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Back in the 90s, sneakers often featured a mostly-white upper made of nylon and synthetic suede overlays and included a pop of bright color somewhere. They were chunky and not-so-flexible. Well, that very style is back with a vengeance in the Reebok Aztrek. 25 years ago, Reebok unveiled the original shoe and it proved to be very popular. All these years later, Reebok chose to bring the sneaker back and not change a thing. From the silhouette to the colorways to the layered upper, this shoe looks just like the shoe of the 90s. Today’s style trends include a lot of fashion designs from this era so that means that the Reebok Aztrek is definitely a sneaker for today’s style-conscious consumer.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Meets current retro-inspired “dad shoe” style
  • An exact replica of the 90s version which was very popular
  • Extremely comfortable shoe for everyday wear
  • Supportive textile and synthetic suede upper
  • Padded heel collar and tongue
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Cons
    • Tends to run narrow
    • The synthetic suede tends to get dirty easily
    • Key Features
      The outsole of this retro running shoe is made of durable rubber. It features diamond-shaped lugs in different sizes. The forefoot feats larger diamond-shaped lugs while the midfoot area boasts chevron-shaped lugs. The heel portion of the outsole, just like in the original shoe from the 90s, features Reebok’s Hexalite cushioning technology. Hexalite is designed to deliver a unique cushioning to soften impacts when you land on your heel. The middle of the heel also has a transparent diamond that gives you a peek into the midsole. Apart from the all-white version of the shoe, most of the outsole is black with a pop of color on the lateral sides of the forefoot and heel.
      The Reebok Aztrek features an EVA foam midsole that supplies lightweight comfort and cushioning. EVA foam is designed to absorb shock and will help you achieve a smooth heel to toe transition. All of the available colorways feature a midsole that is white while some of these colorways also include a pop of retro-inspired color at the heel and forefoot. The midsole also includes a removable EVA foam sockliner for even more cushioned comfort. This liner can be removed to accommodate a custom orthotic liner.
      One look at the Reebok Aztrek and your mind will be transported back to the 90s. This version of the shoe is an exact replica of Reebok’s original shoe that debuted 25 years ago. The low-cut design allows your ankle to move freely and included a padded heel collar and tongue for comfort. The upper is made up of a textile material that has a little hint of shine to it with synthetic suede overlays throughout. The forefoot of the shoe features a pop of color, except in the all-white version, with a complementing 90s-inspired color on the sides and rear of the shoe to form the Reebok double-lined logo. The synthetic suede overlays run around the forefoot and extend through the midfoot and rear and reinforced the eyelets. Reebok’s iconic “Reebok” word logo is stamped on the side, back, and tongue of the shoe.
      Although there is little information on the exact weight measurements for the Reebok Aztrek, it is designed to be a retro-inspired casual sneaker and does not have to be super lightweight to help you speed around. The outsole is not overly-bulky and the midsole is made of lightweight EVA foam. The upper is a little chunky with its suede overlays but reviewers say it feels light on the foot.
      The Reebok Aztrek has an upper made of a breathable textile material which will allow air to enter and exit the foot chamber. This textile runs throughout the sneaker but is especially helpful in the forefoot area where it is most prevalent. The synthetic suede overlays will detract from the breathability. This shoe does not boast any perforations as seen on some retro-inspired sneakers. Overall, these are not going to be the most breathable shoes but they are not really designed for you to run miles and miles in so that may not be a big deal.
      Many reviewers agree that the Reebok Aztrek is extremely comfortable, even if they are worn all day. The EVA midsole delivers a decent amount of cushioned comfort and is elevated in those departments through the help of the EVA sock liner. The upper is not very forgiving to wider feet and these are not available in a wide width so that may not work for you if your feet are more voluminous. The tongue and heel collar are both padded for additional comfort and to help prevent irritation.
      Style is definitely one area in which the Reebok Aztrek excels. One of the current style trends is wearing retro and vintage-inspired footwear. The Aztrek is a replica of Reebok’s 90s shoe in every way. The silhouette, materials, and colors are all synonymous with the original design. Some shoppers may not appreciate this and the colorways may seem tacky to some since they are extremely 90s, but if you are into that retro style then you will be pleased. This chunky shoe has been touted as a “dad shoe” which is also a current trend in today’s style world.
      The Reebok Aztrek is a sneaker designed to be worn casually, even though it is modeled after the original running shoe that Reebok designed 25 years ago. All those years ago, it was common to have sneakers with the features of the Aztrek: a rubber outsole, EVA midsole, and textile and suede upper. This sneaker is fairly durable if it is used for what it was designed for. The outsole is not a heavy-duty one, but it will hold up for a decent amount of time. The midsole is firmer than some other midsole materials out there and will maintain its shape easily. The upper features a good amount of synthetic suede which allows the sneaker to maintain its shape. Some users said that the stitching in the upper comes apart easily, but for the most part, people seem to be pleased with the durability of this shoe.
      The rubber outsole with Hexlite rubber will help to protect your feet from underfoot dangers and will allow you to grip the ground easily. The midsole is made of EVA foam and will absorb a fair amount of shock to protect your joints from injury. The upper is thicker than most mesh sneakers on the market today and will protect your feet from cold and from some level of wetness. The EVA sock liner ensures there is no negative space within the foot chamber to protect your feet from blisters.
      Because the Aztrek is not meant to be a high-performance racing sneaker, responsiveness is not all that important. However, the EVA midsole will absorb shock upon heel strike and allows for a smooth heel-to-toe transition. This is a casual lifestyle sneaker so you won’t be experiencing a bouncy and springy ride. Rather, you will feel cushioned and comfortable enough for all-day wear.
      Although these are casual sneakers, they do offer a fair amount of support due to their engineering. The platform of these shoes forms a stable base for your foot and the upper is semi-stiff which will support your foot on lateral movements. The heel counter is also firm so it will support your heel comfortably. With the EVA midsole, you should feel comfortable supported with every step.
      As stated earlier, these shoes are really meant to be casual sneakers and can be worn on sidewalks, roadways, and hard-packed trails. The outsole is designed to help your foot grip the ground firmly and is patterned enough to wear them on trails without worrying about slipping. However, these are not meant to be worn on technical terrains or in icy conditions. The original version of this sneaker was built as a running shoe and this sneaker is modeled after the original. This means that you could technically wear it to go running but since the 90s, running shoe technologies have come a long way so there are better options for running nowadays.
      Depending on where you buy these shoes and what colorway you are interested in, the Reebok Aztrek can be purchased for anywhere from $55 to $80. That is a great deal for a pair of stylish retro-inspired shoes from a well-known and trusted brand.
      The soft Hexlite hexagonal cushioning featured in the outsole of the Reebok Aztrek is designed to tackle the everyday environment. The low-profile diamond-shaped lugs are grippy and help to support your foot as you move forward, backward, and laterally. The lugs do not protrude from the outsole aggressively so these shoes won’t allow for excellent traction in technical terrains but will serve you well in regular day-to-day wear in wet or dry conditions.
      Back in the 1990s, sneakers tended to be chunkier and not so flexible. The technologies of today's sneakers definitely focus more on flexibility. Since the Reebok Aztrek is a retro-inspired design and is a copy of the 90s version, it is not a very flexible shoe. The outsole is not incredibly thick but it combines with the semi-firm EVA midsole to form a solid platform that does not feature any flex-grooves. The upper is a layered design of lightweight textile material with synthetic suede overlays which does not condone a ton of flexibility.
      The Reebok Aztrek is not engineered to be a high-performance sneaker or a stability sneaker. Rather, it is a carbon copy of the 90s version and is made to be a casual sneaker. Even though it is not necessarily a stability shoe, it does deliver a decent level of stability through the layered upper and the overall stiff design. You should feel pretty stable in these due to their solid construction. They are built as neutral sneakers so if you are in need of stabilization due to pronation or supination, then these may not be the right choice for you.
      Although there is no definitive information as to the drop specifications of this sneaker, the drop is a neutral one. That means that there is more cushion in the heel and it tapers down to the forefoot area, making the heel stack higher than the forefoot. The resulting drop is one where you will not experience a ton of ground feel but it is not overly-cushioned either.
      Key Features
      - Hexalite hexagonal cushioning in the heel and forefoot of the sneaker delivers comfortable and supportive cushioning.
      - EVA foam sock liner provides additional cushioning and is removable, allowing for the use of a custom orthotic.
      - Textile and synthetic suede overlays give the shoe a stylish 90s-inspired design which is popular in today’s style trends.
      - Low-top design and cushioned heel collar and tongue not only give the shoe a retro style, but it also allows for optimal ankle movement.
      Bottom Line
      Let’s face it, in terms of style, what goes around comes around. Currently in the style world, we are seeing the re-emersion of acid wash jeans, crop top tee-shirts, and dad sneakers. A dad sneaker is basically just a chunky mostly white sneaker with suede on the upper and the Reebok Aztrek is just that. In fact, Reebok decided to make this version of the shoe an exact replica of the 90s version. The colorways may not appeal to everyone because they are pretty old-school and if you aren’t into going back in time in style then these are not going to suit your fancy. However, many reviewers feel that Reebok really knocked it out of the park with the reissuing of the Aztrek from 25 years ago. Most reviews rave about how awesome the shoes look and how amazingly comfortable they are. Even though the original Aztrek was meant to be a running shoe, these shoes are better suited for casual wear because running technologies have advanced so much in the past two and a half decades. In the end, if you like the retro vibe of the Aztrek and you have normal to narrow feet, these will be a great addition to your everyday casual outfits.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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