Skechers GoRUN Forza 2

What comes to mind when you think of Skechers? If you’re a runner, there’s a good chance that for a long time you associated Skechers with their ill-fated Shape-Up line of shoes. Today, Skechers is gaining traction with its lineup of performance footwear by sponsoring high profile athletes like Kara Goucher. In fact, the GoRUN Forza 2 is Goucher’s official shoe. The performance trainer is an excellent choice for long-distance training and racing and provides users with a mild amount of stability for counteracting pronation. The appeal of Skechers brand shoes like the Forza doesn’t just lie in the company’s pro-athlete focused marketing. The shoes are affordable and incredibly comfortable. A few small tweaks have improved the GoRun Forza without messing too much with this well-liked model.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Great reflective detailing
  • Well-cushioned
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
    • A little heavier 
    • Aesthetically clunky
    • Key Features
      The Forza’s outsole hasn’t changed since the original model. It’s the same high abrasion rubber as before. A circular tread pattern provides traction. Overall, reviewers found the GoRun Forza 2 to be very grippy. Users also pointed out that they found the outsole surprisingly resistant, too. Reviewers also liked the wide profile of the outsole.
      The Forza 2 features a new midsole construction with improved cushioning. Skechers has replaced the Resalyte midsole with a lighter 5GEN cushioning material. It’s a lot more durable than before, and the lighter material helps shave off a bit of weight. The shoe also features a medial post for pronation control and an M-Strike design. The midfoot strike technology includes a slightly rocker-shaped midfoot design to encourage a forward footstrike.

      Reviewers liked the generously cushioned midsole and found the cushioning to be very responsive. Some reviewers also pointed out that the midsole felt softer than in the original. The mild stability provided by the medial post seemed to work well according to reviewers. Reviewers felt that the cushioning was much better at absorbing impact than in the original model and thought that it made the Forza 2 perfect for long distance training and racing. Because of the fairly chunky midsole, reviewers were surprised to find that the GoRUN looked heavier than it felt.
      Concerning the upper design, the GoRUN Forza features an entirely new construction. The mesh has been replaced with a new sublimated air mesh for superior breathability. Despite the fact that the air mesh is thinner than before, the material is much more durable. Overall, the Forza 2 provides improved durability without sacrificing flexibility.

      The shoe also features reflective detailing and a very supportive heel counter. The upper feels lightweight like the midsole and is incredibly breathable. Reviewers found the shoe to have a roomy toe box and to fit true to size. Overall, most reviewers found the fit was much improved over the original. They also liked the firm heel counter’s supportive design. A few users did point out that they had issues with breathability and overheating when using the Forza for speedwork, but they were in the minority.

      Because of the cushioning material swap, the Forza 2 is lighter than its predecessor. The 5GEN cushioning is a lot lighter than Skechers previously used Resalyte midsole. Reviewers, however, did find that while the shoe felt lighter, they also thought that a little bit more weight could still be shaved off. Users also noted that the shoe looks a lot clunkier than it actually is. Aesthetically it’s a bit chunky due to its thick midsole design. This look didn’t appeal to everyone. Overall, though, considering the Forza includes a medial post for pronation control, the shoe is quite lightweight. For women, the shoe weighs in at 8 ounces, and for men, the weight is about 10.6 ounces. It’s really the one drawback that was repeatedly mentioned by reviewers. The shoe could be a little lighter, considering it’s a performance-oriented shoe. For longer efforts, though, the weight is just right. The shoe contains enough cushioning for protection over long-distances while remaining light enough for an effortless ride feel.
      The lighter design helps with breathability, and so does the revised upper construction. The thinner yet incredibly durable sublimated air mesh provides excellent breathability. The roomy design also helps with air circulation, and the true to size fit ensures most wearers don’t feel too cramped inside their regular size. A few users reported having issues with overheating when using the shoe for speedwork but otherwise were happy with the upper’s performance.
      The well-cushioned mild stability shoe features new midsole cushioning. The Forza’s 5GEN midsole is lighter than before and is incredibly comfortable and responsive. Reviewers loved the feel of the midsole and appreciated its shock absorbing properties. Users also enjoyed the roomy true to size fit of the Forza 2 and liked that the shoe felt flexible yet supportive. Some reviewers did think that the Skechers shoe was a bit clunky for a performance shoe but for marathon training or racing, it’s a wonderful choice. The majority of reviewers found that the Forza 2 offered a better fit than the original version of the shoe.
      Skechers has no trouble creating aesthetically pleasing shoes, whether it’s for running or walking. The Forza’s are no exception. They’re not just attractive because they’re Kara Goucher’s official shoe, they are sleek and feature fun brightly colored styles. A lot of reflective detailing adds interest and function. A few reviewers found the Forza a bit clunky looking but noted that they didn’t feel heavy when running. The design differs very little from the original shoe. Skechers has opted to stick with a similar look that’s well-liked by reviewers.
      The Skechers Forza gets a durability upgrade with this second edition. The outsole, just as good as before, stays the same. Its high abrasion rubber does all the work to prevent tearing and peeling. The new 5GEN midsole replaces the Resalyte material of the original. It’s both lighter and more durable than before. The upper material, a sublimated air mesh instead of plain old mesh, is lighter but stronger than before. Overall, reviewers were impressed with how durable this performance stability shoe was.
      Despite being slightly lighter than the original Forza, the two is more durable. The outsole is made of the same high abrasion rubber as before and offers excellent protection against slippery surfaces. The midsole’s new 5GEN material is lighter but more resistant than in the original Forza. It also provides better impact protection, according to reviewers. The new air mesh upper offers better breathability and protection against overheating, though some runners performing speedier workouts had issues with the interior heating up. The Skechers trainer also features a medial post for protection against mild pronation issues.
      Compared to the original Skechers model, the Forza 2 features a much more responsive midsole. The 5GEN cushioning is lighter and bouncier than the Resalyte midsole of the original Forza. According to reviewers, the 5GEN cushioning feels much more responsive to increases in speed, as well. It’s not the lightest speed-oriented shoe available but still feels snappy underfoot, according to reviewers. However, some reviewers pointed out that the cushioning felt softer than before, which for some translated to a less energetic ride feel.
      The wide base of the Forza 2 provides a supportive platform for runners. The firm heel counter, too, adds another support element to the shoe’s structural design. Overall, reviewers felt the Forza was incredibly supportive. Despite its clunky look, however, the shoe feels incredibly light without sacrificing support.
      Keep these for road running. Whether you’re training for a full or half marathon, the Forza is meant to be used on even, flat surfaces. Pavement or sidewalks are the best matches for this shoe. The shoe will likely perform well on packed trails but avoid areas with a lot of obstacles or debris since there’s no toe cap or rock plate present in the Forza 2.
      Like all of Skechers offerings, the Forza 2 is an incredibly affordable trainer. The mild stability sneaker has everything you’d want in a long distance trainer. It’s well-cushioned, with a resilient midsole material, and offers a true to size fit with a stylish design.
      The outsole keeps the same high abrasion rubber construction with circular lugs for traction. Reviewers agreed that the Forza provided excellent grip and had no serious issues with traction on varied surfaces. The wide outsole design also helps to provide added stability.
      The flexible design of the original Forza returns to the second edition. Even with a more durable upper, the shoe doesn’t sacrifice flexibility. The upper provides a good amount of stretch. While the midsole isn’t necessarily ultra-flexible, the rocker-like design of the shoe makes up for this by encouraging a forward roll movement. The result is a ride that feels flexible and natural.
      The Forza 2 is a mild stability shoe. This shoe has a medial post for pronation control, but it’s not for aggressive overpronators. Even with a midfoot post, the Forza remains surprisingly lightweight. Other areas that offer up stability are the wide outsole design. Flaring out, the sole provides a stable platform for runners. The heel counter is rigid and incredibly stable. Reviewers also mentioned that the fit of the Forza 2 was much better, and thus more stable and supportive than the original Skechers brand shoe.
      The 8mm drop on the Forza 2 is the same as the original. Paired with the M-Strike rocker design of the midsole, the shoe promotes a more natural foot strike pattern.
      Key Features
      - High abrasion rubber outsole provides traction and durability
      - Circular tread pattern for traction
      - NEW 5GEN cushioning is lighter and more durable than before
      - M-Strike rock-like midsole design
      - NEW sublimated air mesh upper is more breathable, durable, and lighter than before
      - Reflective upper detailing
      - Supportive heel counter
      Bottom Line
      The GoRUN Forza 2 is a solid update in the Skechers performance lineup. The official running shoe of elite marathoner Kara Goucher, the GoRUN is a top choice for comfort-seekers requiring mild pronation control. The Forza doesn’t just offer runners a trendily designed shoe. It’s well-cushioned, supportive, true to size, and incredibly breathable. The inclusion of new elements such as the midsole’s 5GEN cushioning and air mesh upper significantly improve durability and shave off a few ounces for an even lighter weight. Overall, the Forza is a great choice for long distance runners who want a good-quality shoe for training and racing. One that won’t disintegrate during training and one that offers a decent impact protection. It’s clear with the Forza 2 that lightweight doesn’t have to be flimsy and bare bones.
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