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When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy New Running Shoes?

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The best times of year to buy new running shoes is in April, November, and January. When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy New Running Shoes? www.runnerclick.com

We already know that it’s not a smart idea to literally run our running shoes into the ground. We hardly need a reason or excuse to go off and buy another pair. But since running sneakers could cost a pretty penny, the more affordable way to cater to our running habit is to know exactly when is the best time to buy new running shoes.

And we aren’t talking when they have holes in them or are causing ankle or foot pain.

There are certain times of the year where favorite brands offer big discounts that make it worth stocking up on a pair or two. Buying running shoes on sale is a great way to make sure a new pair is on hand when a favorite pair is getting close to being on its last leg. Plus, it’s a good idea to have a pair or a few on rotation all the time. This increases its shelf life so consumers get more bang for their buck. This is a great way to just use that stability or more cushioned shoe running going for a long run, trail sneakers when running off the road, and lightweight options when sprinting.

Many start up their running habit again in the spring once the dead of the winter is over, but is it best to get those shoes during the holidays or wait until summer sales?

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The Best Time Of Year To Buy New Running Shoes

The best time of year to buy that new pair is actually in the spring, specifically in April.

Consumers start to get ready for the spring and summer seasons apparel wise around April and May, which is also a time where many stores offer sales on athletic shoes.

Yes, many people are dusting off their running sneakers or looking to get their first real pair. But this is the best time of year to buy because stores are on a mission to get rid of winter gear to make room for new spring options. This means those darker color sneakers like the ones in dark blue or black might go on sale while the neon and pastel colors enter the storefront.

An online shopping expert also found in 2017 that sales on running shoes started as early as March. This was because of early warm weather that also included sales on winter gear like thermals and performance outerwear.

Nike also followed suit in the March sales. This year, three of its best-selling running shoes of 2018 where on major sale online. With new running shoes debuted around this time of year, it makes sense that older versions of the same shoe get a price cut.

Runner Up: Shop In November

The runner up time of year to buy new running shoes is in November. In stores, winter boots give sneakers the boot. This means some options might go up for sale. Then there are sales thanks to Black Friday and online sales that offer Cyber Monday savings. Many stores offer holiday promotions as well.

Another good time to go running shoe shopping is in January. This is because of remaking holiday sales, combined with gift cards often given during this time of year. Since January brings with it the New Year, and weight loss is the number one resolution there is a good chance athletic stores run promotions on gear.

Other Running Shoe Buying Tips

Some believe that there really is no “best” time of year for running shoes. Instead, consumers should look out for when their favorite brand releases a new shoe. This means the older model goes on sale.

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A good tip is to check outlet stores like Nike and Adidas for even more savings throughout the year. But shopping at a local running store is also smart. Some offer discounts for members by proving an email or signing up for a VIP program. There are even in-store sales for local running groups or tailored around specific events.

It’s smart to go shopping in the morning when stores open, one to beat crowds and to also get good inventory. This is especially true for when shopping at outlets.

But when it comes to actually trying on shoes in the store, it’s best to do so in the afternoon. This is because feet do swell a little from walking and standing. This assures a better fit.

It’s absolutely important to get fitted properly for running shoes. Most runners might need to size up in their running shoes for the best fit. Runner store experts can determine if the runner needs a neutral or stability shoe, and which are the best for that runner.

Runners should get a new pair of running shoes between 300 and 500 miles.

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