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Our Conclusion
The Reebok Zigwild TR 2 is the next generation of trail running shoes from Reebok. Slipping on your favorite trainers for a ride around the streets and sidewalks of your town is great, but many running shoes aren’t made for any tougher terrain than the wet surface of a track or the asphalt of the road. It makes them great for everyday wear and regular training but not particularly dynamic. If you want to take your training to the next level and meet the uneven terrain that nature provides, you’ll need a pair of shoes that will be able to tackle the trails and pathways that wind their way through forests.

With this specific type of ride in mind, the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 is optimized to take on tough terrain. Featuring a zigzag sole made of ZigTech technology for an optimal running experience and a low-cut design for maximum mobility, the Zigwild TR 2 is for runners looking to get closer to nature while also providing tenacious grip for significant traction on uneven terrain. But while the Zigwild TR 2's outsole is fierce on the soil, the forefoot is flexible. And although reliable on the outside, the inside of the Zigwild TR 2 delivers on comfort without a loss in responsiveness.
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Pros & Cons
  • The Zigzag outsole provides excellent grip on rough terrain
  • Midsole is both comfortable and responsive
  • Breathable upper keeps foot firmly in place while flexible outsole provides superior control
  • SmoothFit technology lessens chance for irritation and rubbing of foot
  • StableFit memory foam heel aids in fit and support
  • Cons
    • Higher price may be an issue for some runners
    • Reports that the outsole’s tread begins to wear after some months of use
    • Key Features
      The Reebok Zigwild TR 2’s dynamic-looking outsole is part of the proprietary ZigTech technology that has created a zigzag sole for improved running performance, providing extra cushioning for when a runner is hitting the trails. Made of a carbon rubber compound, its lugs offer excellent traction and reliable grip on a variety of terrains.

      Although sturdy, the outsole isn’t stiff, with flex grooves on the forefoot providing the runner with a significant amount of flexibility that provides both better control and comfort with each stride.
      The midsole of the Zigwild TR 2 is made of molded polyurethane foam, providing reliable cushioning while also delivering a responsive ride. This flexible cushioning delivers comfortable underfoot protection and much-needed shock absorption when running on trails but also provides a solid toe-off while remaining flexible.

      Meanwhile, the StableFit molded memory foam at its heel guarantees a secure fit from first step-in onward.
      A low-cut trail trainer, the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 is made for maximum mobility and quick foot transitions in mind. Its mesh upper delivers maximum breathability while remaining flexible for a superior fit. In addition, the TR 2’s SmoothFit seaming reduces rub and irritation considerably. With a secure fit after lace-up, the upper is designed to hug the foot naturally, providing the wearer a comfortable ride without feeling as if the trainer is on too tight.
      The Zigwild TR 2 is a serious, heavy-duty trail running shoe with an appropriately tough outsole for running on the rough terrain and trails found in nature. Due to this, it’s a heavier running shoe, coming in at 15 ounces/425 grams.

      While this is nearly double the weight of what lightweight trainers frequently come to, keep in mind that these are durable trainers made for pounding on rocks and dirt, scale uneven terrain, and in general keep the wearer safe and secure when traversing through nature.
      With its mesh upper, the TR 2 provides excellent breathability without sacrificing protection. The SmoothFit seaming not only reduces irritation but provides more porous mesh surface to allow for maximum ventilation.

      When out in the elements on a hot day, having scaled a steep incline and still with miles to go before cooling down for the day, the Zigwild TR 2’s breathability will provide much-needed relief.
      A significant factor that has satisfied many Zigwild TR 2 wearers is its comfort level: with its ZigTech midsole that provides support and comfort throughout a ride and its memory foam heel, wearers will find the continual comfort the Zigwild TR 2 provides a much-needed relief when traversing rough terrain. Meanwhile, its signature zigzag sole also adds extra cushioning while remaining flexible.
      One thing's for sure: the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 is one stylish trail runner. From its dynamic zigzag sole to smooth upper to the variety of color combinations it comes in, the TR 2 is one eye-catching shoe. Its low-cut design contrasts nicely with its zigzag sole, which provides the Zigwild TR 2 with a dynamic presence that lets anyone that sees it know that it’s not messing around.
      With a synthetic mesh upper that remains flexible but retains its shape and excellent support even after many rough-road miles are put on it, the Zigwild TR 2 is a durable trail runner. Meanwhile, the carbon rubber compound that comprises the outsole is also hardy, keeping their spring and shape even after many miles have passed between first step-in and their latest trek.

      However, there have been some complaints that the treads begin to wear quicker than other comparable shoes, usually after a few months’ uses. However, given the rough and tumble nature of trail running and the various type of terrain shoes designed for this activity encounter, this issue may vary from runner to runner.
      Its upper is made of a sturdy but breathable synthetic mesh, and the TR 2 provides nominal protection to the wearer’s upper. However, while the upper may not offer the most protection, its carbon rubber zigzag outsole certainly keeps the underfoot well-protected. Designed with rough terrain in mind, the outsole can tread over rocks and dirt while keeping the wearer protected throughout.

      Its ZigTech midsole also provides reliable shock protection to the foot, so when the often uneven terrain of nature shifts suddenly, the wearer’s foot is kept in place and safe from these sudden drops and jolts.
      The zigzag outsole of the Zigwild TR 2 is flexible, giving the runner good control over the always unpredictable surfaces of nature. Besides this, the ZigTech midsole is responsive to the runner’s stride, providing comfort without being too plush. Meanwhile, the SmoothFit technology of the upper keeps the foot firmly in place after lace-up, which allows the runner a secure fit that aids in overall responsiveness.

      Its low-cut design also allows for enhanced mobility, freeing the runner to change position and stance without irritation or resistance and at a moment’s notice.
      The signature zigzag outsole isn’t just for looks: it provides the runner with both comfort and maximum support, particularly when running over uneven terrain. Meanwhile, the Zigwild TR 2’s StableFit memory foam heel aims to provide stable support and provide a secure fit. While the Zigwild 2’s neutral arch support is appropriate for most runners, its ZigTech midsole also provides additional responsive support, as well.

      While a notably comfortable trail runner, its excellent support has also found popularity among people who work on their feet all day, further speaking to its quality in this regard.
      Although the Zigwild TR 2 performs admirably on asphalt and pavement, its purpose is to enable the runner to enjoy a ride in the wild. Over rocks and dirt, the Zigwild TR 2 is a trail running shoe (after all, TR stands for “Trail Runner”). Its zigzag outsole isn’t just for looks, and when it’s taken out on the open trails, the carbon rubber compound that comprises its outsole will grip the terrain with reliability and tenacity.

      Also, its synthetic mesh upper is flexible but sturdy, designed to protect the foot from the debris found in nature.
      With all of the features included in the Zigwild TR 2, it carries a higher price than a regular running shoe but only slightly higher than the average trail running shoe (and it's certainly not the most expensive on the market). Besides, this is a stylish trail running shoe that provides both comfort and support over rough terrain, so its cost will naturally be a little higher.

      Considering its dynamic nature, however, when one is out on the trail, often miles into a run and miles to go before they are near civilization, spending a little more for reliability and performance shouldn’t be a limiting factor.
      When it’s time to hit the trail, a runner needs a shoe that will meet the terrain with tenacity--and that’s just what the Zigwild TR 2 aims to do. Its zigzag outsole is outfitted with lugs meant to grip the ground and provide the much-needed traction for the runner to climb that hill and get to where they’re going when in the out of doors.

      The sturdy carbon rubber compound that the outsole is made of provides durable traction, and the lug pattern has been designed to provide reliable grip across the ever-shifting terrain of the trail. With flex grooves on the forefoot, the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 is meant to perform on the trail, and in this regard, the runner will appreciate its aggressive traction.
      A stable shoe that nonetheless responds to a runner’s adjustments in their stance and stride, the Zigwild TR 2 keeps the foot firm but not inflexible. Thanks to its responsive midsole, the runner will find their toe-off has some bounce to it, while the flex grooves in the forefoot of the outsole allow for flexibility without sacrificing firmness, providing the wearer with excellent surface control.
      As a neutral trail runner, the Zigwild TR 2 is designed with the neutral runner in mind. Well-balanced and geared for a neutral running stance, this shoe is made for normal pronators. Featuring standard arch support, this is not a stability shoe, but if a runner doesn’t need that sort of specific support, the Zigwild TR 2 is a well-balanced trail runner.
      Featuring a minimal heel-to-toe drop of 4 mm, the Zigwild TR 2 is a low drop trainer, which may take some adjusting to for runners used to a higher drop in their trail runner or regular running shoe.

      Since a lower drop places more stress on the lower leg, it is recommended that a period of transition takes place for those not used to this type of drop in their trainer.
      Key Features
      - Zigzag outsole made of sturdy carbon rubber compound that grips rough terrain well
      - Responsive midsole made of ZigTech that provides superior shock absorption and comfort
      - Breathable upper that will keep the foot firmly in place while allowing for flexibility
      - Flexible forefoot on the outsole that allows the runner great surface control
      - Stylish design that is both eye-catching and practical
      - Superior comfort that never feels too plush, including StableFit memory foam heel
      Bottom Line
      While running on the streets and sidewalks of a town, or a responsive track, is great for everyday exercise and training, nothing puts your abilities to the test like going into nature and hitting the trail.

      For this challenge, the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 excels: with its thick, sturdy zigzag outsole outfitted with lugs to grip and provide control and traction on a rocky, uneven trail, a runner won’t have to worry about losing a step or their stride when the going gets rough. But even after miles out in nature the wearer won’t have to worry about a drop in comfort: its flexible, responsive midsole provides a comfortable ride while it's breathable upper keeps the foot cool throughout.

      Although a slightly pricey trail runner, its many features make the Reebok Zigwild TR 2 well worth the extra dollars. Made to protect the foot as the wearer treads over rough terrain and provide reliable traction over the bumps and valleys an unpredictable trail tends to reveal, this is a serious shoe for trail running.
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