Nike Zoom Vomero 13

After the success of the Nike Zoom Vomero 12, Nike decided to put out yet another version of the popular shoe. The Zoom Vomero 13 is an excellent update to its predecessor with a redesigned, sleeker, lighter upper and additional support features like FlyWire Cables. Engineered to be a neutral running shoe, the Zoom Vomero 13 delivers comfort, response, shock absorbency, and a snug fit. Like the model before it, the Zoom Vomero 13 has a dual-density midsole for lots of cushioning and rebound as you go from heel to toe. Thanks to the added crash rail along the lateral side of this sneaker, you will experience a smooth transition from landing to take-off. Its Zoom Air pods embedded in the midsole add lightweight support and an extra touch of responsiveness, especially for heel strikers. This is a superb short to long distance neutral running shoe and includes lots of great features to help you perform your best out on the road.

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Pros & Cons
  • Durable carbon rubber outsole 
  • Dual-density Lunar Cushlon foam midsole for comfort and responsiveness
  • Zoom Air pods on the heel and forefoot for added cushioning and response
  • Dynamic Fit System keeps the shoe snug and secure on your foot
  • 5mm cushioned inner sockliner for added cushioning and support
  • Rubber crash rail delivers a smooth ride
  • Reflectors on heel
  • Cushioned heel collar for support and comfort
  • Cons
    • Some say the toe box feels narrow
    • May require some break-in time
    • Key Features
      Despite the low-profile lugs on the outsole of the Zoom Vomero 13, the shoe is very grippy. Nike uses a BRS 1000 carbon rubber to provide excellent traction over multiple surface types. This blown rubber is durable and grips well and it also protects the rest of the outsole from abrasion. The pressure-mapped treads are laid out in a horizontal rectangular waffle-like pattern and deliver great results when it comes to traction and response. The forefoot of this sneaker’s outsole also includes the Dura-DS compound which aids in shock absorption and helps propel you forward on toe-off. The sneaker also boasts flex grooves on its outsole which helps the foot move and flex more naturally throughout your run. Another feature of the outsole is the rubber crash rail that is placed on the lateral side. This crash rail creates support for your foot and cushions it from landing to take off, giving you a smoother ride.
      Much like its predecessor, the Zoom Vomero 12, this shoe features a super-cushioned midsole to provide excellent comfort and performance. It is made of dual-density materials consisting of both Lunar and Cushlon foam. The Lunar foam is a little softer and provides springy responsiveness while the Cushlon foam is on the firmer side to prevent sagging and breakdown of the midsole. These two compounds together create a sturdy and supportive yet soft and cushioned feel. At the heel and forefoot portions of the shoe, you will find Zoom Air pods which are filled with, you guessed it, air. These pods add cushioning, aid in shock absorption, and help push you forward on your run. Unlike its predecessor, these pods have been positioned in such a way in the midsole so that you can’t feel them under your foot as much as you could in the previous shoe model. This shoe also features a cushy 5mm sock liner which cushions the arch area, fills in negative space within the foot chamber, and gives the sneaker a bootie-like fit.
      Many of the Zoom Vomero 13’s changes compared to its predecessor are evident in the upper. In this version, Nike added their FlyWire technology on the midfoot which locks your foot in place and keeps it secure. The mesh material on the 13’s is a softer engineered material for added comfort. The seamless upper is sleek in design and hugs the foot nicely and delivers excellent breathability. The previous version of this sneaker featured a lot of hidden reflectors at the back, perhaps a little too much. For that reason, Nike pared down a little on the reflectors and, instead, chose to put two small blocks of reflectors at the back of heel; they may be small but they give good visibility when running at night. The Zoom Vomero 13 also features synthetic overlays that are printed on the upper’s mesh to reinforce the shoe’s structure and to help it maintain its shape. Nike’s Dynamic Fit System makes up the lacing component on these shoes. This lacing system is made from strips of cloth embedded into the shoe’s mesh which stick out at the instep and connect directly to the shoelaces. These strips move in conjunction with any lacing adjustments giving the shoe a strong and stable wrap around the foot. On the inside of the shoe, you will find a 3/4 length bootie which not only adds additional comfort, but it prevents hot spots and blisters from forming, especially for people who may run without socks on. The tongue of the Zoom Vomero 13 is smaller and less protruding than the previous version of this shoe, making it more comfortable as well. The heel boasts a Comfort Fit Collar which is constructed using padding on the interior of the shoe which aids in supporting the heel and keeps your foot from slipping out.
      The Zoom Vomero 13 weighs slightly less than its predecessor. The men’s version weighs in at 10.8 ounces while the women’s weighs 8.9 ounces. These are pretty lightweight shoes considering the amount of cushioning that you get.
      The lightweight engineered cloth-like mesh material that makes up this shoe’s upper also provides a decent level of breathability. Along with that, the top of the forefoot features small mesh-like holes designed to allow airflow in and out of the foot chamber. Since these are excellent sneakers for running long distances, as well as shorter ones, this is a great feature to have.
      If there’s one thing that this shoe definitely does not lack, it is cushioning. The dual-density foam midsole provides an amazing amount of soft cushioning and shock absorbency from heel-strike to toe-off. The shoe’s Comfort Fit Collar found at the heel also adds soft cushioning for your heel and ankle and is designed to prevent chafing and irritation. Because the upper is seamless, you won’t feel any irritating seams rubbing against your foot, which is great for those who run sans socks. Thanks to the FlyWire cables and synthetic overlays, your foot will feel secure and you won’t have to be concerned about your foot sliding around and creating blisters as well. The inside of the shoe also features a soft 5mm cushioned sock liner to keep your foot comfortable as well as snug. It should be noted, however, that a couple of users said these sneakers require some break-in time in order to feel their full comfort-level.
      The Nike Zoom Vomero 13 is definitely a great-looking performance training shoe. Even though it features a large amount of cushioning, it doesn’t look like a block of foam on your feet. The sleek silhouette is designed to hug your foot and keep you snug and secure without a lot of bulk. On top of all that, this model is available in an array of colorways to choose from so you could even splurge and get a couple different colors if you felt so inclined.
      This sneaker’s BRS 1000 Carbon rubber outsole is surprisingly durable. The tread pattern, flex grooves, and material of the outsole help to give this sneaker high marks in durability. Additionally, the dual-density foam midsole is also designed to prevent sagging and helps to main the sneaker’s original shape. The synthetic overlays that wrap around the upper also aid in helping the sneaker to maintain its shape. In the end, the Zoom Vomero 13 will hold up as you log miles upon miles.
      Thanks to the highly-durable carbon rubber outsole, your feet will stay protected against underfoot debris and keep you sure-footed with their surprising grip. The padded heel collar will also keep your ankle protected against rolling or injury. The lightweight upper is durable and strong thanks to the synthetic overlays on it so you should be pretty protected as you hit the road.
      The Nike Zoom Vomero 13 scores high in the responsiveness column. With its dual-density Lunar Cushlon midsole, it absorbs shock easily and then returns to its original shape efficiently which adds a spring to your step and helps to push you forward on your run. The sneaker’s durable rubber outsole features a tread pattern and flex grooves designed to help your foot move and flex naturally and will also give you an excellent response from heel-strike to toe-off. The Zoom Air pods, which are placed prominently on the heel portion of the sneaker and not so prominently on the forefoot are also designed to absorb shock and give you a smoother transition from landing to take-off. This is especially helpful to anyone who may tend to be a heel-striker because the larger Air Pod is placed at the heel and will give you excellent support and response as you hit the ground.
      One excellent support feature offered in the Zoom Vomero 13 is the rubber crash rail placed on the lateral side of the outsole. This crash rail helps to support your foot and keep it in line as you stride and it gives some additional cushioning as you land and take-off. The inside of the shoe features a super-cushiony 5mm sock liner which fills in negative space inside the shoe, thus aiding in support by keeping your foot in place. Thanks to the Dynamic Fit lacing system and synthetic overlays, this shoe will support your foot securely. The cushioned heel collar will also support your heel by locking it in place and prevent slipping.
      The Zoom Vomero 13 is designed to be a road-running shoe and will perform well over both short and long distances. The outsole is equipped with grippy low-profile lugs that will carry you easily over paved or dirt roads, gravel, and well-groomed paths. They will also work indoors but aren’t well-suited for running on technical terrain. These shoes have been proven to perform well on wet or dry surfaces.
      These sneakers are priced fairly for the excellent quality you get. They are priced very similar to competitor’s running sneakers and are a great value for the money. At around $130, they are worth the investment.
      The tread pattern of these sneakers provides excellent grip on smooth or uneven surfaces. Although they aren’t designed for trail-running, they should perform well as far as traction goes on anything from smooth pavement to well-groomed trails. The carbon rubber that makes up the outsole gives these sneakers a grip you can rely on, no matter how many miles you are looking to log.
      Through the combination of the flex grooves on the bottom of the shoe, the lightweight dual-density foam midsole, and flexible mesh knit upper, the Zoom Vomero 13 proves itself to be a flexible running sneaker. The flex grooves on the sneaker’s outsole allow the foot to bend and flex naturally and won’t feel stiff as you run. The midsole moves and rebounds with ease along with the outsole, aiding in a flexible feel. Because the upper isn’t laden with overdone stiff extras, it will also move and flex with your foot easily.
      This sneaker is engineered to be a neutral running shoe, not a stability running shoe, but that is not to say it lacks in any stability features. The rubber crash rail that runs along the lateral side of the shoe will keep your foot stable under you and help push your gait in a forward moving direction. The inner bootie will also aid in keeping your foot stable within the shoe and prevent any wobbling around. It has a decent amount of arch support for the neutral runner and the heel collar will help stabilize the ankle throughout your stride.
      The Zoom Vomero 13 boasts a 10mm drop. Although this may sound like a lot, it is a good feature to have on a sneaker if you plan to run long distances. The cushioning provided in this shoe is substantial enough to keep you comfortable and supported and the heel to toe drop will help prevent fatigue in your feet.
      Key Features
      - Soft circular-knit mesh upper provides lightweight breathability
      - Dual-density Lunar Cushlon midsole delivers excellent cushioning as well as response
      - Zoom Air pods at the heel and forefoot deliver responsive cushioning and support, especially if you are a heel-striker
      - Rubber crash rail on the lateral side will help keep your foot in line and give you a smooth transition from heel to toe
      - Dynamic Fit Technology, FlyWire Cables, and synthetic overlays provide a secure, locked-down fit
      - 5mm inner sock liner provides additional cushioning, comfort, and arch support
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Zoom Vomero 13 is a great performance running sneaker. They are engineered to carry you through miles and miles of running while providing a cushioned, responsive, lightweight, and comfortable ride. The pressure-mapped outsole and dual-density foam midsole deliver a smooth and responsive performance and will push you forward through a short or long run. This sneaker boasts an impressive snug fit through the Dynamic-Fit Technology lacing system, FlyWire Cables, and synthetic overlays; your feet aren’t going to be slipping or sliding around in these sneakers. Comfort won’t be an issue with these shoes either with their cushioned midsole and additional 5mm thick sock liners. These stylish-looking neutral running shoes would be great for your everyday runner or someone looking to go the distance. Quality and comfort go hand in hand in the Zoom Vomero 13.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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