Puma Mantra Fusefit

The Puma Mantra Fusefit comes complete with a unique design that's both eye-catching and functional. Its knit fabric upper features a dynamic lacing system, marked by a number of raised slots along the midfoot. This, along with a TPU heel loop near the rear, gives the runner several different lacing options to choose from. Its collar is also asymmetrical, being low-cut on the lateral side and higher on the medial, to give greater support and stability. Its other features add to its overall comfortable wear, such as the IMEVA midsole and zoned rubber on its outsole. The end result is a highly supportive workout shoe that can also make a statement in everyday life.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Stylish design

-Versatile wear

-Supportive comfort

-Incredible traction

-Lightweight and breathable


-Inconsistent cushioning

-Lacing system can be complicated

Key Features
Most of the Mantra Fusefit’s midsole is exposed along the underfoot area, allowing it to also serve as the shoe’s midsole. Although this particular feature is already quite durable on its own, it’s still not strong enough to withstand constant use on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Because of this, the forefoot and heel areas are outfitted with special zoned rubber pods that not only allow the shoe to last longer but also give it incredible 360-degree traction. Deep flex grooves are also present to encourage a more flexible wear and give the runner a greater sense of balance and stability.
The process of creating an Injection-molded EVA, or IMEVA, midsole allows it to be more responsive and flexible than the standard and compression-molded versions. This, in turn, makes it the perfect choice to allow the Mantra Fusefit to be used for both workouts and daily life. This substantial platform keeps the foot properly cushioned and supported throughout the day, and it provides excellent impact absorption to ensure that the wearer feels less pain afterward. It also features several deep grooves around its outer surface to further aid in adding an extra bounce. Reviewers claim that it not only makes the shoe lighter and easier to wear, but it also grants them more balance and control over their movements. Protruding up from the midsole are two aggressive rubber wraps, one on each side, to keep the foot straightened out and stabilized during the gait cycle. They also feature a TPU lacing loop for an even snugger fit.
The Mantra Fusefit utilizes a knitted fabric in the construction of its upper unit, giving the shoe equal parts breathability and support thanks to its tight-knit and multiple air vents. The most stand-out feature of this shoe is its dynamic lacing system, which is marked by raised slots along the sides of the midfoot area. Aside from giving the shoe a unique texture and design, they also allow the runner to change the shoe's overall fit and support just by looping the laces through their holes. The collar is also given a unique look, as its asymmetrical design has the lateral side at a lower cut than the medial side for ankle support and easier insertion.
No product listings or online reviews can be found that detail the Mantra Fusefit’s exact weight. Most running shoes come in between 11oz. and 8 oz. depending on the size range and the materials used, so it’s fairly safe to assume that this model also follows this design trend. If anything, it stays on the higher end of this range since it’s only available in men’s sizes. Regardless of how much it actually weighs, buyers still feel that this is an incredibly easy shoe to move around in. This is thanks primarily to its IMEVA midsole technology and the lack of aggressive overlays on its Fusefit upper.
Because it has no significant overlays, aside from the rubber wraps, the Mantra Fusefit is able to offer runners an incredibly breathable wear. Its forefoot area features a number of small ventilation holes for better targeting of hotspots. And its soft inner lining allows even its midfoot area to stay cool and comfortable. Both this and the shoe's overall adaptive wear keep the foot free of odors, blisters, and any type of infection that would develop as a result of excessive sweating. While this means that it would be perfect for warmer weather, this also means that this shoe will perform terribly in all types of wet environments.
Most buyers seem to be incredibly happy with how comfortable the Mantra Fusefit’s wear is. The shoe’s IMEVA midsole provides flexible and responsive cushioning that’s able to reduce chronic pain and fatigue. Its knit fabric upper is soft and breathable against the skin, ensuring that the foot is safeguarded against skin irritations. And the shoe’s dynamic lacing system and rubber wraps work together to stabilize the foot and prevent possible injuries. The only issue that some have encountered is that it feels much less cushiony in the forefoot than it does in the heel, which could cause a great deal of pain in the forefoot area.
Aside from being incredibly functional, and adding to the shoe's overall comfort, the Mantra Fusefit's dynamic lacing system and asymmetrical collar also make it incredibly stylish. Buyers are completely drawn to the shoe's textures and casual design, as they give a simple yet noticeable flair to almost all of their casual outfits. The brand name is clearly printed onto the heel, and its famous logo is prominently shown on both the instep and medial side of the shoe. The only color options that buyers can choose from are black, grey, white, and red. While some buyers do wish that they had more options, there is a chance that this shoe's possible successor might give them more to choose from.
The Mantra Fusefit’s IMEVA midsole is able to successfully retain its shape even after being used through numerous workouts. Despite this, it’s still not able to withstand consistent contact against paved roads and gym equipment. Thankfully, it features zoned rubber on its outsole’s forefoot and heel areas to ensure that it lasts even longer against regular wear. The shoe’s knitted upper is also created to adapt to every bend and flex in order to better resist wear and tear. Of course, this inclusion of a dynamic lacing system and rubber wraps also aid in its overall durability.
While the rubber pods on the Mantra Fusefit’s outsole are mostly there to protect the midsole from early damage, they are also tasked with giving the underfoot area a safe and stable grip. The shoe’s IMEVA midsole unit provides a great deal of responsiveness that not only keeps the runner powered up but also works to prevent chronic pain and fatigue. And while the knit upper successfully keeps odor, blister, and irritations at bay, its dynamic lacing system and asymmetrical collar work together to prevent painful overflexing and accidental removal.
It is true that Puma has other midsole technologies on hand that are much more responsive than standard materials. With that said, the Mantra Fusefit's IMEVA midsole is still able to provide runners with a substantial amount of shock absorption to keep chronic pain and fatigue at bay during their workouts. And its grooved design adds to the shoe's overall energy return, ensuring that the wearer stays powered up as they train and go about their daily activities.
The Mantra Fusefit is designed to give an incredible amount of support to all areas of the foot, allowing for an even more effective workout. Its IMEVA midsole is a bit softer than the compression-molded version yet still retains firmness so that buyers at least feel secure and stabilized. It also has some added pliability so it can continue to support the wearer as it moves through the natural gait cycle. While its knit upper’s forefoot area focuses mainly on breathability, the area around its ankle and heel are more tightly knitted in order to support the foot where it flexes the most. Its unusual asymmetrical collar and dynamic lacing system work together to enhance this. With that said, there are still some reviewers who wish that it gave more support in the forefoot area.
Since it’s designed to be a workout shoe, the Mantra Fusefit can easily be used indoors and outdoors for different types of fitness activities and casual events. The rubber pods on the forefoot and heel of the outsole allow it to last longer against constant use on both paved roads and indoor gym equipment. And its knit fabric upper keeps the foot nice and cool during warmer weather. Of course, this exact design feature does mean that it’s unfit for any type of wet or cold environment.
Although most would still not call this shoe ‘affordable’ by any means, the Mantra Fusefit’s $100 price tag is still well below the average range for similar models on the market today. And its comfort level, versatile wear, and stylish design make this shoe an absolute steal to many buyers in need of something for both workouts and everyday life. Of course, those who are still for an even lower price can easily find some reliable listings on Amazon and eBay.
The zoned rubber placed onto the Mantra Fusefit's forefoot and heel allow for precise 360-degree traction that carries the wearer through numerous workouts. Since these particular areas always receive the most impact, it only makes sense that they would be covered with this material to ensure that the gait cycle is as safe as possible. They're also able to keep the wearer completely grounded and stable during workouts that require no running or stepping at all, such as weight-lifting. However, there is currently no indication of how well it can perform on wet or slippery surfaces.
The Mantra Fusefit’s IMEVA midsole unit is more pliable than the compression-molded version, allowing it to better follow along with the runner’s natural movements. Furthermore, the use of a knit fabric upper, with very minimal overlays, means that the foot can bend and flex more easily. And its dynamic lacing system allows buyers to customize the wear to their liking, so it can be as loose or secure as they would prefer. Of course, the use of zoned rubber on just the forefoot and heel sections of the outsole could definitely contribute to this shoe’s overall flexibility.
All fitness shoes have to provide incredible stability in order to prevent any injuries and accidents that could occur during workouts. The Mantra Fusefit has its own unique method of offering this, thanks primarily to its dynamic lacing system. Underneath the primary loops are a number of raised slots that the laces can be looped through, allowing the wearer to have an even more secure fit. TPU lace loops are also present at the rear of the shoe for those who want even more security. Additionally, this feature is integrated with rubber wraps that hold onto the rear part of the foot to keep it straightened out and prevent in-shoe wobbling.
As with its weight, the Mantra Fusefit’s heel-to-toe drop can’t be found on any product listings or reviews. However, those who look at photographs of this and other models can safely guess that it comes it at 10mm, the average drop height of an everyday running shoe. Most runners seem to prefer this particular height, as it gives them ample heel cushioning and support without impeding on the foot’s natural gait cycle.
Key Features
-Zoned rubber pods on outsole
-Responsive IMEVA midsole
-Breathable knit upper
-Dynamic lacing system
-Asymmetrical collar for support
-Rubber wraps with TPU lace loops
-Limited color options
Bottom Line
Most reviewers seem to agree that Puma's Mantra Fusefit workout shoe is able to strike an ideal balance between being stylish, functional, and comfortable. While its unique lacing system does draw buyers in with its various textures and eye-catching design, it hooks them with its supportive and secure fit. The asymmetrical collar adds to this, as does the breathable knit fabric. When all of these are placed on top of a responsive IMEVA midsole and zoned rubber outsole, they all work together to create a shoe that safely and effortlessly guides the runner through their various workouts.
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