Salomon X Mission 3

The Salomon X Mission 3 is a neutral shoe meant to take on runs on pavement but it's also capable of handling runs on other surfaces and can easily handle adverse weather conditions. The shoe looks like an aggressive trail shoe but its marketing suggests that it's better used as an urban trail shoe.  The X Mission 3 offers great grip and excellent traction.  The shoe can easily go from running on pavement to hitting up the trails.  As long as you're not choosing to run on trails that are too technical, you should be just fine in the X Mission 3.  The X Mission 3 is a shoe well-suited to folks looking to easily go from road to trail.



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Pros & Cons
  • Excellent traction in wet or dry conditions
  • Snug and secure fit
  • Easy and efficient Quick Lace System
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Gender specific fit
  • Cons
    • Sizing issues (toe box too small)
    • For some, the midsole felt stiff and unresponsive
    • Key Features
      You'll find durable Contagrip rubber in The Salomon X Mission 3's outsole. This type of rubber material ensures that the shoe can grip many different surfaces without trouble. In addition, the material is scuff-proof so you won't mess up the floors in your house or at the Starbucks down the street. The outsole is capable of gripping surfaces whether they are wet or dry. The 3D grip technology provides ample traction underfoot. In addition, the shoe's lugs are quite prominent. Looking at the shoe from its side profile, the lugs look fierce and the X Mission 3 looks like a heavy-duty trail shoe.

      In reality, while these lugs do provide traction and shouldn't have trouble running on trails, the shoe is most definitely not meant for technical trails. Some runners even commented that they found the small lugs performed poorly on trails. The outsole's Wet Traction Contagrip ensures that traction doesn't suffer in wet or rainy conditions, which is a definite positive.
      In terms of the shoe's midsole, the Salomon X Mission 3 features injected EVA foam. The compressed foam runs the length of the shoe to provide a supportive and well-cushioned base for the wearer.

      There's enough cushioning in the midsole to provide support. Also, the midsole's EVA material provides additional impact protection for the wearer. This material also enhances the comfort of the shoe. The full-length EVA cushioning is also very durable and will hold up throughout many miles of training.

      Salomon X Mission 3's upper features the Sensifit system which helps to ensure that the wearer's foot is snugly wrapped inside the shoe. The 3D mesh upper helps the shoe to breathe and aids in promoting a dry environment for the runner's foot.

      Inside the shoe, you'll find Ortholite liner. The sock liner adds a bit of extra cushioning and support. There are also multiple synthetic overlays placed around the upper. These overlays ensure the foot is secure inside the shoe and eliminate unwanted movement. The shoe also features an asymmetrical Quick Lace System which allows for efficient and easy lacing. No need to fiddle with laces before going on a run. Some runners did comment that they found the toe box was much too snug for their liking.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 is pretty light but still offers a decent amount of padding. The men's version of the shoe weighs just over 10 oz. The women's version weighs in around 8.9 oz.

      Quite a few runners commented that the shoe felt too heavy for road running and too flimsy for running on the trails. The shoe is simply not hefty enough to handle technical trails but it's not lightweight enough to provide an enjoyable ride on pavement.
      The upper of the Salomon X Mission 3 is made of a unique 3D mesh material. This mesh helps the shoe to breathe. It's open enough to let air circulate but it also blocks debris and mud from entering inside the shoe. This means your brand new running socks should stay fairly clean. This feature makes the X Mission 3 perfectly suited for trail running. Inside the shoe, there's an Ortholite lining. This interior lining is anti-microbial and helps to keep bad smells at bay. In addition, this Ortholite material does a great job at wicking away moisture.

      Runners who tried the X Mission 3, were mostly happy with the shoe's breathability but some felt that the shoe could ventilate a little bit better, especially when running in warmer conditions.
      A large chunk of Salomon X Mission 3 reviewers felt that the shoe was quite comfortable.

      The comfort of the X Mission 3 is largely owed to the well-fitting Sensifit upper. This technology ensures the wearer's foot is tightly wrapped inside the shoe without cutting off circulation. Reviewers commented that they enjoyed the stability of the shoe and were happy that the shoe did not cause unwanted blistering.

      The midsole's cushioning material also adds to the overall comfort of the shoe. It provides a nice layer of padding and performs well for long or short runs.

      Quite a few runners did comment on the snug toe box and mentioned they would have preferred a roomier fit. Quite a number of runners recommended going up a half size because of this issue. Another selection of runners complained about the shoe feeling too clunky for non-trail runs.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 looks like a rugged trail shoe. Its looks are fairly deceiving. The shoe, marketed as an urban trail shoe, is not made for intense off-road running. Aside for its deceiving aesthetic, the shoe features a trendy design. The various color options for men and women are up to date and current. Most of the color variations include bright pops of color.
      The tough outsole of the Salomon X Mission 3 makes the shoe quite durable. The outsole is composed of Contragrip rubber that's concentrated in high-traffic areas of the shoe's sole. Runners found that the outsole looked nearly new even after a few runs.

      The shoe is well built and can handle high-mileage running no problem. Reviewers had no issues with the shoe and were able to get a lot of life out of it.

      Rest assured that the X Mission 3 should take most runners through their training season.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 is a shoe with various protective features. The shoe's cushioning material, found in the midsole, absorbs shock quite easily. In addition, the outsole of the X Mission 3 is tough enough to stand up to various conditions and ensure runners have enough traction to feel stable even in poor weather conditions. The shoe is also well-protected from debris that might be encountered off-road. The 3D mesh constructed upper keeps out rocks and small pebbles to keep feet free from injury.
      Runners won't have to contend with impact injuries sustained on the trails and won't need to deal with mud seeping into their shoe in the X Mission 3.

      The Salomon X Mission 3 is not the most responsive shoe. A large chunk of reviewers felt the shoe seemed a bit too rigid underfoot and was too heavy to feel fast when running on pavement. The X Mission 3 also has a pretty chunky outsole. It acts to ensure runners don't get injured when happening upon potentially harmful trail obstacles. Unfortunately, this means the shoe has poor ground-feel.

      Some runners were happy enough with the shoe's ground-feel, but this was not the majority. On a positive note, though, the shoe's cushioning provides energy return that feels consistently bouncy even towards the tail end of a run.
      The main way the Salomon X Mission 3 offers support is via its outsole. The shoe provides enough traction so that it can be carried easily from roads to trails. Runners will feel stable even when encountering uneven terrain. In addition, the midsole contains ample EVA foam that acts as a firm platform to support the wearer. In the area of the midfoot, the shoe offers adequate arch support. Runners were happy with the midfoot support provided and felt there was no discomfort from unwanted pressure points.
      The sole of the Salomon X Mission 3 is grippy enough to provide ample traction on different kinds of running surfaces. The shoe can go off-road without a problem and return to the pavement without a hitch. Even when the weather is rainy, the shoe grips quite well. The X Mission 3 is best reserved for hard packed, non-technical trails since its lugs are not aggressive enough to grip technical terrain.

      The shoe can easily transition from road to trail (non-technical) so it's well suited for weekend warrior trail runners. You won't be scaling mountains in this shoe but it's tough enough to work as a weekend hiking shoe.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 sits at a midrange price point. It's a little over $100 and because it's so versatile it's definitely worth the price. You can take this shoe for runs around the neighborhood and on the weekend you can hit the trails for a bit of adventure. The shoe's grippy sole provides enough traction for most running surfaces and is capable of dealing with not so wonderful weather. The X Mission 3 can work as a long-distance trainer but can also be used for quick 5K training runs. We'd recommend the X Mission 3 to heavier runners looking for a versatile shoe or runners looking for more protection underfoot.
      The Salomon X Mission 3's outsole comes equipped with tough Contagrip rubber. The sole of the shoe is quite grippy and reviewers found the shoe did an impressive job when it came to gripping various surfaces.

      The X Mission 3 will have no trouble with rainy weather and does just as good a job of gripping dry surfaces. You can take this hybrid shoe out for runs around town but it can easily transition to non-technical trails. Underfoot, the shoe's lugs help provide a good amount of grip.

      Some runners did comment that the traction wasn't that great on more technical trails. Unfortunately, the X Mission 3 is not meant to tackle tougher trails. Its looks are very deceiving, though. It looks like an aggressive trail runner and it's possible that some purchasers might be fooled by its aesthetic.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 offers some flexibility. The shoe has a Sensiflex feature that allows for foot swelling and ensures an efficient toe-off. In the X Mission 3's outsole, there are grooves to enhance flexibility as well. Despite these features, many runners commented that the shoe was rigid underfoot and felt inflexible throughout their runs.
      As a neutral shoe billed for urban trail running, the Salomon X Mission 3 still delivers in terms of stability. Stability is especially important when running on uneven terrain. The shoe will work best for runners with a neutral gait. Neutral runners running in the X Mission 3 will find it's comfortable in a variety of conditions and that they're well supported. There's also enough arch support in the midfoot of the shoe but it doesn't put unwanted pressure on the bottom of the foot.

      Despite being a neutral trainer, the shoe provides enough stability to keep runners upright. The grippy outsole ensures runners don't slip and fall, even when the ground is wet. The cushioned midsole acts to support the wearer, and the Sensifit upper locks the wearer's foot inside the shoe so a sloppy fit is avoided.
      The Salomon X Mission 3 features a 10mm drop. This heel-to-toe drop is one that's seen in many running shoes. The shoe also features a slanted heel construction. This kind of drop should work for most runners. The average drop for running shoes is about 12mm, though the average has been shifting over the years. The Salomon X Mission 3 should suit a variety of footstrikes.

      Key Features
    • Sensifit system provides a snug and secure fit

    • Sensiflex system allows for foot swlling and ensures an efficient toe-off

    • Quick Lace system allows for quick and efficient lacing. Similar to triathlon laces, one quick tug ightens the shoes. Shoes are easy to slip on and off thanks to this feature

    • Contagrip rubber provides excellent traction and produces no scuff marks

    • High Abrasion Contragrip rubber provides durability

    • 3D Grip outsole

    • Ortholite lining is anti-bacterial and breathable

    • Injected EVA midsole

    • 3D mesh upper ensures ventilation and keeps out debris

    • Tongue Cover helps to protect runners from debris

    • TPU Toe Cap protects front of foot

    • Asymmetrical Heel

    • Bottom Line
      The Salomon X Mission 3 is a decent urban trail shoe. While it provides good cushioning and adequate support underfoot, there are definitely quite a few issues encountered by a majority of reviewers. The X Mission 3 looks aggressive enough to tackle any terrain, but it's clear that it does a subpar job both on the pavement and off-road. Runners commented that the shoe felt much too heavy for road running and that it was not tough enough for most trails conditions. The X Mission 3 certainly has potential. With a few updates, the shoe could prove to be a versatile daily trainer. For now, we'd recommend the hybrid trainer for heavier runners or persons new to running.
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      By Steph Coelho
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