Nike Dual Fusion Run 2

The Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 continues the success of its predecessor. This middle-of-the-road shoe will meet the needs of most casual runners. Whether you are a neutral runner or a mild over-pronator, this shoe should provide a comfortable ride on the road or trail. After the high marks given to the original version, Nike has made subtle improvements to the second installment of the Dual Fusion Run line.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Firm Support
  • Solid Traction
  • Durable
  • Highly breathable upper
  • Cons
    • Not super flexible
    • Questionable color combinations
    • Key Features
      The outsole is obviously critical when you’re looking for a durable all-purpose running shoe. The Dual Fusion Run 2 has a rugged rubber outsole that should hold up to vigorous runs on most terrains, but it shouldn’t be considered a top trail running shoe. A waffled construction responds well to turf, grass, dirt or mud. These shoes strike a good balance of weight to strength. While most of the shoe’s weight is concentrated in the outsole, it gives a rigid yet comfortable feel. You’ll have no trouble clearing rocky terrain with no fear of bruising.
      The midsole of these shoes features a dual-density Phylon construction. What does that mean? Your foot will feel well supported while still getting the bounce-back of cushioning to keep you running strong. The midsole fit is aided by a dynamic mid-foot system that adapts to your stride in order to optimize comfort and eliminate soreness.
      With a mesh and leather upper, the Dual Fusion 2 strikes a balance between style and breathability. The mesh construction found on the toe box keeps your feet breathing but will also hold up to minimal moisture due to wet grass or small puddles. Fortunately, the leather webbing that surrounds the mesh adds even more durability while supporting the laces to support your foot through each and every step of your run.
      Weighing in at 8.8oz for a size 10 Men’s shoe, the Dual Fusion Run 2 is slightly lighter than its predecessor. No one is going to confuse this shoe with a super minimal barefoot trainer or racing flat, but it’s also not too heavy by any means. A good everyday training shoe belongs in this weight class.
      Mesh is really the key to breathability when it comes to running shoes. The Dual Fusion Run 2 manages to pack a lot of mesh into a small package. There shouldn’t be any issues with over-sweating with these shoes. Even in thicker socks, the mesh upper provides ample ventilation to keep your feet from overheating. When taken into the coldest environments, this breathability could be an issue but most runners will welcome it.
      Nike has really made comfort a priority in most of its recent product lines and the Dual Fusion Run 2 is no different. The flexibility of these shoes is really the key to their comfort. You won’t confuse these for a plush slipper due to the rugged outsole and firm mid-foot cushioning. But despite that, these will be pleasant for longer trail runs or steady tempo runs. Feel free to wear these around town after your run and you’ll still be feeling great.
      Style is another area where Nike really seems to excel. The mesh uppers, covered with the leather webbing, provide a striking design that gets amplified by the plethora of color options. With so many different color ways, most runners will be able to choose the style that best fits them (or their outfit) on a given day. The iconic swoosh emblem is prominently featured among an otherwise clean aesthetic.
      All-purpose running shoes like this seem to hold up well to daily wear-and-tear. The rugged outsole can hold up to all types of terrain with minimal signs of wear. The traction of the waffle design on the bottom of the shoe manages to keep its grip quite nicely. The only thing to be aware of is the mesh upper. Mesh can only be so durable while still maintaining its breathability. Just try to be gentle around the mesh areas and these shoes will last you a while.
      Your foot will be well protected in the Dual Fusion Run 2. Designed with a variety of terrains in mind, the outsole holds up admirably and keeps the heel and forefoot well cushioned. Runners should expect to see little movement of their foot within the shoe during runs. The dual-density Phylon mid-sole makes sure that the arch is held in place. Feel free to tackle any terrain with no fear of rocks protruding through the outsole. But runners looking for optimal cushioning may want to look elsewhere.
      Responsiveness is a key component of what makes a running shoe just “feel” right. You want to be able to feel in touch with your running surface while still feeling protected. The responsiveness of the Dual Fusion Run 2 is pretty stellar. You certainly won’t confuse this with the responsiveness of a barefoot shoe, but you can still maximize the flexibility of all ten toes while changing direction easily.
      This shoe manages to balance support and flexibility quite well. It fits nicely into the middle area of training performance. The support is light enough for the occasional tempo run without feeling bogged down, but you’ll also have enough coverage in the mid-foot to get through more demanding trail runs. The heel support cradles the foot with minimum movement or slippage. While not being a shoe strictly targeted to over-pronators, the Dual Fusion Run 2 will provide enough support to correct minimal stride variations.
      You shouldn’t have much trouble running across all but the most extreme terrain with these shoes. The waffled outsole will provide enough traction to get through wet grass or turf. The lightweight responsiveness is tailor-made for moderate track workouts as well. There are really only two tricky terrain types where I would recommend caution. One would be trails with deeper mud. The lugs on the bottom of the shoe will give traction but not in over-saturated dirt. Like most running shoes, I’d also be hesitant to bring these on frozen pavement or ice. Otherwise, feel free to roam on all types of terrain.
      Deals can be found with this shoe, but by no means would I consider it to be a “cheap” or “budget” option for runners. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the higher end running shoes so that will keep the price relatively affordable. Also keep in mind that some color options will fetch a higher price than others depending on demand. These days, many Nike running shoes can also be repurposed as stylish kicks to wear around town. I wouldn’t think twice about matching these with a casual outfit and wearing after a run. That may alleviate any price concerns when considering the flexibility these provide.
      As mentioned earlier, traction on these shoes is pretty solid for the price. The waffle pattern on the outsole will offer enough traction to get through moderate wet terrain without slipping. You may want to look elsewhere if you’re embarking on a really muddy journey through the woods, but these shoes will have you covered in most other situations.
      There is good flexibility and range of motion in these shoes. They’re designed to be comfortable for a wide range of casual to serious runners. No, you won’t be able to fold these shoes in half but there is some give when you push the toe up. The mid-foot has just enough rigidity to keep you supported, but you won’t feel constrained or unable to flex within the shoe.
      Again, these shoes aren’t aimed specifically at over-pronators or runners who crave maximum stability. They will allow the foot to move a bit within the shoe (depending on how tightly you prefer your laces). The natural splay of the toes won’t be as freeing as a pair of minimal shoes or those with a wider toe box, but most runners with average feet shouldn’t notice any stability issues.
      This shoe has a pretty standard drop of 12mm from heel to toe. Most runners will find this suitable and similar to their previous running shoes. Those who are used to a minimal or even 0 drop will surely feel the extra height in the heel. The higher drop will allow for better clearance and comfort on varying terrain.
      Key Features of the Nike Dual Fusion Run 2
      •lightweight support

      •Durable outsole with waffle pattern traction

      •Variety of color options

      •Extremely versatile for different terrain types

      •High breathability for most climates

      •Good styling for casual wear
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 shoes will meet the needs of a large percentage of runners. Whether you’re just starting out, or logging serious mileage, this shoe will get you through a majority of situations. It’s a good mid-range shoe but hardcore trail runners may want to look for something with better traction. Fortunately, Nike’s handsome styling can allow for these to stand-in as decent sporty, casual shoes as well making them a wonderful value for the price.
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