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Salomon XR Mission Review Facts

Trail running is a fairly different task from standard running and requires different shoes as such. Salomon, in particular, is known for their high-quality trail running shoes, and are a very popular choice when it comes to the trail running world. The Salomon XR Mission is designed specifically for low to mid-distance runs on trails, though it definitely is usable on road as well. The XR Mission is a bit of an older model at this point but it still has a lot to offer for anyone looking to get into trail running.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Designed to withstand the roughness of trails
  • Quick lacing
  • Breathable
  • Not too heavy, despite being a trail shoe
  • Great Traction
  • Not the most recent model
  • Not exactly cheap
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  • These are my walking shoes. I have bad ankles and feet and these go beyond the support I need. They have amazing heels. I struggle with the lacing system a bit so I will buy different laces.
  • I am on my feet working all day. Putting these on is like putting on a slip on shoe. I love these shoes. They are freaking comfortable and have amazing support. Also, They are are actually really stylish.
  • I was glad that these are true to fit. They really help me on the trails and they have great support in the heel and ankles.
  • This is a guaranteed steal on a hiking shoe. They fit from the font to the back snug with ample toe space. They are very ventilated and the soles allowed me to leave out my insoles I normally would use. I hike a lot and these have proven to be my new go to. The lacing system is pretty OK. I don't have to worry about my shoes coming untied anymore. Thanks for the great shoe Salomon.
  • I like the comfort. I just think they could use a bit more arch support.
  • These are my new faves! I had to have surgery on my feet and needed shoes that supported without pain. I am able to wear these all day and feel fine. THey have great support all over the shoe and they look stylish on. I am so happy.
  • I bought these in all the colors because they give me all the right feels. I stand all day and these shoes have never left my feet exhausted. The price is decent for what they give you in this shoe. The arches and cushioning are heaven. I would highly recommend. I did have one pair that the sole loosened up a bit, but that is maybe just a defect in that shoe because the others are fine.
  • These fit great in the ankle and give great support with the lacing system. I don't swim around in these as much as I thought I would. They have a great mesh material that allows for great ventilation. I am also a fan of the color schemes.
  • These fit mostly true to size and they have a great lacing system, once you get used to it. It allows great support without over tightening or loosening. I like that the color schemes are not so loud as normal runners. They offered all types of full foot support when I ran in them and man are they comfortable. These are just a freaking fantastic runner and I would highly recommend them.
  • I don't really run I do weight lifting and these shoes not only fit to size wonderfully, they also have a toe box from the gods. I don't have to worry about my laces any more and I can take these out of the gym and hike with my dogs. These never caused blisters or pain no matter what I did in them. These shoes are more than worth the buy.
  • The laces threw me off a bit but the colors were great. I like that you can tuck the laces in the tongue though, brilliant. And, now that I have that all figured out, I don't even have to tie them any more. It is really genius how they designed these to be a slip on that you make to your adjustment. They have great toe space and are freaking mad comfortable.
  • I do not have any more back pain since I have been wearing this shoe. I love to run in them and take them hiking. They are great for hot days due to the great mesh material and they are super light.
  • These were made to please. They have perfect sizing and the lacing is pretty dope. The insoles molded to my feet as soon as I put them in, magic really, and they are really light. They give my wide toes plenty of move-ability, which is great too.
  • Thes have great grip, so much that they grab my carpet. I got a half size up and they are perfect. They needed a little breaking in and the lacing may need adjusting from time to time. THey are lightweight and comfortable and the support makes me feel comfortable taking them on any type of trail.
  • I was able to get rid of my full orthotic with this shoe. Thanks to the reviews I was really able to judge the size I needed. I do need a small bit of support but my arches are ridiculous. These are light and easy to work with. I would suggest that the material be made so that sand isn't able to get in the shoe. It is that ventilated, which is nice minus the sand.
  • These shoes are so cool n the heat, I love them. The lacing makes this shoe virtually a slip on and it makes for easy adjusting. I haven't had any blisters from these and they are mean comfortable. I am able to run on any type of trail with these and not feel anything beneath me. They also dry really fast.
  • I bought all of the colors in these. These shoes are a gem and need to be worn by anyone who wants to get out and hike for real. They are a bit bigger than most shoes i own but dang they are comfortable. I do not have to worry about my ankles rolling and the insoles are magical. My arch is normal and these work great with it.
  • I have pankake feet and find it hard to fit in sneakers all together. These have not disappointed, I am pleasantly shocked. THey have ample arches and keep me pain free on the concrete I stand on all day. The heel is like a hammock for your foot. I love that I can use these comfortably for work and hiking. I do not run but I do some serious hiking and these are a beast of a shoe.
  • The toe box is like outer space for your toes, unlimited movement. They are extremely light weight for a trailer and I am so happy that I found them. The heal is a bit large or me but, all in all, their shoe is epic in comfort.
  • These have helped my ankle roll immensely. I usually wear boots but they get so darn hot. I was so grateful that these supported me and I can go for a long hike without my toes melting. They are a great meshy material and the soles are clouds on my heels. I ended up buying more of these because I do hike so much.
  • I traded in my Brooks for these because I hate having to wear my orthotics. THese have eliminated that issue. I just slip these on and out I go. These give me such great arch and heel support, I never could have imagined a life with no pain in my feet. I did have to get them a bit smaller than I am used too but hey, no problem for the comfort they offer.
  • The best support I have found in a shoe to date. I am a trail runner and these fit me in style and help my endurance. I was able to wear these without breaking them in and I was ecstatic. The lacing was a bit tricky but was beautiful when I finally got it to where I needed it to be, now I just slip on and go. I am able to go on some pretty brutal terrain and these glide over with no issues for me. They have never had any traction issues because the soles are super grippy and mean in wet weather. THey fry quick and I really couldn't ask for anything better. These are built for endurance on forward movement so I would not suggest these as s training she in the gym, they have a purpose -- trailing.
  • Great style and even better comfort. They are easy to make into a slip on that secures your movement and style. These kept me stable on the wet snowy roads I have to deal with. I really recommend these shoes!
  • These are the most comfortable Salomons that I own. These were low and still supportive , which I love in a shoe. They are attention grabbers and I get tons of compliments and comments on them. They are perfect for up and down training and have never left me hurting or disappointed. The toe has so much space it otherworldly, without sacrificing stability. They breath well and dry fast.
  • These give me a pep in my step. I do not run but these make me want to. I am on the go all day and these make me feel special. The comfort is impeccable and has saved me knees, No More Pain! And forget about the bunions.. More like funions, I have no pain there either. No exaggeration, I am so over the moon with thee and want to buy every pair ever and wear them daily , and to bed. My knew buddies these shoes. These have allowed me to walk with my kids and that is enough there.
  • Horrible! They are rough on the side of my foot and they are way too stiff for my liking. These need some serious break in time. I hate the lacing, it is just way to complicated for me. These are just very unpleasant all together.
  • These murdered my achilles and are way uncomfy. I don’t think these are even able to be broken in with the issue they have. These are flat out unbearable. My feet are aching for sure.
  • I feel like the tongue is oversized and they rub on all areas of the ankle. They have way too many hot spots for me and I just do not see them breaking in proper.y. I am not happy with these and They hurt the top of my foot as well.
  • These run really small, surprisingly. I ordered these in good faith on sizing since I have bought this brand before. Beware, these are way different. Very disappointing.
  • Hate these shoes. OMG! Really no support. I feel like I am wearing a block and the lacing is ridiculous. Or maybe I'm just not that smart. Either way, save your money or you’re going to have to spend more at the doctor for foot repair. Horrible design.
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Outsole refers to the outside and bottom of a shoe. This part helps determine the grip and lifespan of a shoe, both of which are particularly important for shoes designed for trails. The XR Mission's sole is made with their Contragrip high abrasion rubber. As its name implies, the rubber is highly resistant to abrasions and damage, which help improve the overall durability of the outsole. The outsole additionally has Contragrip lugs on the bottom. These lugs are designed to give better traction, especially on more difficult surfaces. Lastly, the outsole features special OS Tendon, thermoplastic urethane frames. These frames are designed to provide a better transition with every step, and also improve the responsiveness and energy return of the shoe. As a whole, the outsole contains many unique features that serve the shoe very well and is a strong component of the XR Mission.


The part between the outsole and the upper is the midsole, which is designed to facilitate energy return. As such, it is a very important part of any shoe. This midsole is composed of EVA foam, a very common choice. EVA is a common choice for midsoles as it is fairly lightweight, springy, and also retains its original shape well. Other than this standard EVA foam, the midsole does not offer much else, besides a protective toe box. This toe box is made of thermoplastic urethane and protects from common grievances that can occur on trails. The midsole is decent overall, but a bit underwhelming, in that it does not have any other features that could improve trail running experiences. That said a silver lining is that the midsole remains lightweight due to its simplistic design.



The piece that secures the foot from above, or upper, of the Salomon XR Mission, is fairly solid, boasting some useful and important features that help it protect the foot, while also staying breathable and flexible. The upper is composed of nylon, a somewhat popular choice for uppers, especially among Salomon shoes.

Nylon is fairly durable and flexible and does a good job preventing rocks and dirt from getting inside, making it a good choice. A mesh is included above this nylon as well, as an added layer of protection. The combination of mesh, with nylon underneath, also have the added feature of keeping water out, which might come in handy in more rainy areas. Finally, the tongue of the shoe features overlays in which laces can be tucked, to make loose laces less of a concern while running. Overall, the upper is fairly solid, offering good features that make the shoe supportive and protective.


The Salomon XR Mission weighs about 11.5 ounces. 11.5 ounces would be slightly on the higher end for regular trainers, which tend to hover around the 9 to 10 ounces. For a trail shoe, however, this is totally reasonable. Trail shoes tend to fall on the heavier side, as more support and protection is necessary for the terrain that trail running often entails. 11.5 ounces is definitely a reasonable weight, and shouldn’t be a major source of issues for the XR Mission.


Breathability is always an important factor in a shoe. Bad breathability can cause cramped or uncomfortable feet, and potentially even blisters, which no runner wants to deal with. The breathability of the XR Mission is fairly solid. Breathability is generally influenced almost exclusively by the upper. The upper in this case does a fairly good job, thanks to its nylon and mesh designs, allowing air to circulate in and out of the shoe.

Compared to a more traditional trainer, the XR Mission would probably fall a bit short on the breathability front, but again, this is to be expected of trail shoes. Trail shoes also need to prevent dirt and rocks from getting into shoes, and often a bit of circulation is traded off for this. All that said, the XR Mission offers solid breathability, particularly for a trail shoe.


Everyone understands just how important comfort is when deciding to buy any new shoes. It is very important to remember that shoes will be worn for many miles, so any discomfort should be addressed right away. As a whole, the Salomon XR Mission is a solidly comfortable shoe, though it is not without its issues. The upper as a whole is fairly comfortable thanks to it being lightweight and flexible. The outsole and midsole also contribute via the special TPU frames, which help improve stride smoothness.

The biggest source of complaints regarding comfort comes from the toe-box. The toe-box is designed to help protect the toes from impacts against things like rocks, and it definitely fulfills this purpose, but many users have complained that it has led to cramped toes and caused the shoe to fit a bit strangely. Overall, the XR Mission generally does a good job in the comfort department, but the toe-box is definitely something to look out for. As a whole though, the comfort is solid.


Salomon is a definitely a bit less known when compared to some of the more popular companies such as Adidas or Nike. Salomon shoes are also less frequently used for everyday use, mostly because of the fact that they are trail focused. The XR Mission still is a fairly stylish running shoe, however. It comes in a variety of bright colors in men and women designs, in combinations like Celedon/Papaya/Pop Green, or Papaya/Black/Igloo Blue. The XR Mission also features some small aesthetic differences between the men’s and women’s model. As a whole, though probably not suited to be worn every day, the Salomon XR Mission is a fairly stylish shoe.


Durability is definitely something to consider with any shoe. Bad durability leads to quickly worn shoes, which will need to be replaced. The Salomon XR Mission is luckily quite good in this department thanks to several aspects of the shoe. For instance, the outsole’s material plays a big part in the durability of this shoe.

The Contragrip rubber is very durable and resists abrasion well making the outsole last a long time. The midsole is also decently durable thanks to its use of EVA foam. EVA foam keeps its original shape quite well, even after repeated duress, making it a long-lasting choice for a midsole. Finally, the solid construction of the upper lends itself to the durability of the shoe as well, being resistant to tears and abrasions. As a whole, and as is to be expected of a good trail shoe, the Salomon XR Mission is a durable shoe.


For protection, the Salomon XR Mission is fairly solid. The upper is a big part of this. Its solid construction does a good job preventing dirt and debris from getting in the shoe, and also stabilizes the foot well to help prevent random twists or turns. The midsole also offers protection, mostly through the toe-box located at the front. The toe-box, as its name suggests, protects the toe from harsh impacts that can occur, which is very useful, as toe injuries can be particularly painful and disruptive. Overall, good protection is offered by the XR Mission, mainly via the upper, and components of the midsole.


Responsiveness generally tends to be determined by the midsole of a shoe, and this is true for the Salomon XR Mission as well. The midsole, in this case, is made up of EVA foam which is definitely known for being a springy and responsive material, which leads to solid responsiveness overall. The TPU frames at the bottom help with responsiveness as well, making each stride feel more smooth and connected. As a whole, the responsiveness of the XR Mission is not groundbreaking by any stretch, but it definitely is not bad and gets the job done.


The Salomon XR Mission is a decently well-supported shoe. One of the main components of this is the upper. The upper contributes once again through its very solid design. The construction of the upper is such that it keeps the foot very secure from above, while still doing a decent job allowing movement. Support also comes from the outsole once again, specifically the TPU frame at the bottom that helps stabilize during strides. This frame provides support with every step and is a big proponent of the overall support in the XR Mission. The XR Mission provides pretty good support overall.


The Salomon XR Mission is designed to perform on all sorts of terrains. Even on road surfaces like concrete or asphalt, the XR Mission is still very useable. In terms of off-road, trails are definitely the bread and butter of this shoe. They also function very well on grass or dirt, and even in rainy conditions so long as care is exercised. The XR Mission is definitely a well-rounded shoe when it comes to terrain.


price is another very important thing to think about when looking at any pair of running shoes. The XR Mission was definitely a bit pricey when it first came out, but the price has gone down since a newer model of the Mission was released. For a trail shoe, the XR Mission’s price is probably about average, not floating too high or low. Compared to a regular trainer, these will be a bit more expensive, but this is common for trail shoes.


Traction of the XR Mission is a fairly is a strong point of the shoe. The outsole is the main factor in this, thanks to its rubber lugs. Lugs are common for trail shoes, as they help traction on various surfaces, which is obviously useful for trail running, which can consist of all sorts of terrains and slopes. The Contragrip material also aids in this, as it is designed to improve grip from the outsole as well. Overall, the traction of the XR Mission is good, and should not be an issue for most runners.


The flexibility of the XR Mission is solid, but definitely not exceptional by any means. The upper being mainly a solid construction contributes to this. Though still decently flexible, non-mesh uppers tend to be less flexible than full mesh uppers, and this holds true in this case as well. That said, the upper, in tandem with the EVA foam midsole make for a still solidly flexible shoe overall. It is just worth noting that the XR Mission probably won’t be as flexible as a traditional trainer.


A shoes stability is a measure of how well it supports a runner’s stride. The XR Mission is pretty stable, mainly thanks to the upper, midsole, and outsole. Once again, the firm construction of the upper makes the shoe very stable from the top, as the upper holds the foot down well from above. The midsole and outsole contribute via their TPU frames, which are designed to stabilize every stride and make transitions more smooth overall. These factors together make the XR Mission a fairly stable shoe as a whole.


The Salomon XR Mission contains a drop of 10mm. 10 mm is a pretty standard drop and appears to be the proper size for a shoe of this type. The drop is basically to be expected and should probably not be an issue overall.
Key Features

Key Features

• Contragrip outsole
• TPU frames for stability
• EVA foam midsole
• Nylon/mesh upper
• Lugs for traction
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Overall despite being a bit on the older end, the Salomon XR Mission is a decent trail running shoe. It offers useful, trail specific, features in its midsole, upper, and outsole, while still remaining usable on other terrains. For anyone seeking a trail running trainer at a fairly average price, the XR Mission is definitely not a bad choice.