Adidas Springblade Solyce

Adidas is huge worldwide in the sports world and is well known for both their athletic products and as a fashion icon. They also make a pretty wide range of quality running shoes. The Springblade Solyce is from one of their more unique lines whose standout feature is a Springblade design, which returns energy in a very efficient way. These blades also give the shoe a very unique and sharp look not seen on a lot of other shoes. The Springblade Solyce is a very interesting shoe, and its features will be explored in this review.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Key Features
The outsole of the Springblade Solyce is where its crowning feature lies. The outsole features the blades that comprise the special Adidas Springblade design. These blades are slanted in such a way to promote forward momentum, and also help the overall cushioning of the shoe. The blades are made of a special polymer instead of a common foam to add some extra durability to them. Finally, the bottom of the blades features the tried and true AdiWear rubber. This rubber is a special blend of carbon rubber that is highly resistant to impacts and also is pretty good at gripping onto different surfaces. This is the main component that makes up the outsole, and it does a pretty good job in providing traction and good durability. The outsole overall is a pretty strong and unique part of the shoe.
The midsole of the Springblade Solyce might seem a bit underwhelming at first, because of its lack of features, but this is more understandable when taking into account the blades in the outsole. The Springblades in the outsole basically perform the major midsole functions of cushioning and responsiveness, leaving not much for the actual midsole to do. As a result, the Springblade Solyce’s midsole just features a fairly standard EVA foam. EVA foam is still a pretty good midsole material, and it is fairly springy, durable, and lightweight. This mainly provides some extra cushioning for the feet while running, and does not hinder from the responsiveness from the blades as well. Overall, the midsole is pretty basic and standard, though this is understandable because of the blades being located in the outsole.
The upper of the Springblade Solyce is made of a synthetic, mesh design, which is a pretty common choice for many shoes. This is because mesh offers both good breathability and flexibility thanks to its inherent design which has holes woven into it intentionally. These holes allow air to flow in and out of the shoe freely and also allow the top half of the shoe to flex as needed. This mesh upper is also a one-piece construction which is helpful in preventing tears and holes in it. The upper also features synthetic overlays atop the mesh. This is a common pairing for mesh uppers, as synthetic overlays add some extra stability and security to the foot from above. The collar and the tongue of the shoe also feature a soft foam for a bit of extra comfort. Finally, the upper features laces that are flat, which is a bit uncommon. Overall, the upper does its job pretty well, and is solid, offering good flexibility and stability, while not hindering breathability.
Weight, is actually a fairly important part of a running shoe, though it is sometimes overlooked. Heavier shoes usually give a bit more cushioning and a less minimalist shoe, while lighter shoes usually do the opposite. The Springblade Solyce is pretty average on the weight spectrum, sitting at about 9.6 ounces for a men’s pair. This is pretty typical of most standard running trainers, which usually fall in the 10-12 ounce range, and is not really an outlier in any way. For those that prefer significantly lighter or significantly heavier shoes, this might be an issue, but for most, the weight of the Solyce shouldn’t be an issue.
Breathability is a nice feature to have in a running shoe especially, to help prevent sweaty and cramped feet. This can also help minimize odor which is a big plus. The key component in the breathability of a shoe is quite often the upper, because of the way that it wraps and encloses the foot. The upper of the Springblade Solyce is made of a mesh design, which, as explained above, does a great job of allowing air to flow in and out of the shoe. Again, this is primarily due to the woven nature of mesh, and the intentionally placed small holes throughout. Apart from this mesh upper, there isn’t too much in the shoe that contributes to the breathability. That said, the mesh definitely does well enough, and the breathability in the Solyce is good overall.
Every runner knows how important comfort is when it comes to a new pair of shoes. The Springblade Solyce is pretty comfortable, mainly thanks to the midsole, the upper, and the outsole. The midsole contributes to the comfort with its primary feature, the EVA foam. This foam provides some nice cushioning for the foot and does a pretty good job reducing impacts. This makes for a more comfortable stride. The upper contributes with the flexible mesh, which allows the foot good freedom and mobility. This paired with the snug fit provided by the synthetic overlays makes for a very comfortable upper overall. The upper also has the extra foam collar and lining for even more comfort within. Finally, the outsole contributes with its blades, which are another source of cushioning from impacts. The Springblade Solyce is pretty strong in terms of comfort overall.
When it comes to style, Adidas is definitely one of the leaders of the pack. Adidas is very popular worldwide, even amongst non-runners, and are generally well respected when it comes to fashion. This is seen to an extent in the Springblade Solyce, which is a fairly stylish shoe. It has a sharp design, and its blades give it a unique flair. The Solyce is also offered in a decent selection of colors. This unique flair from the blades, however, does make the Solyce a bit more difficult to use as an everyday shoe. Overall though, the Solyce is definitely a pretty stylish running shoe.
Durability is another big factor that is very important to consider when buying new shoes. The Springblade Solyce is decently durable, but it is far from perfect in this regard. The midsole and upper are both very solid. EVA foam is a long-lasting material that retains its shape well, and the midsole, as a result, is quite durable. The upper is durable thanks to its one-piece design, which makes it less likely to tear than other uppers. The outsole blades are the main piece in the Solyce where durability is a bit suspect. Though the blades are designed to last a long time, there have been some issues with them wearing out too quickly or breaking. This is more likely to happen on more harsh terrains, as opposed to regular terrains. That said, it still is an issue worth considering, particularly for those who have worn out shoes too quickly in the past. Overall though, for most, the durability of the Springblade Solyce should be adequate.
In terms of protection, the Springblade Solyce is fairly good. The main factors in this are the upper, outsole, and midsole. The upper adds protection by shielding the foot from the outside elements, and also by securely holding the foot down. The midsole contributes once again with its EVA foam. The EVA foam helps reduce the shock of impacts, which in turn helps protect from potential injuries. Finally, the outsole contributes with its blades. The blades are another source of shock protection and do an excellent job of reducing the impact of each step thanks to their material and design. The protection overall in the Springblade Solyce is pretty good.
Responsiveness is a measure of how well a shoe returns energy from each step and strike. The two key contributing factors in this are the midsole and the outsole. The midsole contributes with its EVA foam. Though fairly standard, the EVA foam is responsive thanks to its inherent springy and lightweight nature. This is not the main source of responsiveness in the shoe, however. The outsole contributes the most with its Springblade design. These blades are slanted and distributed in such a way that they promote very good responsiveness, and do a good job of returning energy thanks to their special polymer blend. The two main areas that contribute to the responsiveness in the Adidas Springblade Solyce are its mid and outsole, and they do a pretty good job overall.
The Springblade Solyce is pretty good on the support side, again thanks to the midsole and the upper. The midsole contributes once again with its EVA foam, which does a pretty good job of adding support to the shoe via its cushioning. The foam supports the foot from below while also reducing major impacts, which is very nice. The upper supports the foot through the combination of its mesh upper and synthetic overlays. The overlays are the main source of support, as they are what create the secure and snug fit of the upper. This snug and secure fit in tandem with the flexibility offered by the mesh design make for a very well supported top half of the shoe. The culmination of all these features is good stability and a well-supported stride overall.
The Springblade Solyce shouldn’t see too many issues on most commonly ran on terrains. Road, sidewalk, grass, or dirt all shouldn’t cause too many issues for the Solyce. For more abrasive or extreme terrains, however, the Solyce is definitely less suitable, especially because of the blades. The blades, though not fragile by any stretch, don’t fare particularly well in rougher conditions, such as in rocky areas. Overall most terrains should not cause any issues for the Springblade Solyce.
The Springblade Solyce is a bit of an interesting case when it comes to price. At release, the Solyce was actually a pretty decent value, which is a bit surprising considering Adidas’ shoes fall on the expensive end more often than not. The shoe is no longer sold from Adidas however, and the current price ranges from decent value to average. That said, for what the shoe offers, if found for a decent price the Springblade Solyce is a pretty good value overall.
Traction refers to the ability of a shoe to grip onto various surfaces. Much like with different terrains, the Springblade Solyce will see the most success on commonly ran on terrains, like city terrains, and dirt and grass. This is mostly due to the Adiwear rubber on the bottom of the blades. Apart from being durable, this material also does a good job of gripping onto most surfaces. Once again traction will suffer on less common surfaces, and caution should definitely be exercised if attempting to use the Solyce on them. Overall though, traction should not be too much of an issue.
Flexibility is key in preventing twists and missteps which can sometimes lead to injury. The main factor for flexibility in the Solyce is the upper, as it is in most shoes. The upper of the Solyce features a mesh design, which is probably the best choice for flexibility. As mentioned above, this is because of the intentionally woven holes in it, which allow the shoe to flex and bend naturally and smoothly. It manages to do this while still maintaining good stability with the overlays, which is key for a safe stride. Overall flexibility in the Solyce is pretty good thanks to the upper.
The key determining factors for stability in the Solyce are the midsole and upper. The midsole contributes with its EVA foam cushioning. By absorbing impacts and shocks, the midsole stabilizes the stride and makes it more smooth and comfortable overall. The upper generates stability with its synthetic overlays, which tightly, but comfortably, secure the foot. This stabilizes the foot from above, which also is beneficial to the stride.
The drop of the Solyce is 10 mm which is fairly standard for a trainer. Most trainers tend to fall in the 10-12 mm range, so the Solyce is not really a standout in this particular case. For most, the drop in the shoe should not be a major issue or bonus.
Key Features
- EVA midsole for added protection
- Polymer blade design for an efficient stride
- Adiwear tipped blades
- Mesh upper with synthetic overlays
- Unique design
Bottom Line
Overall, the Springblade Solyce is a very interesting shoe. It’s defining trait is the use of blades in the outsole for responsiveness, and leads to a unique design and appearance. The upper, outsole, and midsole are all fairly solid, and the shoe as a whole is pretty well constructed. For anyone seeking a bit of a different trainer, the Springblade Solyce is not a bad choice for its price.
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