Adidas Ultra Boost ST

Are you an overpronator who's looking for a super comfortable everyday trainer? The Adidas Ultra Boost ST might just be your next shoe. It's a stability shoe that offers some of the best cushioning out there. It's like running in a really cushy slipper, thanks to its sock-like upper and evenly distributed Boost foam midsole.

The Boost ST is also a darn good-looking shoe and you might just find yourself wearing it on your rest days. It's a welcome update to the previous Ultra Boost model, offering more cushioning and stability features. It also offers more toe room and a more flexible construction in the upper. It's a great everyday trainer that will be able to tackle many miles in a variety of conditions.

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Pros & Cons
  • Nice, even cushioning with Boost foam
  • Very responsive shoe
  • Breathable Primeknit sock-like upper
  • Ample wiggle room in the toe box
  • Cons
    • A little bit heavy
    • Rigid construction
    • Some runners found the thin outsole lacked durability
    • Key Features
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST has a fairly thin outsole, but is made from a very durable rubber material. In fact, the outsole is made of the material used in the construction of tires.

      The sole of the Ultra Boost ST also features the Torsion System which allows for greater stability since it reduces torsion in the shoe. You'll notice that the Ultra Boost ST also features a stability strip labeled 'Energized Stability'.

      It's a flexible piece of material that ensures the shoe remains stable and reduces sideways movement in the shoe to help counteract overpronation.
      The midsole is made of TPU foam material (which actually looks a lot like styrofoam). The result is a shoe that's nice and springy. This version of the Ultra Boost has stability features for runners who need a bit more support during their daily runs.

      This makes the shoe a tad bit heavier than the non-stability version. The foam featured in the midsole has the benefit of maintaining its springiness after many runs. Runners felt that the shoe's comfortable bounce did not diminish even after several a hundred miles of use.
      The fabric features in the upper are called Primknit and are extremely durable. The Primeknit upper has a sock-like feel to it, which makes the Ultra Boost ST much more comfortable and helps keep the foot secure.

      The difference with the Ultra Boost ST versus the previous Boost model is that the upper does not feature any rigid plastic this time. This allows for a bit more flexibility. Also noticeable on the shoe are the reflective features. In low-light conditions, they function quite well.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is a stability shoe, so while it remains a fairly light shoe in most regards, it is a bit heavier than its neutral counterpart.

      It weighs in at 298g for the men's version and at 255g for the women's version. The added foam cushioning definitely adds a fair bit of weight to the Boost ST, but the cushioning does its job so well, it's hard to care about a few extra grams of weight.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is breathable thanks to the Primeknit upper. The Primeknit fabric is a knitted mesh that looks very much like a sock material. It's soft and allows for a runner's feet to breathe. The best running socks offer comfort, breathability, and flexibility, and the Boost ST's Primeknit upper does the same thing.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is a very comfortable shoe thanks to its foam cushioning which delivers a nice bouncy ride for the wearer. But the best part about the Ultra Boost ST is when you slip your foot into the shoe, you won't feel cramped.

      You'll get a secure fit with plenty of room to wiggle your toes. The Ultra Boost ST features a taller toe box which many runners found a welcome alteration from the previous Boost edition. The upper is made of non-stretch Primeknit, but it's not compressive by any means, so again, you'll feel secure but not packed in like a sardine in this shoe.
      The shoe screams style. This is a shoe that you'll end up glancing at as you try to put one foot in front of the other.

      You'll admire your stylishly clad feet in the mirror before every run. The Ultra Boost ST is a nice looking shoe that's offered in understated color variations. This is a shoe that you can easily wear every day and you'll likely find yourself keeping them on while running errands post-run.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is an upgrade from its previous iteration with regards to durability. This time around, the outsole rubber is made by Continental.

      The rubber is used in the construction of tires so, despite the fact that the outsole is thin, you'll find yourself getting quite a bit of mileage in the Ultra Boost ST. Still, some runners did find the thin construction, even with the Continental rubber, made it so that the shoe was less durable than they had hoped.
      The shoe offers excellent protection thanks to its well-cushioned midsole. The Boost ST features even more cushioning than its previous iteration. If you choose to run in this model, you'll get a bouncy, responsive ride that won't weaken after several runs.

      The foam cushioning will keep your joints protected well into your marathon training season. A nice bonus with the Ultra Boost ST is the increased amount of cushioning in the forefoot. This is great news for forefoot strikers who have trouble finding a shoe with a good forefoot cushioning.

      Thanks to the injection of Boost foam in the forefoot, the shoe's cushioning is much evener.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is extremely responsive thanks to its Boost foam midsole. Wearers will find that the shoe really does bounce back every step of the way. Runners will also be happy to know that the shoe does not gradually sink inward since the foam cushioning does retain its form for quite a while. The result is a consistently springy ride.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is a nicely supportive shoe. Runners will like that its supportiveness comes from ample cushioning in the arch area. Additional support comes from the Torsion system which helps to keep a runner's midfoot in place and reduce overpronation. Runners will enjoy the supportive and cushiony ride. It's like running on a nice stable cloud.
      The thin outsole is made of Continental brand tire tread rubber. But because the rubber outsole is so thin, the outsole is less durable. Still, most wearers appreciated the great traction offered in the Boost ST.

      Many users also commented that the shoe was indeed more durable than its previous iteration, but the lugs featured on the outsole did seem to wear out quite quickly which reduces the amount of grip the shoe has.

      Taking the Ultra Boost out on the trails probably isn't the greatest idea but it can definitely handle runs through the city just fine.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is priced a little high and many shoppers might find themselves shying away from spending $180 on a trainer. Considering the many improvements made to the Boost, it's not a bad shoe for the price.

      If you're considering the Boost ST, you'll want to make sure it fits your foot accordingly. Some users have mentioned the need to go up at least a half size while others commented that the shoe fits much too snugly. Definitely try it before you buy, even if you found the previous Boost fit quite well.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST delivers when it comes to traction. You won't find yourself slipping and sliding in rainy or wet conditions. The durable rubber outsole by Continental provides stability when running on any surface, including wet surfaces.

      The Ultra Boost ST's outsole features flattened lugs to improve traction for the user. The lugs do seem to wear out quite fast, so traction is not consistent throughout the shoe's life.
      The shoe is not super flexible. The Primeknit upper is indeed sock-like so runners will have the ability to wiggle their feet comfortably. However, the rest of the shoe is fairly rigid. The Boost ST is a stability shoe and it definitely has a stable base. The superb Boost foam cushioning makes up for this lack of flexibility.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is not a conventional stability shoe since it does not feature the normal stability technology seen in other support shoes. The shoe does offer a supportive ride nonetheless. Runners will feel secure as they put one foot in front of another.

      Runners will find that their arch is well supported in the Ultra Boost ST, thanks to ample foam cushioning in that area. The Boost ST does feature a midsole band which offers stability by reducing inward motion and thus reducing over-pronation.
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is higher off the ground than its previous iteration and due to the balanced distribution of Boost foam cushioning, the shoe is more of a platform shoe similar to Hoka shoes. It still features a fairly big heel to toe drop, though, clocking in at 11.2 mm. It's definitely not a shoe for minimalists.
      Key Features of the Adidas Ultra Boost ST
    • Very well cushioned with Boost foam

    • Super stylish, good-looking shoe

    • Responsive, bouncy ride

    • Stable, supportive shoe

    • Bottom Line
      The Adidas Ultra Boost ST is the perfect shoe for those looking to run on a cloud. The Boost foam cushioning offers up a supremely comfy run. The Boost ST also functions to keep a runner stable and secure while out for a run.

      It's a great trainer for overpronators looking for a well-cushioned shoe. It's also a great choice for runners who are forefoot strikers since the foam cushioning is evenly distributed throughout the shoe. It's a great move forward for Adidas. With the improvements on the previous Boost, the Boost ST is sure to become the favorite shoe of many runners.
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      By Steph Coelho
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