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Best Tips You Will Ever Hear For Overweight Runners Starting Out!

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If you are struggling to lose weight and you are looking for expert articles on running for overweight beginners, this post is for you! if you are new to the running community try not to be intimidated. Running is something nearly everyone can do.

Getting Started With Exercise

First things first. Have you spoken to a physician to see if you are fit enough to start exercising? This is not said to discourage you. However, people who have not exercised in a while should talk to their doctor before jumping into a new regiment.

Next, you should get yourself properly outfitted for exercise. This means everything from clothing that you will find comfortable to the proper running shoes. There is a lot of excellent running gear out there that likely will make you happy when working out. Moisture-wicking apparel is magical and comes to fit people of all shapes and sizes.

overweight runners best tips

You want to make sure you have the right kind of shoes on your fit, especially for running! That old pair of cross trainers is not what you want if you plan to run.

Did you know that there are shoes specially made for heavier runners?  With extra cushion and support, they help keep you healthy as you pound the pavement.

Walk Before You Run

You have heard the expression before that you have to walk before you can run, right? This is a very real thing. Sure, you can try to head out the door and just run. Or you can decide you will try walking first. That might be the smartest move.

Head out to walk briskly and with intention for 30 minutes. Is that easy or do you find yourself getting winded? If it is easy, do it a couple more times then you are ready to start jogging. If it is difficult, keep with it for a few weeks. Once brisk walking has gotten easy, it is time to think about integrating some jogging.

Jog Intervals

When you feel ready to add some jogging, don’t feel pressured to do too much at first. If you look into the most famous newbie runner program there is, Couch To 5K (C25K), you will see that you really don’t run an awful lot at first.

The basic premise behind C25K is that you walk an awful lot more than you run as you get started. If that sounds crazy to you, it is not. Trust me.

jog intervals

For the first week when you add some jogging into the mix, you might only jog for 1 minute for every 8 minutes you walk. On the one hand, you might think that means you are only jogging for 3 or 4 minutes in 30. However, focus on the movement not how much you are running. Progress matters!

Adding Run Time

The key to running for beginners is that you add run time a little at a time. C25K has a specific program for you to follow. If you are not inclined to follow a program, here is our advice.

Once you have done an interval successfully three to four times, feel free to add intensity.

What I mean by that is, if you have done 1-minute jog by 8 minutes walk successfully on three separate days, next, try 2 minutes jogging by 7 minutes walking. Some people reach a point where they struggle and they need to find a sweet spot to settle in. What do I mean by that?

Galloway Method

Sure, the goal is to be able to run solid. Right? If you are trying to build your endurance you probably envision yourself running gracefully and effortlessly for hours. However, that is simply not a reality for some runners.

Did you know that some runners use the famous Galloway method indefinitely? It is true!

What is the Galloway Method? This is where you train and race using running and walking intervals. You don’t ever have to try to run a whole race distance. People actually qualify for the Boston Marathon using this method! For some people, using the run and walk method allows them to actually yield faster race times than when they run the entire distance.

If You Run, You Are A Runner!

The biggest thing I want to stress about running for overweight beginners is that running has no “size.” If you put one foot in front of the other, heading out the door moving forward, you can call yourself a runner.

If you are looking for things to motivate you to keep moving, here are some thoughts:

  • Join a running group! Finding people to share in your new passion is a great way to stay motivated. This can be a live group that meets up for runs or an online group for support.
  • Ask questions! I belong to many online running groups and the questions are endless. They are a great place to get information and feel things out.
  • Set a goal! In the groups I am in we set goals all the time. These goals are everything from Running Bingo to Scavenger Hunts to Mileage Challenges. I hit my first 100-mile month to take part in a Facebook group running challenge.
  • Take a class! You might think that classes won’t help with running but you are wrong! You can use a class to cross-train. There are also sprint classes taught on treadmills at local gyms. And everyone knows that strength training helps you become a stronger runner!

Cross Training: Easy On The Joints!

As someone new to running, try not to overdo it right off the bat. Since your new exercise of running is an impact sport, consider non-impact cross-training.  There are many thoughts about this.

Swimming or aqua jogging are both zero-impact cross-training opportunities. Another thought is to do strength training. You can do high repetition, low weight training if you do not want to bulk up. This is popular with many runners.

aqua jogging

Other exercises that are good thoughts for you to try are yoga and cycling. Yoga will help increase your flexibility while giving you mindfulness and relaxation. Cycling can be a great cardiovascular workout without the pounding of your joints.

Just Get Going

Recognizing that you might be nervous, really the only thing stopping you is that you have not yet started. Just make the decision that you are going to work your way to a healthier you. Although it may be scary, you deserve to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Don’t be afraid. We believe in you!

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