Adidas Solar Glide ST

There are many different kinds of running shoes to choose from out there and you have to be sure you are choosing a sneaker that is right for your needs. The Adidas Solar Glide ST is engineered to be a stability running shoe which means it is designed to help keep your feet supported throughout long runs. This sneaker has many features to help your each and every step be a stable and supported one with its Solar Propulsion rails aimed at keeping your foot in place (especially if your pronate), its molded plastic heel counter to keep your heel in place, its Boost foam midsole to provide response with each step, and its Continental rubber outsole. This sneaker is made for stability. Along with all of these excellent features, the Adidas Solar Glide ST is a sleek looking and aesthetically pleasing option.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Stability rails do a great job stabilizing your foot
  • Arch support in the midsole
  • Molded plastic heel counter keeps heel in place
  • Boost foam is shock-absorbent and responsive
  • Sturdy engineered mesh upper keeps feet supported
  • Cons
    • Some say they are not very breathable in hotter conditions
    • Do not come in a lot of colorways
    • Key Features
      This sneaker’s outsole, like several of Adidas’ models, is manufactured in conjunction with the Continental Tire company to create an outsole that is dependable and able to withstand wet or dry conditions. The Continental stretch web technology outsole provides traction and superior grip that will adapt to every runner’s foot strike. The web-like pattern features low profile lugs that will grip the ground with certainty without tripping you up.
      As you will find in most of Adidas’ performance shoes, the midsole of these sneakers is made up of the company’s Boost foam material. This is an energy-returning compound that helps absorb shock and aids in helping you experience a responsive and cushioned ride. In total, the midsole delivers a bouncy feel which some may enjoy while others may not like so much. The heel cushioning on the Solar Glide ST has been praised as being pretty great because of the Boost foam’s ability to absorb impact on the heel strike through even cushion distribution. The great thing about having a cushy midsole like this is that these shoes will be able to carry you effectively through long distance runs. There is also a small amount of stability foam under the arch for support as well as Solar Propulsion rails that run along both sides of the shoe to help your feet plant correctly on the ground. Another midsole feature is the Solar Torsion System which is a series of orange panels built into the midsole that moves with the foot to help you have a smooth and supportive transition from landing to push off.
      The Solar Glide ST’s upper is almost identical to the company’s Solar Boost sneaker which was released earlier this year. However, the four-way stretch mesh that makes up the upper on this shoe moves better on the foot all while delivering a secure hold. This mesh is sturdier than the usual mesh material that may be found on some running shoes and it eliminates excessive stretching while delivering flexibility without weighing the shoe down. The forefoot is designed using a two-year engineered mesh to allow for added flexibility as well. You will also find flex-fold ribbing on the forefoot which is a design inspired by NASA spacesuit gloves. Like the Solar Boost, the Solar Glide ST has the two moldable plastic pieces at the heel counter with space in between to help keep the foot in place while allowing for free motion of the Achilles. The tongue of the Solar Glide ST is pretty unique in design. This Fitwing Tongue has padding on specific areas only in order to relieve pressure where the laces tighten on the shoe while other parts of the tongue remain thinner. This tongue is attached to the insides of the shoe and extends downward to stay in place and give added support.
      For being a stability running shoe, these sneakers are actually pretty light. The men’s weighs in at 11.5 ounces while the women’s weighs 9.8 ounces. The lightweight midsole and engineered mesh upper give this sneaker a great advantage in the weight department while the stability features make it a very supportive sneaker.
      The upper of the Solar Glide ST is made up of sturdy Engineered mesh which is designed to help keep your foot more stable with each step. Although this is a lightweight mesh, it isn’t as thin as a typical mesh material. With this said, Adidas wanted to ensure a breathable shoe so they made sure the upper was made with perforations to allow air to fully permeate the sneaker, enabling your feet to breathe in warmer temperatures or throughout the course of a long run. They are, however, stability running sneakers meaning that there are more features that make up the sneaker to help keep your feet stable. This means that they may not be quite as breathable as, say, a minimalist running shoe.
      The Solar Glide ST running shoe gets high marks for comfort. The cushioned Boast foam in the sneaker’s midsole gives you a great amount of comfort and flexibility and the engineered mesh that makes up the upper easily adapts to your foot without being too flexible. To combat hot spots on the top of the foot where the laces may put too much pressure, Adidas has engineered the Fitwing Tongue which is only padded in certain areas and is sewn down into the sneaker to keep it in place, making the top of your foot comfortable and stable. Your heel will also feel nice and secure, thanks to the moldable plastic heel counter, while your Achilles will have lots of room to move.
      The subdued colorways of the Solar Glide ST will allow you to wear these sneakers out casually after you use them on your training run. They have an aesthetically pleasing silhouette and will look good on or off the road.
      Because these are stability running shoes, they are built tough and are pretty durable. The Continental rubber on the outsole is engineered using the same rubber on car tires so they will withstand mile after mile easily. Rugged engineered mesh and a supportive heel counter will help keep the shape of the shoe even after they are subject to extensive mileage. The suede-like overlays on the sneakers’ upper will help protect the mesh of the sneaker as well. In the end, these shoes should hold up well in the long run.
      With Continental rubber making up this sneaker’s outsole, your feet will stay protected from the elements effectively. Your foot will also stay protected thanks to the breathable engineered mesh layered on the upper. The midpoint of the foot will aid in protection as well as the suede-like overlays.
      The words “energized stability” are stamped on the midsole of the Solar Glide ST and give a little clue as to the shoe’s responsiveness. Where this shoe shines is really in its midsole because this is what will help propel you forward on your run. Adidas’ Boost foam material is made up of a bunch of TPU pellets melded together to form a lightweight and cushiony foam that absorbs shock and helps aid in a responsive ride. Where the midsole is most responsive is in its heel, where the shoe is packed with the most Boost foam. With each heel strike, the foam will not only help to distribute the impact more evenly through the foam, but it will also give you enough bounce to propel you forward on takeoff.
      Adidas Solar Glide ST are excellent running shoes for flat feet. Within the sneaker under each arch, Adidas has placed a small amount of stability foam to help keep your feet supported and comfortable. The sneaker also boasts an extra supportive feature called the Solar Torsion System which is a series of panels built into the midsole. These panels will help your foot make a supportive transition from landing to takeoff.
      These stability sneakers are engineered to help carry you through many miles and are really meant for road or treadmill running. They don’t have aggressive lugs so it is not a good idea to wear them out trail running. If you are looking to do some long training runs or even shorter ones, these sneakers are an excellent choice and will keep your feet stable, supported, and comfortable.
      Being that these are specialized stability shoes, engineered for maximum support, they run a little more than most lifestyle shoes. However, the number of great features aimed at giving you a comfortable and supported run, the slightly higher cost is worth it.
      When you consider tires on a car, you want to be sure they have exceptional traction to help keep you safe on both dry and wet roads; the same thing goes for running sneakers. Because Adidas partnered with the Continental tire company, you can rest assured that the traction on the Solar Glide ST is nothing short of outstanding. Whether you are running on a perfectly sunny day or if the rain clouds roll in during your run, you can be sure your feet will stay solidly on the ground in these shoes.
      The stretchweb design of this sneaker’s outsole combined with its lightweight, flexible Boost midsole and its engineered mesh upper help this shoe to be pretty flexible considering the fact that it is a stability shoe. It is engineered to help give you a responsive and stable run so it may not be as flexible as some non-stability running sneakers. However, the shoe’s lightweight design makes it moderately flexible and they will not feel heavy and stiff on your feet.
      The Adidas Solar Glide ST is manufactured to be a stability running sneaker so these shoes score high in the stability department. The sturdy mesh upper will keep your foot in place while the supportive Solar Propulsion rails will help keep your foot in place with each step. These rails, also called stability rails, will help anyone who tends to pronate by stabilizing your foot. The molded plastic heel counter will keep your heel in place while allowing your Achilles to move freely. Because the sneaker has solid cushioning throughout the heel and is made to absorb shock on each heel strike, these shoes are also ideal for anyone who tends to be a heel striker.
      These shoes have a drop of 10mm in both the men's and women's models. This is a good drop for anyone looking for support and ideal for a stability running sneaker.
      Key Features
      - Solar Propulsion rails keep feet in place, especially pronating ones
      -Engineered mesh upper is sturdy and aids in protection, flexibility, and breathability
      - Continental rubber on the outsole gives this sneaker excellent traction
      - Solar Torsion system in the midsole aids in arch support
      - Molded plastic heel counter keeps heel secure
      - Bouncy Adidas Boost midsole gives a responsive ride
      Bottom Line
      If you are planning on training for a long race, enjoy regular long runs, or are looking for a sneaker that will keep your foot stable, then the Adidas Solar Glide ST is an excellent option to consider. Adidas put a lot of thought into making this stability running shoe not only supportive but also lightweight and comfortable. Between the stability rails, arch support, excellent heel counter, and sturdy mesh upper, you are almost certain to have a stable and supported run. On top of these great features, the shoes are also designed to give you a responsive, cushiony, and grippy run. Everyone knows that not all sneakers are created equal; some may be more aimed at a minimalist feel, while some are designed to traverse the trails. However, if you are looking for a sturdy and supportive running shoe, the Adidas Solar Glide ST should definitely be on your list.
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      By Abbie Copeland
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