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Running Milestones Every Runner Should Reach

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Some running milestones runners should reach include a PR and trying trail running. Running Milestones Every Runner Should Reach www.runnerclick.com

It takes one step and a time. But soon new and returning runners find themselves hitting some major running milestones they want to reach.

This includes being able to run a mile and then being able to run that mile fast. It might mean completing a first 5k or first marathon.

The everyday runner doesn’t get into the sport to make it pro and sign a deal with Nike. While this would be nice, our goals are much more humble.

But just because winning first place at a race isn’t the main objective in our running doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to progress in our own individual journeys.

Here are some important running milestones every runner should reach.

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Complete A Long-Term Running Goal

There are countless reasons to start running. Even if it’s just for fun, for health or increased fitness, a major running milestone is all about a long-term goal.

Runners often set short term goals to get started. This includes things like running every day at least one mile or running a few miles three times a week.

These are great accomplishments to stick with, but once the runner builds a base it’s time to set a long-term goal.

Completing a long-term running goal obviously takes times, but the accomplishment is well worth the hard work.

Long-term goals can be anything from finishing a 5k to finishing a marathon. It could be to increase the average pace by one to two minutes per mile over a set time.

Whatever it is, this type of milestone is one needed for every kind of runner.

Run Your Fastest Mile

This is a running milestone everyone should have on their list.

We firmly believe at a 12-minute mile runner is just as much as a runner as a 9-minute mile runner. But when sticking to running for a long time, it’s only natural we want to improve our speed.

Being able to run your fastest mile is a milestone that is celebrated by runners of all speeds and fitness levels.

The good thing about this milestone is that it can be hit over and over again the more progression the runner has.

Run A Negative Split

To a run a negative split is absolutely a running milestone each runner should be on a mission to complete. A negative split means the runner runs the second portion of the run or race faster than the first half.

The idea is that they conserve energy in order to be able to push the pace the second half of the workout.

Runners should want to see their average pace per mile gong down not going up.

Photo: Lauren Keating

PR At A Race

Speaking of racing, a milestone all runners should seek after is a PR (personal record) at a race. This means they ran the fastest time for that set distance.

This a milestone that is part of any runner who participates in races game plan. The good news is that it is already a PR when running a distance for the first time.

Run Without Music

Some can’t run with music, others can’t run without it.

But being able to run without music is a small, but a worthy running milestone. This is because sometimes things happen. We forget our phone or headphones aren’t charged. Some races don’t even allow music.

This means we need to be able to self-motivate through the workout to be able to run without it. Chances are the runner will feel proud they did it without their tunes.

Run In The Rain

This might seem like a silly milestone, but it teaches a valuable lesson—that the runner can withstand the elements.

Running in the rain is a right of passage for runners. There is nothing wrong with going for a run in a little rain.

This doesn’t mean it’s a smart idea to run in extreme weather like thunderstorms, severe wind, hail, a snowstorm, etc. Use discretion.

But it might be raining on race day, so it serves as a good practice. Some even find it refreshing.

Run A Trail Race

Many runners stick to the paved roads. But running a trail race is another right of passage and milestone.

Some of them make the switch to trail running. It’s all about enjoying nature. Others find it hard and aren’t used to dodging rocks and tree roots.

Either way, all runners should hit the trails at least once it experiences what it is like.

Complete A Destination Race

Once runners have a few races under their belts they might want to expand their horizons. This is why completing a destination race is a great milestone to hit.

It allows the runner to experience in an event out of their home state and experience what this is like. Many opt for runcations that are built around a race. For others, this simply means crossing state lines.

Competing in various different races including in other states is a great way to grow as a racer.

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Join A Running Club

Joining a running club is another right of passage. It is a running milestone that means breaking out of your comfort zone and running with other strangers.

But this often leads to the best friendships.

Tapping into the power of a local running community means the runner can learn more about the sport and grow in their performance.


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