Asics Gel Phoenix 8

The Asics Gel Phoenix 8 offers a great running shoe for those looking to own a product that lasts.  As with nearly all Asics models, this line offers extreme durability to last for plenty of runs.  It is a great option for those who overpronate. The durable structure is also great for heavier runners as well.  To match its incredible durability is a surprisingly breathable feature that will keep your feet cool on short and long distance runs.  Furthermore, plenty of users noticed that the Phoenix 8’s have great traction and work smoothly through the gait cycle. Let's take a closer look at the Asics Gel Phoenix 8.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Super comfy
  • Reliable outsole that is long-lasting
  • Great breathability
  • Ideal for overpronating runners
  • Cons
    • Very heavy compared to other Asics models
    • Discontinued
    • Stiff
    • Key Features
      The Gel Phoenix 8 is a great option for mid-level running shoes that overpronators are looking for. It features Rearfoot GEL Cushioning for shock impact minimization. The addition of AHAR high abrasion rubber gives the shoe exceptional durability in the outsole. It also features the newly added AHAR plus, that delivers even more durability and cushioning. These factors make this shoe great for every single ride for almost every foot.
      The midsole makes this shoe a great product for long runs. SPEVA foam gives it the plush cushioning that every runner needs. Underneath the foam is additional gel units in the heel and forefoot to aid in its shock absorbing features. The DuoMax support system is what keeps overpronating styles to a minimum, as it stretches from the midfoot to the heel and over to the medial side.
      The eighth edition of the Phoenix features a more simplistic upper with an engineered mesh for maximum breathability. Synthetic overlays on the upper increase the support and structure of the Gel Phoenix 8. If you love to run at night time these shoes are great because of the 3M reflective materials featured on the outer portion of the shoe. The traditional lace-up enclosure also gives you a snug fit.
      Many of those who have used this line of shoes have noted plenty about to the weight. The Gel-Phoenix 8 may be a little bit on the heavier side for most but it adds to its durability and stability. Extra cushioning and the gel formations on the heel give it added weight. So you must decide if you want protection over lightweight features when thinking about purchasing this shoe.
      As mentioned previously, the breathability of the shoe is top notch. The synthetic mesh overlay which Asics is known for gives every runner the ability to not have to think about hot feet. Short or long distances do not affect its superior breathable features. One of the few updates compared to the 7th model is the quality of airflow that runs throughout the shoe.
      Asics is known for producing very comfortable shoes and they have provided the same with this line. SPEVA technology in the midsole gives premium comfort to every runner. Additionally, SOLYTE midsole material which was added to this model gives the shoe and improved quality of durability and cushioning. Although the shoes are maybe on the heavier side, they definitely offer supreme comfortability.
      The Asics Gel Phoenix 8 look like your average running shoe. For some, that may be an advantage in the style department. For those looking to be a little bit more flashy with the running gear, you may want to look somewhere else. There are very few color choices to choose from, but the classic Asics logo is featured on both the men’s and women’s shoes with great visibility.
      The durability of this shoe is truly unmatched. The outsole is made with patented technology that allows this product to outlast all of its competitors. The SPEVA foam paired with AHAR technologies make the Phoenix 8 a go-to shoe for those looking to get a lot of life out of their equipment. The money is definitely worth the protection.
      At the expense of its added weight, this shoe has decent protection. The added feature of removable sockliner molds to the shape of your foot for added protection during runs. It is especially convenient for those with medical orthotics looking to protect their feet with every exercise. The dual density midsole system also enhances the protective features of the Phoenix 8’s.
      The Rearfoot and Forefoot gel cushioning systems considerably reduce shock impact which results in a responsive ride. The Gel Phoenix 8 is also known for its smooth transition through the gait cycle. Whether or not you are an overpronating runner these shoes are sure to give you great feedback with every step. Overpronators will be happy to use these shoes during every type of run they participate in.
      The Asics Gel Phoenix 8 offers a pretty good amount of support that every rider can appreciate. The patented DuoMax technology provides just the right support for all distances of running. Both sets of AHAR and AHAR plus, offer the outsole a fair amount of support as well. Rearfoot and Forefoot technology will tie the shoe together with exceptional support all around.
      The Phoenix 8’s will be able to take on just about any road terrain. If you are a runner that loves to journey along different paths, this shoe can definitely be your friend along the way. Short or long distances won’t have any adverse effect as you will have a super comfortable and breathable ride throughout. The Phoenix 8’s are workhorses that are sure to give you a dependable run even after plenty of uses.
      The price of this shoe typically ranges depending on what marketplace. Asics website has actually discontinued the line and no longer sells it directly. However, you can find a pair of these shoes typically ranging from about $60 to $100 elsewhere. The price is okay but you will be getting one of the most dependable Asics models, so it may pan out as an investment depending on the type of runner you are.
      Many users have noted that the traction is a quality feature of this shoe. The deep flex grooves in the forefoot, as well as the softer rubber provided, will give every runner considerable grip on road surfaces. Along with its traction characteristics, you will notice a smooth comfortable run which allowс you to take every step with confidence.
      The flexibility in this shoe is subpar compared to other Asics models. Where it lacks flexibility is made up from its durable and sturdy nature. Although it may be less flexible to some, the Gel-Phoenix 8 possesses the flex-grоove technology and strategically placed rivets on the bottom of the shoe to take on all types of terrain. The breathable and protective features may be enough to make up for its lack of flexibility.
      The Gel Phoenix 8’s were made for the overpronating runner but still has the capability to adhere to almost every running style. Every rider will experience a tight and supportive feel with each step allowing you to run with confidence. The midfoot is structured so that the athlete will experience the maximum amount of stability. The patented DuoMax support system also aids in providing additional backing to the shoe.

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      The drop is measured at 10 millimeters. This applies to both the men and women’s version of the Gel Phoenix 8 models. Among other competing shoes in the market, this size is moderate and just about average with many lines of Asics running shoes.
      Key Features of the Asics Gel Phoenix 8
      • AHAR rubber compound for extra cushioning and durability

      • Rearfoot and Forefoot gel cushioning systems reduce shock impact

      • Super breathable mesh overlays

      • Removable sockliner for those with orthotics (so you can, for example, easily place your Plantar Fasciitis inserts inside)
      Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel Phoenix 8 is a long lasting durable shoe that will perform with the same quality after many runs. It is patented with several technologies that specialize in comfortability, support, and structure. Although they might not be super lightweight and flexible, they are extremely breathable in nature and will give you a comfortable ride every time. If you are a heavy set or an overpronating runner, definitely think about investing in this pair of shoes.
      Where to Buy
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