Skechers GOrun Ultra

The Skechers GOrun Ultra is a highly cushioned shoe designed for light trail use. Unfortunately, the shoe is not an obvious trail shoe and road runners tend to put too many road miles on the shoe which results in rapid tread wear. The cushioned feel also begins to fade as the miles add up. Because the outsole does wear quickly when used on roads, long-distance runners will probably want to pass on this shoe. The shoe does have some good features and may appeal to casual trail runners or anyone looking for a comfortable shoe with good traction. A low price tag also makes the shoe appealing.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
Highly padded and comfortable when new
Lugged outsole provides excellent traction
Stable shoe with full ground contact
Very affordable
Excellent arch support
Some reflective accents
Wide and roomy toe box
Tread wears quickly when used on roads
Cushioning breaks down as miles increase
Not highly breathable
Key Features
The Resagrip outsole of this shoe is comprised of a combination of materials that give this very shoe its exceptional grip. GOimpulse Sensors, which are the raised lugs, cover the bottom of the shoe and offer additional traction on loose ground and uneven surfaces. Resagrip is a rather soft EVA foam that works well to propel this shoe, but wears down quickly on hard and rough surfaces. The full-ground contact configuration of the outsole means the lugs take the brunt of the impact. The shape of the lugs makes them act like foam pillars which help with the cushioning of the shoe, but also means they wear quickly. Many runners reported excessive wear on the ball of the foot area with less than 200 miles on the shoe.
The full-length midsole is constructed on a signature Skechers M-Strike platform which is designed to encourage a midfoot landing. The heel of the shoe curves upward which pushes the foot slightly forward. A midfoot strike is more efficient than a heel strike and also distributes the shock of landing more evenly along the bottom of the foot. At fast speeds, the shoe has a rockered feel. At slower speeds, the upward curve of the heel creates a more sluggish feel. A thick layer of Resalyte EVA foam is injected into the platform and gives the shoe its maximum cushioning and responsiveness. Unfortunately, the Resalyte foam does not retain its resiliency for very long and the bouncy feeling becomes less and less as the mileage adds up.
The upper of this shoe which is seamless is made of a mesh fabric and multiple thin synthetic leather overlays. A standard open mesh covers the top of this particular shoe. On the sides, the mesh material has a 4-way stretch ability that wraps around the foot and holds it snugly in the shoe. This stretch allows the upper to flex with the foot which is a plus for runners with wider feet. The material is very durable and adds strength to the shoe. Unfortunately, this mesh material is not highly breathable compared to other shoes. A wide toe box helps some with this issue as it allows more air to circulate around the toes. This is another bonus for wide feet. The overlays on the upper provide additional structure. They are both stitched and fused to the shoe. The stitching adds strength and structure, but also some weight. The front of the tongue is unpadded and works with the stretchy side panels to provide a secure fit. A heel collar and padding around the ankle complete the tight fit.

An Ortholite sockliner offers antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties for the foot. This sockliner is fairly substantial and if removed, lowers the drop of the shoe. Removing the insole also creates some gaps around the ankle. There were some complaints about the tongue bunching up when no insole of any kind is used. The shoe fits best when the supplied Ortholite sockliner is used.
Weighing in at 8.7 oz for a men’s size 9, the weight of this shoe is fairly low for such a cushioned shoe. The materials in the padded sole and outsole play a big part in the comfort of the shoe, but also but also keep it from becoming heavy. Unlike road shoes, trail shoes can only be so light before their stability and traction are compromised.
The upper of this shoe uses two types of mesh material. The top of this amazing shoe is comprised of a standard air mesh that allows some airflow in and out of the shoe. The sides of this striking shoes are made from a 4-way spandex-like material which has good stretch in all directions. This material is denser and not as breathable as the top. Synthetic leather overlays cover a small section of this shoe, henceforth further reduces the ventilation. Many runners said their feet got hot on hot runs, but were actually quite comfortable on colder runs.
One thing this shoe has going for is comfort. When first taken out of the box, runners remarked at the plush feel and glove-like fit. One runner called it the most comfortable trail shoe ever. The thick Resalyte EVA foam in the midsole provides a very soft landing. The lugs on the outsole, due to their design and construction, act more like tiny shock absorbers than traction lugs and also add to the overall comfort. With the Ortholite sockliner installed, the shoe wraps around the foot for a secure, but not overly tight fit. A wide toe box allows the toes to splay which helps with ventilation and comfort. Padding at the top of the tongue helps distribute the pressure of the laces across the top of the foot. Unfortunately, the comfort of this shoe is short lived. The more the shoe is worn, the less cushioned feel. Wearing of the lugs also gives the shoe an unbalanced feel.
The thick midsole makes this shoe look bulky and awkward and not a shoe that would be good on trails. Surprisingly, the shoe is very good on light trails. The color choices and design of the shoe might explain why many people think this is a road shoe. It does not have a typical, rugged trail look, and could easily pass as a road or everyday walking shoe. The woman’s model can be purchased in hot pink with lime accents and the men’s version comes in a reddish-orange and gray colors. A few reflective accents can be found on the front and rear of the shoe.

Skechers does make a road version of this shoe which can be identified by the R in the name (GORun Ultra R). This shoe has a different upper and outsole configuration and is designed to take on hard pavement miles.
When used strictly as a light trail shoe, this shoe has adequate durability. The outsole lugs do not wear when used on soft surfaces and loose terrain. The midsole cushioning also seems to hold up well when pavement pounding is kept to a minimum. The upper and overlays are thin and flexible, but made from quality materials. This would make a good road-to-trail shoe where the majority of the miles are on the trail.
The breadth of its rockered padded sole shields the runner's foot from sharp shakes and othertrail hazards. In spite of the fact that the work upper of the shoe is somewhat thin, the thick toe overlay gives adequate assurance to this shoe's front. There is no stone protection or other standard trail highlights so the shoe will perform best on mellow trails, soils streets, and grass. For exceptionally specialized trails, Skechers makes a line of more rough shoes.
This shoe has great responsiveness when new. The thick cushioning found in the softer Resalyte midsole and more rigid Resagrip outsole provides a very springy ride. The evenly spaced outsole lugs create a smooth and natural feel while running. As higher speeds, the shoe has a rocked feel which drives the runner forward without losing any responsiveness. This results in an extremely smooth stride from the point of landing through the push-off.
This is a decently nonpartisan trail shoe. The thick padded sole is the fundamental emotionally supportive network which keeps the stable of the foot on uneven terrain. The padded sole cushioning enables the foot to submerge into the shoe instead of riding on top of the padded sole. Despite the fact that the shoe sits somewhat above the ground, its rockered profile considers an effective and exceptionally smooth ride. The elastic upper additionally embraces the foot to keep it focused and secure inside the shoe.
The GORun Ultra is placed as a trail shoe designed for easy to medium trails. On the pavement and asphalt, this shoe is comfortable and has good traction, but the outsole lugs will wear down quickly. The shoe works well on most soft surfaces and also does well in snow, mud, and slippery surfaces. This shoe is not waterproof, but the upper does a fairly good job of repelling water. This shoe is also a favorite with people who have to stand on hard ground for many hours. The cushioning helps with knee, foot, and hip problems.
This shoe has an affordable price tag which may appeal to many runners despite the durability issues. The original cost was $80. Because the GORun Ultra 2 is out, bargain shoppers can find this original version for around $50.
The lugs on the outsole of this shoe are made from soft rubber. They provide good grip on most surfaces, but lack durability. Trail runners described the shoe as having very good traction on soft dirt, packed trails, grass, and dirt roads. The lugs have a triangular shape which makes traction good in any direction. Steep hills and sudden stops and starts were no problem for this shoe. They also handled mud and slippery surfaces well.
The shoe is fairly flexible. Horizontal grooves in the outsole between the lugs help the shoe bend with every step. Although the midsole cushioning is thick, it is very soft and does not interfere with the runner’s gait. A shoe that is overly flexible is not ideal for trail running as some additional stiffness is required to keep the foot secure in the shoe.
The GORun Ultra is a stable shoe at fast speeds. Heel stability is not the best due to the upward curve at the back of the shoe. This M-Strike platform design encourages a midstrike landing. For some runners, this may feel unnatural at first. Heel strikers and slower runners may feel like the shoe is holding them back. When used on trails, this backwards tilt is usually not an issue as the foot is mostly in a forefoot or midfoot position. The heel-to-toe transition of the shoe is smooth thanks to the traction lugs that help carry the runner forward. Runners said the arch support is good and the Ortholite sockliner helps fill any gaps in the shoe.
This shoe has an 8mm heel to the toe drop. Runners seeking a lower drop can remove the sockliner which will result in a 4mm drop shoe. Shoes with a low drop are liked by many athletes because it assists with softer landings and well-improved form. The shoe will not fit quite as well with the sockliner removed so runners may need to experiment with thicker socks or lacing the shoe differently to get a tight fit.
Key Features
  • Heavily lugged Resagrip outsole

  • GOImpulse traction technology

  • Cushioned Resalyte midsole

  • M-Strike platform

  • No-sew upper construction of mesh

  • Comfortable 4-way stretch side panels

  • Reflective highlights

  • 8mm drop of the heel to the toe
Bottom Line
Runners looking for a well-cushioned light trail shoe will find the GORun Ultra a solid choice. Although the shoe lacks durability on paved roads, it performs fairly well on softer surfaces. A lugged outsole provides plenty of traction and a flexible and stretchy upper can accommodate wider feet. Midfoot and forefoot strikers will appreciate the Skechers M-Strike technology which shifts the foot slightly forward. This shoe feels best at faster speeds and is great for short trail races or just training runs. A low price tag makes this shoe desirable despite its limited durability.
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