Adidas Adipure Motion

Motion is one of three models in Adidas’ Adipure natural running shoe line. The other two are the Gazelle and the Adapt. The Motion is the most traditional of these three options and was created in hopes of encouraging runners who heel strike to take the plunge into natural running shoes. Though the Motion is heavier than the other minimalist running shoes from Adidas, it still provides a fantastic lightweight feeling.

The Adipure shoes were created to fill a void in Adidas’ line-up of minimalist shoes. The company introduced these styles to interest those runners who are curious about hitting the pavement in less shoe. While the Adipure shoes are considered minimalist by design, they still strike a fine balance between providing enough protection and letting the foot act naturally during each stride.

We tested and reviewed the Adipure Motion in order to bring you this review today. We feel that this silhouette has a lot to offer runners, especially those just dipping their toes into the world of minimalist running shoes. Let’s take a deeper look and see just what the Motion has to offer.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Great option for heel strikers
-Mimics a natural running stride
-Crisp colors
-Easy to clean
-Firm without being too hard or uncomfortable
-Lightweight yet supportive


-Long break-in period
-Laces come undone easily and frequently

Key Features
The outsole of the Adipure Motion features Adidas’ adiWear technology. This incredibly durable rubber material provides nearly unrivaled abrasion resistance while boosting the Motion’s ability to provide both traction and flexibility. The adiWear tech is typically used to help minimize the amount of wear in the heel landing zone of the shoe as well as in the toeing off area. The style of treads found on the outsole help to provide a great underfoot feeling. The traction provided here is effective on many different surface types.
The PureMotion midsole is created to mimic the reaction time that is easily accessible to barefoot runners. It provides the natural stability that is typically experienced only during barefoot runs. The midsole is firm feeling but still comfortable. Some users may find the thinner padding will require more of a break-in period, so that is something to take into consideration. You won’t want to wear these on a long run right out of the box, especially if you have never tried a minimalist shoe before. Users should find the midsole replicates the efficiency of barefoot while the Adiprene cushioning helps to provide that necessary bit of propulsion that running shoes should have. The Adiprene tech is found in the footbed and provides runners with extra cushioning for the heel and forefoot zones. This technology also helps to reduce the impact during runs which will ultimately protect runner’s heels and joints from undue stress.
The upper of the Motion is outfitted with Adidas’ snug-fitting TechFit unit. This is comprised of a polyurethane material that is very similar to mesh. The use of this material makes the upper fairly soft with a great amount of breathability. It also helps to make it stretchy. There are some rubber grid patterns printed on the side for additional support. Wearers will likely find that the upper of the Motion helps to give them a close and seamless fit that will still provide enough room for the foot to naturally flex.
Though the Motion is heavier than the other shoes in the Adipure line up, it still is very lightweight weighing in at just 7.2 ounces. This is a great transitional shoe option for folks that are toying with the idea of trying a minimalist running shoe for the first time but aren’t quite ready to commit to something that is a full-on barefoot shoe. As soon as we put the Motion on, we were able to feel the difference from our regular running shoes.
Thanks to the TechFit upper, users should find that the Adipure Motion is a very breathable running shoe option. This material is similar to mesh and provides wearers with a stretchy sock-like sleeve that will let air flow in and out of the shoe. Our research indicates that this polyurethane material provides softness as well as its breathable qualities.
There is a short break-in time for most new users of the Adipure Motion. This is pretty standard, especially when it comes to transitioning from a more traditional shoe into something that leans a bit heavier on the minimalist end. Thanks to the full-length EVA midsole that is comprised of two layers, the Motion is able to provide comfort without adding any additional weight or bulkiness that can weigh you down. The synthetic suede lining helps to add an extra element of comfort as well.
The Adipure Motion is a slick looking shoe. Though we are unable to pinpoint just how many different color options are available as this product is now discontinued, there seems to be at least a two different colorway choices to choose from if you are able to find this product to purchase - black with grey and bright yellow accents or sky blue with white and pink accents. There doesn’t seem to be any truly neutral color options for the Motion, however, so if you’re someone who likes a more muted style, you may not like the in-your-face accents that this silhouette offers.
The Motion appears to be a very durable shoe. The strong and grippy rubber on the outsole provides users with exceptional traction on the roads while boosting the overall durability of the product. This material on the outsole coupled with the polyurethane upper helps to make sure the shoe lasts as long as possible. Our research doesn’t indicate at all that any current users had issues with the shoe breaking down before its time.
There is not a lot in terms of protection offered in the Motion aside from the segmented sole unit. This feature will help to provide runners with protection because it helps to evenly disperse impact during each stride. This will protect your knees and joints by ensuring that your body isn’t constantly being jarred during your run.
If there is one arena where the Motion truly shines, this is it. This shoe was designed to be incredibly responsive. The AdiPrene+ technology in the forefoot is a cushioning system designed by Adidas to help the shoe properly react and respond to the needs of each of your feet. This technology also assists runners by providing a forward burst of energy for maximum propulsion. The AdiPrene+ tech will help to increase running performance with the propulsion helping during the toe-off phase of the stride and provides overall better dynamic movement. The PureMotion midsole was also designed to provide responsiveness by mimicking the quick reaction time one would experience during barefoot running.
The TechFit upper of the Motion wraps around your foot snugly, providing a sock-like fit that adds a layer of extra support. This material is stretchy and flexible and moves with your foot while supporting a natural feeling stride. The second skin material in the forefoot of the Motion helps to support natural foot movement as well. There are rubber overlays in the upper that also provide additional support by helping to ensure the shoe fits just snug enough. The Motion is considered to be a neutral shoe which means its made for runners whose feet already perform naturally and efficiently during their workouts. They are great for people with high arches and for those who don’t need any extra support from their shoes.
The Motion is made to be taken on nearly any terrain. It performs best on surfaces like concrete, grass, and gravel but will fair okay on light trails as well. The Motion doesn’t provide much in ways of protection so we would not suggest taking them on any heavy duty trails or hikes, but if you stick to the aforementioned terrain types, you will find that the shoe performs well and beyond most standards set by other minimalist shoes.
The Motion was released in 2012 with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price of $110. Though they are now over six years old, the Motion still stands up as a viable minimalist running shoe option. Because they're an older style, however, that may mean finding them might be a difficult task. The good news is that if you do find them, chances are you will pay a lower price than that $110 MSPR, even though that price is fair when you consider the value that the Motion provides.
Adidas outfitted the Adipure Motion with their adiWear outsole. This incredibly durable outsole is made from a non-marking rubber that provides runners with a high amount of abrasion resistance as well as traction. We found this material performs well and provides a great amount of traction on most of the surfaces we tested them on. The segmented treads in the sole unit help to grip the surface of what you’re running on while also aiding in the flexibility of the shoe.
Thanks to the TechFit technology that Adidas outfitted the Motion’s upper with, runners should find an adequate amount of flexibility with these shoes. The AdiPrene+ tech that is present in the forefoot region coupled with the second skin layering also lends well to the overall flexibility of the shoe. It is important for any running shoe, but especially one that follows a minimalist style, to be able to flex in the forefoot in order to mimic the natural running stride. The Adipure Motion does this very well.
The Adipure Motion is a great minimalist shoe option for folks who are forefoot strikers. That said, however, the shoe still manages to provide just enough cushioning and support for heel strikers as well. The PureMotion midsole is created in a way that mimics the foot's natural stride and is meant to provide a sense of stability for your run.
With a minimal 8mm drop, the Adipure Motion helps to promote a natural striking motion during your stride. Wearers will find that this 8mm might be a bit lower than what they’re used to, so we always suggest wearing new shoes for a shorter distance run or jog for the first few times you take them out just to allow your feet time to get used to the new feel.
Key Features
-Just 7.2 ounces in weight
-8mm heel-to-toe drop
-PureMotion midsole to ensure quick reaction times
-adiWEAR outsoles to provide excellent traction and grip
-AdipPRENE+ material in the forefoot for unrivaled responsiveness
-Dual-layer ethylene vinyl acetate midsole for comfort without added weight
-Heel gradient adds protection for runners who heel strike
Bottom Line
The bottom line is that the Adipure Motion is a fantastic shoe. We didn’t have a lot of negative things to say about it and that says a lot about the quality of the product. If you’re interested in dipping your toes into the world of minimalist running, the Motion will be a fantastic transitional shoe for you to try. With its adequate level of comfort, superior traction in the outsole and built-in features that help support runners that are known heel strikes, the Motion might be the shoe that convinces you that there is something to the whole minimalist running trend. Thanks to the dual-layered midsole, even runners who are used to shoes with more cushioning will find that the Motion does a fantastic job at absorbing shock and protecting the knees and joints. The only issue that you may experience is actually finding this shoe since it is now discontinued, as well as there seems to be a short break-in period involved with the shoe. This, of course, can be remedied by just slowly introducing yourself to these shoes and not immediately jumping into a ten-kilometer run the first time you put them on.
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