Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra

The Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra is for the elite ultra-marathon runner, as it was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of these extreme races. Salomon is able to blend speed and protection into a durable, responsive shoe. Each element of the shoe, from the upper to the midsole to the outsole, is designed to meet that important balance between remaining lightweight while providing enough cushioning and protection to the runner as they traverse difficult terrain and long miles.

The upper of the shoe uses Salomon’s patented EndoFit technology for superior comfort and a fit that conforms to the unique shape of each runner’s foot. The midsole uses Salomon’s Energy Cell + for added cushioning and responsiveness. And finally, the outsole is designed using Salomon’s signature Contragrip with Premium Wet Traction rubber. All of these elements work together to ensure the runner that they are going to get a comfortable, protective ride that can take them mile after mile. Some runners had an issue with the price tag of the shoe, but many viewed it as an investment toward their running careers. This is not a shoe that is suggested for the casual runner.

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Pros & Cons

Designed for elite ultramarathon runners
Great mix of protection and responsiveness
Breathable, adaptable upper
Good for trail or road racing


One color option available

Key Features
The outsole of this shoe uses the powerful, rugged Contagrip with Premium wet traction rubber. This is designed to do two things for the runner. The first is to protect them from underfoot debris, as the rubber is thicker in high tread areas which reduces the risk of punctures and feeling sharp or jagged elements in the trail. The second purpose is to provide great traction. The unique design of the outsole grips the pavement below the runner and ensures is great for running on slippery surfaces.
The midsole of the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra uses Salomon’s patented EnergyCell +. This midsole foam provides great responsiveness. It keeps the runner connected to the road below them and absorbs the shock of each ultra-marathon. This also helps prevent premature fatigue, maintenance of form and reduces the risk of injury. The midsole foam is also designed to provide extra durability for the runner. The construction of this midsole doesn’t easily break down and maintains its form for much longer than traditional midsole foams. A secret to the comfort of this shoe is the Ortholite Sock Liner that is found on the inside of the shoe. This sock liner molds to the shape of the foot, creating a unique, customizable fit for each runner. It also works to control the temperature inside the shoe. It wicks away moisture and keeps the foot cool and dry regardless of the weather conditions.
The upper of this shoe is constructed using Salomon’s patented Endofit material. This provides a glove-like fit for the runner. It wraps the foot in a supportive, breathable material that uses a seamless construction, which eliminates the risk of blisters caused via friction and irritation. Runners noted that this shoe was safe and comfortable enough to be worn without socks. Runners also noted that superior breathability of this shoe. They found this to be a key feature for extremely long distance running. The lacing system uses a bungee cord technology that eliminates the risk of untied shoes that can cause the runner to trip and fall.
The EndoFit upper material of this shoe is lightweight and breathable. Runners noted that the material used in this design provides ventilation points all along the upper to not only welcome air flow into the shoe, but support the movement of hot air out of the shoe as well. This works to regulate the temperature of the shoe, keeping the runner cool and dry and comfortable. Runners commented that they weren’t fearful of blisters or hot spots in these shoes, which is important to the long distance runner.
This is a mid-weight shoe. At 9.7 ounces, Salomon did all it could to strip the shoe of any unnecessary layers and design elements to ensure that this shoe could be both lightweight and durable and protective. Salomon kept the weight light in the upper so it could add additional cushioning and supports through the midsole and outsole. For the runner who is looking to attack long, difficult races, the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra is a perfect combination of protection and speed.
For the runner who is competing in the sport of ultra racing, comfort is a big deal because even a small blister can mean huge setbacks. Runners appreciate elements of this shoe, like the Endofit upper and the EnergyCell + of the midsole, that provide added cushioning and comfort without being too heavy. The upper is very breathable, which works to regulate the temperature inside the shoe. The Ortholite Sock liner molds to the shape of the foot and wicks away sweat to keep the runner dry, even during hot runs.
This shoe has a sleek, futuristic look to it. Runners love the style of the shoe, but they commented they wanted more options since it only comes in one color option- black and red.
This shoe is designed to protect the foot during long runs. It comes with additional padding in the midsole and a thicker outsole. This shoe is not for the casual runner, instead, it is designed to protect the foot during the unique experience of long distance running.
Like with its protective elements, this shoe is also uniquely designed to stand up to the elements and keep the runner safe but also protect the entire shoe from wear and tear. The outsole is designed to be durable, but also lightweight enough for the runner to go fast and respond quickly and efficiently to the ground below. The outsole features Salomon’s signature Contagrip material with premium wet traction rubber. This technology helps the shoe to keep its shape for an extended amount of time. The midsole is designed with the EnergyCell +. Not only does this midsole absorb the shock of each footfall, it also does a great job of maintaining its shape even after long runs and extensive miles.
One of the things that runners liked the most about this shoe was its ability to be both responsive and cushioned. The EnergyCell + midsole foam provides a snappy feedback and runners reported that they could easily feel the ground below them. This allowed runners to respond to changes in direction and speed quickly and efficiently. This is key, especially for an athlete who has been running for hours.
One of the key supports comes by way of the ProFeel Film that is used in the outsole of the shoe. This is a technology that Salomon uses to help runners straighten out their gait. In the long run, this will help to alleviate pain and reduce the risk of injury, especially to the joints. Additionally, the EndoFit upper provides a snug, glove-like fit for the runner. It actually conforms to the unique shape of each foot, provides support and helping the foot avoid unwanted movement.
This shoe is designed for long distance road or trail racing. This is an elite shoe for the ultra runner who is looking for a shoe that can handle the distance and mileage of a race that lasts over two hours. This shoe can handle the groomed trails as well as pavement.

This shoe is for elite athletes. It is not the right shoe for the runner who casually runs a few miles a week or goes to the gym a few days a week. With that being said, the price tag is also not for everyone. This shoe is almost double the average price of a road running shoe on today’s market. Runners who did purchase this shoe saw it as an investment in their racing season.
The outsole of this shoe features Salomon’s patented Contagrip with premium wet traction rubber. This rubber is designed to hold tightly to the ground below it, whether it is pavement or trail. The wet traction rubber is uniquely designed to tackle slick conditions and keep the runner safe and protected. Runners commented that this shoe has enough grip to carry them across some of the toughest ultra-marathon terrains.
Runners loved the combination of flexibility and stability in this shoe. The upper is especially flexible due to the EndoFit. This material wraps the foot in a supportive, lightweight mesh that molds to the shape of the foot. The outsole is also very flexible. The Contagrip outsole fits the shape of the foot and supports the natural movement of the foot.

This shoe has been able to achieve the perfect mix of flexibility and stability. The ProFeel Film of the outsole is designed to provide stability to the runner who is struggling with overpronation. This technology works to keep the foot straight and prevents it from rolling inward which can lead to injury and joint pain.
The runner who is used to running in a traditional heel drop shoe will be able to easily transition to the S-Lab Sense Ultra. The heel drop on this shoe is 8 millimeters. Runners found this to be a good combination of support and responsiveness. The heel is far enough from the ground to provide responsive cushioning, but close enough that the runner can respond quickly to changes in the terrain, direction, and speed.
Key Features
- 9-millimeter drop provides a good balance of support and responsiveness
- Ortholite Sock liner molds to the shape of the foot
- ProFeel Film around the outsole helps with stability
- EndoFit upper fits like a glove and conforms to the shape of the foot
- Contagrip with Premium Wet Traction Rubber provides superior traction
Bottom Line
This Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra is a shoe for the elite long-distance runner. This shoe is specifically designed to tackle long grueling miles on the road or the trail and maintain its form and protect the runner from the elements. Salomon was able to find the perfect combination of lightweight responsiveness and durable protection in this shoe. The midsole is made using the EnergyCell + which provides a responsive cushioning. The upper is made using the EndoFit material which conforms to the foot, providing a flexible, unique fit for each runner. The style of the shoe is sleek and simple, but unfortunately, it only comes in one color combination. This shoe is not for everyone, and the elite design and technology also comes with an elite price tag. This shoe will more money than many are willing to spend on a trail or road racing shoe, but for the elite athlete who is looking to invest in their racing season, this shoe makes perfect sense.
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