Adidas 1 5923

Adidas reaches into their archives to pull inspiration from some of their most prolific runners and athletes of the 70s for the inspiration for these shoes. The 1-5923’s feature a combination of updated, fashion-forward style with a retro, vintage flair. These shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day, functional enough to use for long runs and certainly stylish enough to add as a fashionable accessory to your everyday wardrobe. The easy on, easy off engineering gives the shoe a slipper-like feel. Adidas lends their patented Boost midsole material to give this shoe a plush and responsive ride. The upper combines unique materials that give this a breathable feel and a stylish look. Runners and fashion enthusiasts both agree that this is a great shoe for those that are standing for a long period of time, and even a great choice for those with flat feet. The cost is slightly higher than the average running shoe on the market today, but since your getting a fashion accessory and an athletic shoe, runners reported the price is more than worth it.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Gum rubber outsole adds traction
  • Extremely breathable upper
  • Very fashion forward
  • Good value
  • Reported to be very comfortable
  • Cons
    • No supportive elements
    • Not great for outdoor activites or intensive runs
    • Key Features
      This shoe uses a unique gum rubber material. This material provides more give than a traditional rubber, providing a bouncier feeling ride. The gum rubber also helps to keep the weight down. Runners can also expect to find an outsole that provides more grip and better traction than a traditional road running shoe because of the gum rubber material.
      Although the upper of this shoe is trendy and fashionable, the midsole of the shoe feels more like a traditional running shoe. The main midsole material is Adidas’s patented Boost midsole foam. This material energizes the runner and provides a high level of responsiveness and feedback, helping the runner change direction and speed quickly and efficiently. In addition to the Boost midsole foam, the internal design of the midsole makes this shoe extremely comfortable. It comes with a hidden sock construction that makes it easy to slide the shoe on and off without the need for untying the laces. This midsole construction also includes a deconstructed heel cup that helps keep the foot in place. Runners will enjoy the Ortholite sock liner that provides an added layer of cushioning to the runner.
      The upper of this shoe is really the star feature of the Adidas 1-5923. Recently, Adidas added a new swatch of color options to their line up, so runners can now choose between a wide variety of classic and more unique color options. The upper is made with a printed serrated 3-stripe design. The main material of the upper is a 2-way stretch mesh that moves with the runner’s natural movement and allows for air to easily reach the foot. This helps to regulate the temperature inside of the shoe and keep the runner comfortable. There are also suede overlays on the toe and heel that add extra flair to this look. A mesh tongue adds more comfort and ups the overall breathability of the shoe.
      This shoe has a lightweight feel. Many runners commented that it felt more like a slipper than a solid running shoe. Adidas switched out some of the heavier materials for lighter ones to keep the weight down and the comfort up. The gum rubber selected for the outsole is lighter than a traditional outsole material, but still provides a high level of traction. While the suede details along the upper add a few ounces, Adidas makes up for it with their lightweight 2-way stretch mesh.
      Runners were pleased with the overall breathability of this shoe. At first, the suede elements along the upper on the toe and the heel suggest that this won’t be a very breathable shoe, but the vast majority of the upper is comprised of a stretchy mesh material that is thin enough to let air reach the feet. This helps to keep the foot comfortable and protect against moisture which leads to friction and blisters for the athlete.
      Aside from the style, the highest rated quality about these shoes was their overall comfort. From the upper to the outsole, runners couldn’t stop raving about how comfortable these shoes were. The upper is made up of a comfortable stretch mesh that moves comfortably with the natural movement of the foot. Runners commented that this shoe feels more like a slipper or a sock than a traditional running shoe. The internal of the shoe is designed with a hidden sock construction that allows this shoe to slide on and off easily. Additionally, Adidas used their traditional Boost midsole to provide a springy cushioning. Then, for an added layer of cushioning, they included an Ortholite sock liner.
      Many people will purchase this shoe solely for its stylish look. It features a fashionable style that is a mix of updated style and retro undertones. Runners can expect to see the classic, three-strip Adidas insignia along the side of the shoe. In addition to this, Adidas updated their classic looks with suede overlays along the toe and heel. This shoe comes in a wide variety of colors that range from the classic black with white stripes to updated color options like mint green and white or khaki brown and white. This shoe looks great as a fashionable accessory to any outfit.
      Runners reported that this shoe is designed to last a long time. Although the price tag is slightly higher than some other shoes on the market today, the long-lasting details that were included in the design of the Adidas 1-5923 make it worth the price. The suede overlays along the toe and heel don’t just look good, they act as a protective layer to protect the shoe from wear and tear. Since so many people purchase this shoe for its stylish look, Adidas made sure to use materials that will help the shoe look newer for longer. The gum rubber used in the outsole was chosen because it provides a cool look, but also because it holds up well against scuffs and wear.
      This shoe is not designed to be an intense athletic companion. While it can log slower jogging miles and many, many casual walking miles, it isn’t designed to be used as an aggressive training partner for fast-paced races. For this reason, Adidas doesn’t include many protective elements.
      Runners were pleased with the high level of responsiveness provided by this midsole. The Boost Midsole technology from Adidas is known for its springy responsiveness. It is a cushioned midsole, but on the thinner side, allowing the runner to feel the road below them and respond to changes in pace and direction. The high level of responsiveness makes this a good shoe for someone who stands all day.
      One area where runners had complaints about this shoe was in the support category. This shoe is not suited for the runner who need extra support to keep their foot in place. The upper is designed to flow and move with the natural movement of the gait cycle as opposed to constraining the foot and placing parameters around its movement. This shoe has more of a natural feel and provides heel underfoot cushioning that some runners are looking for.
      The Adidas 1-5923 is best suited for urban adventures. This shoe is not suggested for off-road adventures, and the stylish nature of the upper such as the suede overlays can be difficult to clean and it is best to keep them away from rugged trails or off-road adventures where they can get muddy and dirty. The gum rubber outsole does add traction, but this underfoot design doesn’t have a lug system that would work for trail running or hiking. However, the higher level of responsiveness makes these shoes a good choice for gym cardio like the elliptical machine or the treadmill. They can even be a good choice for the track too.
      This shoe is slightly higher in price than the average road running shoe. However, since runners are really getting two shoes in one, the price is justifiable. This is a good shoe for athletic endeavors, but it doubles as a fashionable accessory for any outfit. Shoe enthusiasts will find the price reasonable and worth it to add such a classic shoe to their collection.
      The outsole of this shoe is made up of gum rubber. This rubber adds more traction than a traditional road running shoe, but the design of the underfoot doesn’t have the rugged lug system that creates enough traction to make this a competitive shoe in the grip department.
      This shoe is designed to follow the natural movement of the foot, and runners reported that it has a very flexible feeling. The upper uses a 2-way stretch mesh to create a socklike fit. The Boost midsole is cushioned but not so plush that it can’t easily bend and move with the runner’s movement.
      This is not a shoe that is designed for a runner who needs additional support with over or under pronation. The midsole of this shoe is designed to cushion the foot, but not act as a guide to improve the gait cycle. This shoe lack any additional technology in the arch of the foot or along the medial side to keep the foot from rolling inward during the gait cycle. This is a shoe that is suggested for neutral runners.
      The Adidas 1 -5923 has a traditional drop. It is high enough to help propel the runner forward, but not so high that a runner won’t feel connected to the road below them. Runners reported that they needed no time to get used to the heel drop of this shoe.
      Key Features
      -classic colors and styles
      -printed serated 3-stripe design
      -slip on design
      -gum rubber outsole
      -responsive Boost midsole foam cushioning
      -Ortholite sock liner
      -suede overlays along the toe and the heel
      -mesh tongue
      Bottom Line
      The Adidas 1-5923 is a combination of style and function. It is inspired by the big named athletes of the 70’s and runners can see that throwback styling in the printed serrated 3-stripe insignia along the side. Adidas recently added new colors to the options, so runners have an even bigger selection to choose from. This shoe is loved by roadrunners and shoe enthusiasts who love a stylish sneaker to add to their collection. Adidas uses their signature Boost midsole material to provide a lightweight, cushioned responsiveness to the shoe. The gum rubber outsole adds a cool look, but also provides added durability to the shoe, making it a great value overall. The price is slightly higher on this shoe than some traditional road running shoes, but the function and fashion combination make it more than worth the higher price tag.
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      By Stacey O'Connor
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