foam technologies
      Bottom line
      As presented in the Nike Free RN Flyknit review, they are a very lightweight shoe that promotes a midfoot strike for smoother runs. The flexibility of the shoe is incredible thanks to the Nike Free outsole technology and the Dynamic Flywire design. As soon as you open the box, you will realize how flexible and responsive they can get. They are considered a neutral shoe, but they do provide some support for under-pronators. With few left on the market, the prices are a bit volatile. From running to triathlons to casual wear, from what we've explored so far in this Nike Free RN Flyknit review, they are very comfortable shoes.
      Where to Buy
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