Salomon Pulse Belt

The Salomon Pulse Belt is like a lighter, sleeker fanny pack for the athletic adventurer. This belt is designed for speed and its main focus is to take away any irritation or annoyance so that the athlete can concentrate on their athletic endeavor. This belt is perfect for not only runners but skiers, hikers, and travelers as well. It sits sleekly against the body and comes with a variety of stretch pockets that can comfortably fit all of your running and athletic gear that you’ll need when you are out and about such as your keys, cards, GPS, phone, and soft hydration flask. This product comes in a variety of four different colors and is made with the option of four different sizes to stay securely against the body. Runners loved the four-way stretch mesh that this product is made of and found that this belt provided them with a comfortable fit that wouldn’t ride up and provide maximum breathability to keep runners cool and comfortable during their races or training runs. The price is perfect for this product and was designed for the athlete that wants a high-quality product but doesn’t want to break the bank in order to get it.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Multiple colors
  • Four different sizes
  • Breathable four-way stretch mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Cons
    • Difficult to adjust fit
    • Pockets are too small for larger items
    • Key Features
      Runners, hikers, skiers, travelers, and adventure enthusiasts love this belt as a hand free alternative to carry all of their most important items while they are out on the slopes, trails, or roads. This product is not designed to carry all of the athlete’s items, but instead, can be used as a glorified fanny pack to keep the most important items like keys, money, cell phone, GPS device and hydration snug against the body and easy to access. This product is designed to eliminate bouncing and unwanted movement so athletes can concentrate on their activity and not worry about irritation. The pockets are strategically placed so athletes can reach all of their equipment quickly and efficiently without needing to stop their movement. This came in especially handy for serious runners who are attempting to achieve a certain time goal.
      This product has a tubular design that supports plentiful air flow to reach the body. One of the common complaints against running belts is that they create discomfort around the waist because they aren't made from a material that can allow air to flow in and out.
      Salomon created a belt that keeps the runner comfortable by eliminating a few common problems with running belts. The first is the fit. This belt comes in a variety of four different sizes so runners can find the best fit for their size and shape. These different sizes in conjunction with the thoughtfully selected materials ensure that this belt will stay in place. The belt is made using a 4-way stretch fabric that conforms to the shape of the runner. It is lightweight and breathable. It stays in place without the risk of riding up and causing irritation or chaffing but it is also made from a highly breathable material that allows air to flow freely through the product. The belt features a tubular fit that is specifically engineered to wrap around the body and create a customized fit for each runner.
      The secret to the success of this belt is its ability to rest snuggly against the body without riding up or moving around. Due to the need for it to stay snuggly in place, Salomon created 4 different sizing options. In addition to this, Salomon uses a 4-way stretch mesh and the use of their patented tubular design to stay in place. Many runners commented that a snug fit is imperative to getting the most out of this product, so they suggested a smaller size as opposed to a larger size when deciding between the two.
      Runners were pleased with the overall durability that this product provides. The 4-way stretch fabric works to conform to the shape of the body without losing its shape or new look and feet. The elastic jersey material that covered this product does a great job of allowing the Pulse belt to stretch and move freely without the fear of ripping or tearing. Runners found this detail to be particularly useful when it came to the pocketed sections of this belt. These pockets are small enough to not be cumbersome, but stretchy enough that runners didn’t have to worry about their pockets tearing when they attempted to fit their important running accessories into them. This product also manages to be thin and breathable but still able to hold up to extensive use. Especially for this price, runners were very pleased with how long their Pulse belt lasted for.
      This belt is made using a simple construction, and its minimalist style is one of the qualities that runners like best about this product. It is made using a tubular design that simply and effectively wraps around the body and stays secure. It doesn’t offer a wide range of accessories, and for runners looking for a running belt with lots of bells and whistles, this might not be the best choice. It has a total of 3 stretches, mesh pockets along the outside of the belt in easy to access area. It also is made with diagonal straps that criss-cross the product to provide an area of extra storage or as a place to store hiking poles. It comes in 4 color options and comes with reflective elements along the belt to protest runners while they run in low visibility areas.
      The design and the ultra soft materials used to construct this belt give it versatile wearing options. The jersey mesh that covered the belt and the 4-way stretch material is soft and comfortable enough that this belt can be worn directly against the skin with no irritation. It is also stretchy enough that is can fit snuggly over running clothes as well. If runners choose to wear it outside of their clothes, they will be pleased with the four different, trendy color combinations that Salomon offers. Runners also liked that this belt has the capacity to store all of their most important items during their activities, but it is still able to maintain a sleek, streamlined look.
      This belt is a great alternative for a runner who is on a budget. It comes in far below the average price of a running belt on today’s market and is backed with Salomon’s trusted name and runner’s reviews of long-lasting durability. This belt doesn’t come with a wide variety of accessories and is limited in its bells and whistles, but for an athlete who is looking for a no-frills product at a great price that will last a long time, the Salomon Pulse Belt is a great choice.
      Key Features
      - 4-way stretch material
      - Elastic Jersey material
      - Diagonal bungee stretch straps for extra storage or as a place to store a hiking pole
      - 4 trendy color choices
      - 3 stretch storage pockets
      - Reflective detail along outside
      Bottom Line
      The Salomon Pulse Belt is a no-frills, high quality, long-lasting belt for runners who don’t want to spend a ton of money but also don’t want to sacrifice quality. This product is versatile and has been reviewed by a variety of athletes from runners to skiers to hikers to bikers and even travelers. The sleek, streamlined style can be attributed to the dual stretch materials used: A 4-way stretch mesh and an elastic jersey. They materials ensure that the belt stays snuggly against the body without the risk of riding up and causing friction and irritation, but it also is lightweight and breathable enough to wick sweat away from the body and keep the runner safe. The pulse belt comes in four different color options and four different sizes. It has three discreet pockets that are designed to stretch to accommodate your equipment while running and gives you easy access to all the things you’ll need. This is a high-quality product and runner after the runner was pleased with the durability in both the look and the fit of this product.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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