Asics Gel Foundation 13

The Asics Gel Foundation 13 is the latest version in a long line of stability running shoes. This model has the same durable and protective outsole as its immediate predecessor as well as the same midsole materials and corrective features. Its breathable mesh upper has undergone some changes, such as seamless construction and more targeted ventilation to control hotspots. Unlike earlier versions, which were available in several different color options, this particular model is only featured in dark blue. Reviewers seem to be split over how it compares to other models in its line. Though some feel that this shoe has a more comfortable wear, others feel that it's not as supportive as expected.

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Pros & Cons

-Corrects overpronation

-Very comfortable wear

-Relieves chronic muscle and joint pain

-Enough room for custom insoles

-Durable wear


-Narrower than average fit

-Less supportive than the previous model

-Only available in one color

Key Features
Buyers are pleased to know that the Gel Foundation 13’s outsole remains completely unchanged from the previous version. DuraSponge still constructs the bulk of this shoe’s outsole. A specialized type of blown rubber, this material provides durable protection against rough road surfaces yet still enables a great deal of supportive comfort. In addition, Asics’ trademarked AHAR material is used, once again, to form a crash pad towards the heel for even greater durability and shock absorption. The addition of several flex groves, the same amount found on the Gel Foundation 12, enables the right amount of flexibility while still providing a stable wear.
For the most part, the Gel Foundation 13’s midsole is the same as it was in its predecessor. The bulk of this feature is constructed of SpEVA material, made from combining traditional EVA foam with rubber ball material. This enables greater durability after extended wear as well as a much higher energy return for the runner. Forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning systems are also in place for greater impact absorption and flexibility. Because it’s made to be a stability shoe, a number of corrective features are set in place. First, the Dual-density DuoMax support system provides greater support and stability as well as a more natural run. Guidance Line technology comes in the form of a vertical flex groove, visible from the outsole, that provides balance to the runner’s stride. The Guidance Trusstic System strengthens this feature and provides greater support for the midfoot region.
Without a doubt, the biggest changes to the Gel Foundation 13 have been to its upper. Though it uses the same breathable mesh as its predecessor, which reviewers are extremely happy with, this version is made with seamless construction to eliminate any irritations that that runner may experience. In addition, it has done away with most of its stitched-on overlays in favor of printed on ones that still allow the shoe to maintain its shape. Finally, a ComforDry Sockliner is put in place for greater cushioning and moisture control.
There is no clear online information that indicates how much the Gel Foundation 13 actually weighs. However, buyers can get some idea just by reading online reviews and looking up descriptions of the Gel Foundation 12. Other review sites have stated that this model’s predecessor was slightly heavier than average, with men’s models weighing just above 12 oz while women’ s models rounded out at just over 10 oz. With several reviewers claiming that this newest version was noticeably lighter, it’s safe to assume that it weighs a bit less.
The Gel Foundation 13 offers the same breathable wear as its predecessors, along with some enhancements. Its upper mesh material is now equipped with more targeted ventilation across the entire forefoot, which enables greater control of hotspots. The inclusion of a ComforDry Sockliner further enhances this feature by drawing away moisture and keeping foot odor in check, allowing a cooler and dryer run as well as greater overall comfort.
When it fits correctly, the Gel Foundation 13 is said to be an incredibly comfortable running shoe. The combined materials of its outsole and midsole work together to ensure a high level of impact absorption, and its stabilizing features not only correct the runner’s gait but also work to diminish the likelihood of chronic pain and injuries. Its breathable mesh upper keeps the runner cool and dry throughout the day, and its seamless construction eliminates the possibility of irritations caused by stitching. All of this is enhanced further by the ComforDry sockliner, which provides soft cushioning as well as additional moisture control. Unfortunately, many reviewers say that this model fits extremely narrow and suggest either sizing up or trying them on in store before purchasing. Furthermore, many claim that it gives them much less support than the previous model.
The look of the Gel Foundation 13 is noticeably different from its immediate predecessor. Asics has swapped out most of the model’s stitched on overlays for ones that have been printed on. The mesh material used for its upper is a bit more streamlined and targets its ventilation towards the front of the foot. While the Gel Foundation 12 was available in a multitude of colors, this newer version is only available in dark blue for both men and women. The most obvious difference is that men’s accent colors are black and white, while the women’s are silver and seashell pink.
Unfortunately, there is very little information that describes just how durable the Gel Foundation 13 really is. Reviews of its predecessor, the Gel Foundation 12, indicated that it wasn’t incredibly sturdy but could still hold up to frequent use on everyday terrains. Considering that this model is made of the exact same materials, especially in its outsole and midsole, it’s safe to assume that it has around the same level of durability. As with all other running shoes, proper maintenance and knowing when not to use this model are key to ensuring that it lasts longer.
According to most buyers, the Gel Foundation 13 provides the right amount of protection that runners will need against everyday hazards and injuries caused by overpronation. The DuraSponge outsole and AHAR crash pad protect the rest of the shoe from wear and tear and also aid in impact absorption. Its midsole’s SpEVA material, Gel cushioning, and Dual-density DuoMax support system cushion the foot while providing a high level of energy return and protecting both the runner and the shoe from damage caused by overpronation. Its two main stability features actively correct the runner’s gait, while its mesh upper and ComforDry sockliner keep blisters, infections, and foot odor at bay.
Reviews indicate that buyers are very satisfied with how responsive the Gel Foundation 13 stays throughout the day. The midsole’s SpEVA material provides a much higher level of durability than standard EVA foam, and its Dual-density DuoMax support system prevents damage caused by overpronation. The shoe’s Guidance Line technology and Guidance Trusstic system work together to actively correct the runner’s gait as they are in motion. No matter their pace, or which surface they walk on, reviewers state that they’ve felt completely secure and stable while wearing this model.
Reviewers can’t seem to agree over how supportive the Gel Foundation 13 is. Those who have never worn any of its predecessors are perfectly happy with how well this model supports and balances out their foot throughout the day. On the other hand, those who are familiar with the Gel Foundation line have pointed out that this quality is not as strong as it was in previous versions. It’s hard to determine what may have caused this difference since it still uses all of the same materials. It could be due to a combination of using printed-overlays and a manufacturing flaw in some of the products.
Just like the previous models, the Gel Foundation 13 provides a stable run across different types of road surfaces and everyday terrains. The combination of its DuraSponge rubber outsole and AHAR crash pad provides the runner with durable protection against wear and tear and well as the ability to move securely across wet surfaces. It’s worth pointing out that similar tread patterns are featured on shoes that are intended for light trail running. Though some reviewers have used it for this purpose, it’s best not to make this a constant activity when wearing this model.
Across all online retail platforms, the Gel Foundation 13 runs for $120. This is considered an average price for a high-quality running shoe and especially good for a stability model. There may be some buyers who aren’t used to purchasing well-known brands that may be taken aback by this cost. Yet when they take a good look at the shoe’s corrective qualities, the number of technologies that it contains, and its level of durability, many will feel that this shoe would be worth every penny spent. Of course, a cheaper price can always be found via a reputable listing on Amazon.
Because the Gel Foundation 13’s tread pattern has remained mostly unchanged, it still provides runners with the same incredible traction that they’ve come to expect from this particular line. Its six separating rivets, multiple flex grooves, and diamond-shaped tread pattern are still present to ensure a strong grip on road terrains and everyday surfaces. Several reviewers have even said that they have felt perfectly secure while running across wet surfaces.
Because its main purpose is stability, the Gel Foundation 13 is not intended to be as flexible as most casual running shoes. However, the outsole’s flex grooves paired with Guidance Line technology have allowed runners to experience a moderately pliable wear that feels both secure and natural at the same time. It’s important for shoe designers to find that balance when creating a stability model, and Asics has definitely managed to achieve this.
Those with moderate to severe overpronation are incredibly happy with how corrective the Gel Foundation 13’s wear is. Though its stabilizing features may not be as plentiful as they would be in other models, buyers still feel that it gets the job done very much to their liking. The DuoMax support system is a more enhanced version of EVA foam that reduces the effects of overpronation on both the shoe and the runner. Guidance Line Technology and the Guidance Trusstic system work together to correct the runner's gait while keeping the midfoot area supported. And though most of this model’s overlays are now printed on instead of sewn in, they still help the shoe maintain its shape and ensure that the foot is properly kept in place. Reviews appear to be mixed when it comes to the shoe’s level of correctiveness, with some saying that it surpasses the previous model while others say it’s not as strong.
Like most running shoes, the Gel Foundation 13 features a heel-to-toe drop of 10mm. Its heel cushioning measures 22mm while the toe platform is 12mm. This particular height is considered ideal, as it gives enough heel support to satisfy the average runner without impeding too much on the foot’s natural movement. However, there are some runners that prefer their stability shoes with a low or zero drop platform as they believe this provides them with better posture. Those who prefer this feature can find other models within the Asics brand.
Key Features
-DuraSponge outsole with AHAR crash pad
-SpEVA midsole combined with Gel cushioning
-Dual Density DuoMax support system for stability
-Guidance Line technology to balance the foot
-Guidance Trusstic system for midfoot support
-Breathable mesh upper with seamless construction
-ComforDry sockliner for cushioning and moisture control
-Only available in dark blue shades
Bottom Line
As stated before, reviewers can't seem to agree over how well the Asics Gel Foundation 13 stacks up against other models within its line. And because very little changes were made to this model to separate it from its predecessor, it's easy to see why. The same materials and sole construction were used, allowing the same corrective cushioning and durable wear that runners have come to enjoy. The upper's seamless construction and lack of stitched-on overlays have allowed buyers a more comfortable wear. Yet some still say that this shoe is not as supportive as they would have expected. Still, most reviewers can agree that it gives them a great deal of stabilization and pain relief with still providing a sleek, athletic look.
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By Jessica Pilla
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