Skechers GORun Ride 7

The Skechers GORun Ride 7 is a versatile, breathable, and comfortable training shoe that has generated a startling number of 5-star reviews. It achieves a perfect balance between firm and soft, making it a good choice for training runs of any length. Notable technologies include the high-traction outsole that is grippy and durable even on wet surfaces, the midsole’s FLIGHT GEN cushioning that gives you maximum impact protection plus extra responsiveness, and the two-toned GOknit upper. The shoe is very inexpensive, but this may actually be to Skechers’ detriment, as the Ride 7 looks like a cheap shoe. The style is sloppy and not very impressive. Another drawback is that the upper is too thick to be truly breathable during the summer. But if you’re not too concerned about looks or breathability, the GORun Ride 7 hit a home run in every other category. Let’s dive a little deeper into the features of this shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very stable 
  • Outsole has high-traction rubber
  • FLIGHT GEN midsole 
  • Reflective details 
  • Inexpensive
  • Drop size and rockered shape
  • Cons
    • Shoe looks cheap
    • The upper is too thick
    • Outsole is not very durable
    • Key Features
      The Ride 7 has an outsole that is absolutely excellent in every area. It has a high-traction outsole that not only adds extra traction but also durability with the strips of rubber that are placed in strategic areas (although the sensor pods tend to wear down a little too quickly). The outsole pattern is called a parametric web. The outsole also has a midfoot strike zone technology to keep your strides smooth; this technology is located on the lateral edge of the outsole. With the outsole of the Ride 7, you will feel safe running on almost any surface in any kind of weather condition—and you’ll be able to run for a long time.
      In the midsole of the GORun Ride 7, you will find FLIGHT GEN cushioning. Multiple reviewers have called this technology the best midsole of any running company out there right now. The FLIGHT GEN is a very lightweight material designed for two things: first, to give you maximum impact protection, and second, to add responsiveness. The midfoot strike zone technology (found on the edge of the outsole, but technically in the midsole section) is specifically designed to let you strike more efficiently by using the midfoot. This means you will have a quicker stride. The FLIGHT GEN cushioning is comfortable, but it is lightweight enough that it is still quite responsive. The removable insert can give you either stability or responsiveness, depending on which you need.
      The GOknit upper is a different upper from what most running shoes are using these days. It is a two-toned knit and is well-made; it’s very breathable and comfortable—the knit material is practically seamless, leaving no chance for painful rubbing or irritation against your foot. The upper also has a Gussetted tongue; this is an important factor in adding stability and making the fit of the shoe feet secure. The tongue has a minimalist design and is actually sewn into the upper to hold it in place. The Ride 7 has a flat lacing system that runs through a single overlay. For a quick slip-on, a pull tab has been added. The upper is very stretchy, so if you have a wider foot and are worried about the upper perhaps not fitting well, it will stretch to accommodate your foot. The upper also features reflective details to help add protection and safety when running in low-light conditions. The only issue with the upper is that if you are running in hot conditions, it may feel too warm, and you might wish the knit material was a little thinner. The Ride 7’s breathability doesn’t extend to hot weather.

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      The Skechers GORun Ride 7 (men’s) weighs 10.1 oz (9.5 with the insert removed). The women’s shoe weighs 7.3 oz. Although the FLIGHT GEN cushioning provides extra padding, it is still lightweight; located in the midsole, it is 30% lighter than the foam used on Skecher’s last Ride shoe. The fact that this technology is so lightweight is very helpful: it allowed Skechers to add more stack height to the midsole, which means you will get less pounding on the pavement and more soft landings. Many Skechers shoes are a bit on the heavier side, so the Ride 7 makes for a nice change—and even though it is so light, it still feels substantial and solid.
      In most conditions, the stretchy GOknit upper will allow for good breathability. In hot weather, however, it has been reported by previous reviewers that the upper is too thick to give good breathability—so the GORun Ride 7 might not be the best choice for your summer shoe. Stick with the Ride 7 for cool-weather runs only if you’re worried about your foot overheating.
      The FLIGHT GEN cushioning in the midsole provides a lot of extra cushioning and comfort. The knit upper is also very comfortable—it is practically seamless, so it will not rub and cause pain. The only way the Ride 7 might be uncomfortable is if you are running during warm weather; the upper has been known to be unpleasantly hot because of its thickness.
      The style aspect of the Skechers GORun Ride 7 is perhaps the only category in which Skechers failed with this shoe. Overall, the shoe looks cheap and almost shoddy; the material just appears low-grade. Specifically, the overlays look cheap and take away from the aesthetic. Color options for the women’s shoe are black, pink, gray, turquoise, and a final option that combines navy with plum. The men’s shoe is offered in black, red, white, navy, and gray with blue accents. Despite all the other great features of the shoe, Skechers just didn’t succeed in the style department.
      This shoe is very durable: the rubber outsole is strong and long-lasting, the upper is as tough as it is stretchy and flexible, and the overall structure of the shoe lends itself to durability as well. The Ride 7 will work for long runs without any problems because it is so durable. The only part of the shoe that has been reported to have minor durability issues is the outsole—the high-rubber outsole may not last as long as Skechers would like to think it does. The sensor pods on the outsole wear down fairly soon. Reviewers have said that they would feel perfectly comfortable wearing this shoe for a marathon—however, it may not last too long.
      Thanks to the FLIGHT GEN cushioning in the midsole, the protection of this shoe is top-rate. The cushioning material protects your foot from impact. Another important component of the shoe when it comes to protection are the reflective details that make you visible in low-light conditions. These details are an important safety measure so that you can run at any time of the day and feel protected.
      All testers of the Ride 7 have agreed that the FLIGHT GEN cushioning is amazingly responsive. The only thing that takes away from the overall responsiveness of the shoe is the thick sock liner in the midsole area; it is so soft and dense that it makes the heel transition difficult and leaves your stride feeling very lethargic. The liner is slow to react. But the insole is removable, so if you take it out—leaving you closer to the ground—the shoe will be far more responsive. Previous reviewers have reported that removing the insole changed the Ride 7 into a completely different shoe—one that was far more fast, springy, and fluid.
      The GORun Ride 7 has a rockered shape that molds to the natural shape of your foot. This design—reminiscent of that of the Hoka Clifton—supports you and gives you a smooth transition. The flat lacing system adds support too; it runs through a single overlay to hold your foot down.
      The GORun Ride 7 is good for road runs of any length, but it is probably in your best interest to keep it only on the road. Yes, the traction is excellent—the rubber on the outsole is designed to be very “grippy” on the road, but this rubber is on the smoother side, so keep the Ride 7 off the trails. One thing you don’t have to worry about, however, is running conditions—the outsole is especially grippy on wet surfaces because of its strips of rubber.
      Many purchasers have complained about the price of the Ride 7, but upon comparing the Ride 7’s price to the price of comparable shoes, the Ride 7 is actually half the price of similar shoes. So these complaints appear to be ungrounded. While the athletic properties of the shoe are very good (it is an excellent choice for any length run and shouldn’t give you any problems), the style component is lacking, and it appears that in the style category you are getting what you paid for.
      This shoe is recommended for tempo runs, Fartleks, progressions, and more. Because it is so lightweight, it also works for recovery days when you need a long easy run. The traction of the Ride 7 is very good; the high-traction outsole is grippy and durable. The only problem with the traction is that the outsole is not quite as durable as it could be—the sensor pods wore down after several miles. However, the Ride 7 has been reported to last for more miles than the Ride 6. Considering the price of the shoe is so low, the traction is still worth it.
      The GORun Ride 7 is a fairly flexible shoe. The fact that it is lightweight helps; so does the responsive FLIGHT GEN cushioning in the midsole. Taking out the removable sock liner adds more responsiveness and flexibility; when the liner is removed, a springier shoe is created.
      The Gussetted tongue adds quite a bit of stability; it promotes a secure fit all around your foot. The insert is another great addition for more stability. The GORun Ride 7 has a cushioned footbed, plus another insert added on top of the built-in footbed. If you remove the insole, you will get more responsiveness—and if you leave it in, you will feel more stable and firmly in place. Midsole sidewalls located near the rear end of the shoe also help keep your foot stabilized. Overall, the GORun Ride 7 lacks nothing in the area of stability.
      Because the heel height of the Skechers GORun Ride 7 is 30 mm and the forefoot height is 24 mm, the heel to toe drop is 6 mm. Combined with the other features of the shoe, this drop size provides a very smooth ride.
      Key features
      • High-traction rubber outsole is very grippy
      • FLIGHT GEN cushioning is responsive, protective, and comfortable
      • GOknit upper is very comfortable
      • Gussetted tongue adds stability and security
      • Removable sock liner creates a two in one: stable with it in, responsive with it out
      Bottom line
      The GORun Ride 7 is very versatile. The removable sock liner means that it is actually two shoes in one: you can tailor the shoe to your needs by leaving the liner in to create a more stable shoe or take it out for a better ground feel. The outsole is grippy and durable, and the FLIGHT GEN cushioning in the midsole helps protect your foot, adds comfort, and is responsive. Although the upper isn’t breathable in hot weather, the fact that it is seamless means it is very comfortable; and even though Skechers apparently did not put much thought into the style of this shoe, the Ride 7 feels perfect on your foot when you run. It would be a great addition to the closet of any runner.
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