Asics Gel Galaxy 8

The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is a classic-style running shoe that offers neutral cushioning for everyday training. The Galaxy 8 is a heavier shoe that has been described by some runners as clunky or bulky.  The shoe makes up for its bulkiness with ample cushioning. The shoe also features an AHAR carbon rubber outsole which provides protection and traction for the user. In addition, the Galaxy 8 features the classic Gel cushioning found in most Asics brand shoes. Most of the cushioning are in the heel of the shoe, so the Galaxy 8 is likely not a choice for the forefoot or midfoot striker. Heavier runners who require more padding underfoot will find the Galaxy 8 provides comfort, great cushioning, support, and excellent shock absorption.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Ample cushioning
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Price is just right
  • Cons
    • Bulky
    • Shoe is heavier than the average running shoe
    • High heel to toe drop
    • Not a very flexible shoe.
    • Key Features
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 outsole features AHAR carbon rubber technology. The Galaxy 8 features most of this cushiony rubber in the heel, so heel-strikers will find themselves enjoying a nice plush ride with this Asics shoe. The AHAR rubber is placed in the locations where runners will strike the most often. This means that the shoe is quite durable. The Galaxy 8 also features the classic Asics Gel technology seen in many shoes in the Asics line. In the Galaxy 8, the gel is featured mostly in the heel of the shoemaking this shoe a perfect choice for heel-strikers.
      The midsole of the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 features EVA foam. The foam can be found in the length of the shoe and provides a great amount of cushioning for the wearer. Asics Gel cushioning is found in the rear of the shoe and gives the wearer even more protection and padding. The shoe also features Trusstic technology in its midsole. This tech attempts to replicate the inner anatomy of the human foot and offers the wearer aid in propelling forward. It's a neat little bit of technology that is inspired by human anatomy. It offers a bit of responsiveness that the shoe lacks otherwise.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 upper is nothing remarkable. It features a fairly standard lacing system and there is not really anything of note featured in the shoe's upper. However, some improvements have been made. The shoe features breathable mesh as in the past, but in Galaxy 8, the mesh holes are larger offering greater breathability. The upper offers exceptional comfort to the wearer with its breathable interior that contains an Inner Layered Material that wicks moisture. The shoe also features reflective components in its upper and provides visibility even in low light.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is heavier than the average neutral running shoe. The men's version weighs in at 316g and the women's version weighs 310g. The fact that the shoe offers a nice amount of cushioning and has a higher heel to toe drop means that it's definitely a heavier model of shoe. Many runners commented that the shoe was clunky and felt bulky. The shoe does look rather bulky and things don't differ when putting on the shoe. Lighter runners looking for a neutral cushioned shoe might want to select a different option for their training.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 features a mesh upper. In this newer version of the shoe, the mesh holes have been enlarged to allow for better air circulation and breathability. The shoe is also great at wicking moisture due to its Inner Layered Material technology. It's not a shoe that will get you through a triathlon, but it's definitely got what it takes to dry your feet if you are an excessive perspirer. It's good to keep in mind that the Galaxy 8 does feature a snug fit, so breathability is important since a tighter fit might mean more perspiration.
      The comfort of the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is where runners have raved about the shoe. Most runners who have tried out this model have found that the shoe is very comfortable. It offers a nice cushioned ride thanks to its EVA foam midsole and AHAR carbon rubber outsole. The rear gel cushioning also provides good shock absorption. Some runners did note that the shoe was heavy, so someone looking for a lighter more responsive ride is going to want to look elsewhere. The Galaxy 8 is a good option for a heavier runner looking for a little extra padding underfoot.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is your typical running shoe. There's no flash with this shoe. The look is understated and it's designed for the runner who really doesn't care too much about the look and style of their shoe. The Galaxy 8 looks a fair bit like most other Asics brand shoes. The classic look is rehashed in the Galaxy 8. The shoe functions classically as well. It's a solid, cushioned shoe for neutral runners.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 features AHAR carbon rubber in its outsole. The AHAR rubber is found in places on the shoe where the runners will strike the most. This extra protection means that the shoe is very durable. One point where the shoe might have a weak spot is in its breathable mesh upper. Some runners have found that with use, the mesh can break and toes might pop through. This is well before the life of the shoe is over. Some runners with particular gaits might need to pay close attention to how their feet interact with the mesh. For the most part, though, the shoe should last most runners for many miles.
      The AHAR carbon rubber in the Asics Gel Galaxy 8's outsole provides a nice layer of protection for the wearer. All of the shoe's cushioning technology also means that the wearer is protected from excessive shock due to pounding the pavement. It's to be noted, though, that most of the Gel cushioning is in the heel of the shoe. This means that the shoe won't offer as much protection from pounding for forefoot runners. Runners who choose the Galaxy 8 also get reflective features on the shoe's upper which offer protection from vehicle in low light conditions. A runner wearing the Galaxy 8 will also notice a nice snug fit which will protect feet from friction and the potential formation of blisters.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 offers little responsiveness for wearers. What little responsiveness it does provide comes from the Trusstics technology featured in the shoe. The Trusstics system allows runners to propel forward with easy since it mimics the human foot's fascia. Runners will find that they feel an extra kick when wearing the Galaxy 8 and it's a nice feature that makes up for the lack of flexibility and responsiveness in the shoe. The shoe features a 10mm heel-to-toe drop so runners who prefer being close to the ground will want to choose another neutral cushioned option.
      While the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is a neutral shoe, it does offer its wearer a good amount of support. Many runners commented that the comfort of the shoe was thanks to its ample cushioning but also due to its support structure. Runners won't feel their feet flopping around in the Galaxy 8, they will feel secure and supported. The overlay system in the upper helps keep the foot secure and snug in the shoe and provides extra support that runners might want. The shoe is a sturdy classic and is a great choice for runners who want a shoe that feels rooted.
      Thanks to the AHAR carbon rubber the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 can be worn for running on all types of terrain. The rubber provides a solid protective layer for the wearer and allows runners to enjoy runs on trails or pavement. The ample amount of cushioning also offers shock absorption no matter what is underfoot. Runners should note that the Galaxy 8 does not offer very much responsiveness and wearers will find that with a 10mm drop they may not be as close to the ground as they would like. This might be a detriment for those looking to take all their runs on the trails.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is worth its $85 price tag. In fact, it's priced quite fairly. The shoe, being so durable, offers exceptional value. It's not a shoe that will feel flat after a few months of usage. Runners are sure to get quite a bit of mileage out of the Galaxy 8. The AHAR rubber in the outsole provides protection from general use and increases the durability of the shoe and the ample cushioning should continue to feel fresh for months to come. Runners will not feel ripped off after purchasing this shoe.
      The AHAR carbon rubber that is featured in the shoe's outsole provides traction for the runner who chooses the Asics Gel Galaxy 8. The shoe provides the standard amount of traction that you might see in a running shoe. There are no extra features for runners who wish to take these shoes on runs in frosty winter conditions. When running in slippery or icy conditions, runners should take caution and not rely solely on the Galaxy 8's outsole, they will likely want to add grips or spikes to make their run as safe as possible.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is not a very flexible shoe. It features an AHAR carbon rubber outsole which is quite rigid. The most flexible part of the shoe comes from the Trusstic system which aims to mimic the human foot. It provides propulsion forward for the runner wearing the shoe and does feature flexible components. The Galaxy 8, while remaining a more rigid shoe, is more flexible than its predecessors. Asics has removed a few overlays on the upper to allow for more movement by the user. The shoe gets more room to move around and offers an upgrade in terms of flexibility.
      Although the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is a neutral shoe, it offers a good amount of arch support for the wearer. Runners looking for a more substantial neutral shoe will find an option with the Galaxy 8. Increased stability and cushioning do mean that flexibility and responsiveness get sacrificed, though. This is not the shoe for a runner who wants a nice pliable shoe.
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 features a 10mm heel to toe drop. Most runners found this to be too much of a drop and commented that the large heel made the shoe look and feel bulky. It's not a shoe for the person who is looking to feel the earth as they run. The heel to toe drop will definitely be an issue for runners looking for a lighter more responsive shoe. The Galaxy 8 is a more conventional running shoe in this respect.
      Key Features of the Asics Gel Galaxy 8
    • Very comfortable shoe

    • Features protective outsole with AHAR carbon rubber

    • Shoe is very durable thanks to its outsole and ample cushioning

    • Great Price

    • Bottom Line
      The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is the perfect neutral running shoe for the person who needs that extra amount of cushioning to protect their feet and joints. The Galaxy 8 may be on the heavier but it's still packed with positives. It's breathable and moisture wicking. It's also a shoe that is durable thanks to its protective outsole which features AHAR carbon rubber. Thanks to its durability, the shoe is priced well and offers a great value to the runner who chooses it. It's a classic Asics brand shoe that offers value and extraordinary comfort.
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