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Casio Pro Trek 3000 Review Facts

Designed with the mountaineer in mind, the Casio Pro Trek 3000 is the perfect companion for the outdoor adventurer. Boasting helpful features like a built-in altimeter and barometer, this sports watch will be worth its weight in gold for folks who spend a lot of time in the great – but unpredictable – outdoors. This watch will help you get ahead of mother nature and allow you to perform better during your outdoor explorations.

The Pro Trek 3000 is smaller, lighter and slimmer than similar Casio watches on the market, making it a truly great choice for people who hate to feel bogged down by their wearable tech. Speaking of being bogged down by technology, users won’t need to worry about that with this sports watch because it’s solar powered. You won’t be a slave to your charger any longer. Battery running low? Simply take yourself and your watch outside to charge it up.

Let’s take a closer look at this watch and see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Editor's Pros & Cons

-Easy to wear
-Atomic time means never having to set your watch
-Low profile means it won’t catch on clothing
-Accurate altimeter and barometer
-Solar power is long-lasting and convenient
-Backlighting is bright


-Doesn’t offer moon phases or tide information like previous models
-Requires a bit of a learning curve
-Face can be hard to see
-Backlight can be too bright if you’re checking the time in the middle of the night
-Aluminum bezel can be scratched up easily

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  • One of the biggest praises for the Casio Pro Trek 3000 is the slim, streamlined look.
  • For all of the functions, this is still a lightweight watch compared to similar ones from other brands.
  • The backlighting works well.
  • Overall, the functions are easy to set up and use.
  • Solar power means no need to deal with batteries or power cords.
  • Most functions provide a decent level of accuracy.
  • For tracking activities, the functions are useful.
  • According to buyers, this is truly waterproof.
  • The style and size make this good for activity and daily use. It also blends well with more formal dress.
  • The band is soft and comfortable.
  • The alarm clock feature is useful.
  • The backlighting is easy to activate and can be set from 1-3 seconds.
  • Atomic time sync is a well-liked feature.
  • Some buyers compare this watch favorably to the Pathfinder.
  • It is less expensive than some other, similar watches.
  • The aluminum bezel completes the low profile and helps prevent the watch from catching on clothing or gear.
  • The band doesn't tug on skin or hair.
  • The most common complaint is the readability of the display. Most buyers say that unless the lighting is just right, it is necessary to use the backlighting or adjust the watch until the light hits it at the right angle.
  • The backlighting is bright which is good for regular use, but some buyers complain that it can easily be activated while asleep.
  • When worn, the temperature reading may be inaccurate.
  • Most of the functions are designed for tracking activity and are less accurate during regular use throughout the day.
  • The negative display is more for style than function.
  • There are a significant number of reports about static electricity resetting the watch. For some people it happens regularly making this watch unreliable.
  • Some buyers report having problems getting help from Casio customer service about defects with this watch.
  • For people with wide wrists, the band may be uncomfortably short.
  • Many buyers are disappointed with the quality of the band.
  • The alarm is quiet. It is not recommended for deep sleepers.
  • There is no way to extend the backlighting time beyond 3 seconds. This is very inconvenient for checking anything other than the time in the dark.
  • Strong solar power charging can be an issue in areas with long periods of overcast weather.
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Though you can wear this watch for everyday use and as a regular wrist watch, Casio constructed the Casio Pro Trek 3000 with the rugged adventurer in mind. With access to information like altitude, barometric pressure, a digital compass, and current temperature, the folks who will get the most use out of this watch are those who spend a lot of time in nature.
Basic Features

Basic Features

The Pro Trek 3000 is a low-temperature resistant sports watch, which can be used in temperatures as low as -10°C or 14°F. This simply means that you can expect your watch to continue to operate down to these frigid temperatures, making it a really viable option for folks who like to adventure on mountaintops. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, so you won’t need to worry about taking it off to protect it from the rain. Users will also have access to a world clock, a digital compass, and sunrise and sunset data.
Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Casio really built upon the previous version with the Pro Trek 3000. This sports watch allows its users to stay ahead of mother nature with the various types of measurements it offers. It can measure altitude (your height in relation to sea level) in one-meter increments (whereas some of the earlier models could only offer 5 meter increments). It displays compass readings while measuring continuously for 60 seconds where previous versions could only measure for 20 seconds. The watch also uses a new Barometric Pressure Tendency Alarm which is useful because it will alert you if it senses any sudden pressure changes in your environment.


This watch features Casio’s Triple Sensor technology that ensures it is accurate. These sensors are very sensitive and will measure changes in the atmosphere and your environment with absolute precision. This tech consists of three very small sensors that consume 90% less energy in this model than previous options from Casio. These sensors will measure direction, altitude, barometric pressure and temperature. Most reviewers found the altimeter and barometer to be fairly consistent and accurate.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

The Pro Trek 3000 features one-touch access to the compass, altitude and barometer readings and the temperature to make it easy for users to get the readings they want when they want them. Some reviewers mentioned there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to operating the watch and understanding the readings, but once you’re used to what the watch has to offer, it’s intuitive to use and comprehend.
Power Source

Power Source

This watch requires no annoying cords to fumble with or to remember to take with you on your adventures. You can truly unplug in nature with the Casio Pro Trek 3000 because it charges with the sun. Yes, this is a solar-powered watch, making it truly the best option for the real outdoors lover. In order to charge it, you just need to wear it in a well-lit place and even using artificial light at home will charge it. It needs only a little bit of light to recharge and should last up to seven months without needing to be recharged. In order to maximize its battery life, the watch goes into a sleep mode when it remains unused for a period of time. As soon as you hit a button on the watch, it turns back on and is available for immediate usage.


This sports watch features Casio’s Radio Watch Technology. The greatest benefit from this tech is that once you have set the watch to the right time zone, a built-in antenna will receive signals from six different transmission stations worldwide – Japan, China, North America, United Kingdom, and Germany - and will automatically correct the time for you. The atomic timekeeping function on the Pro Trek 3000 has come highly praised from most of the reviewers of this product.


Because this isn’t a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled watch, there is no way to connect it with your smartphone. The Pro Trek 3000 isn’t necessarily geared towards people who are looking to track their distance, heart rate, or steps. Folks looking for that kind of feedback would be better suited looking at something like the Apple Watch Series 3 or the FitBit Charge 2. This sports watch is less of a smartwatch and more of an accessory for the extreme sport loving athlete and as such, there currently are no compatible apps with the Casio Pro Trek 3000.


Because the Pro Trek 3000 is smaller and lighter than other Pro Trek options, it is incredibly comfortable as well. Weighing just 64 grams, you should find that the watch shouldn’t weigh you down at all. In fact, many users commented that it didn’t even feel like they were wearing a watch at all. It is slimmer than other similar products and won’t catch on your clothing. The band is soft and comfortable and the lug shoulders fit the wrist perfectly.


Rugged – that’s the best word to describe this sports watch. Everything about it practically begs to be taken out into the great outdoors. Though this Pro Trek 3000 style is smaller than other Casio options, don’t let its small size fool you. It is remarkably durable. Made from a plastic resin, the watch features a stainless steel backing and an aluminum bezel. The low-profile bezel provides a classy look versus the bumpy g-shocks that are present on some of the other Casio models. The glass is scratch-proof and many reviewers commented that they put the watch through hell and back and the glass face held up. The watch is available in three different colors – blue, pink or black.


The MSRP for this watch is $300. That said, this isn’t the newest Casio model on the market so you should be able to find it for considerably cheaper than that if you search. For example, at the time of writing, Amazon is selling this model for as low as $182.


Made with a durable outer shell, this solar-powered Casio watch will likely beat most of its competitors in terms of both durability and battery life. The shell of the watch is not only water-resistant, but temperature-resistant as well. Users will be able to take the watch down 100 meters and it can last to temperatures of 14° Fahrenheit (or -10° Celsius). These features make the Pro Trek 3000 incredibly durable, perfect for nearly any environmental factor you throw its way. Where there seem to be some issues with durability is the polyurethane band and the bezel along the glass case. The watch band tends to show a bit of wear and tear after a few months of usage and the bezel is prone to scratching.


The Casio Pro Trek 3000 features a negative display which, in certain lighting situations, can greatly diminish the visibility of the screen. The decision to use this kind of display seems to be mostly aesthetic as many users did not find it to offer much besides a cool, minimalist look. In a certain light, you will have to tilt the watch face around to find the best angle at which to view the information you’re looking for on your watch.

This watch features a very bright auto LED backlight with afterglow. The feelings on this backlight were mixed from reviewers. Some praised this highly effective lighting. Others found that the backlight is too bright if you accidentally activate it in the middle of the night and that the timer for the light needs to be longer. As it is, the backlight will turn off after three seconds and some users felt that wasn’t enough time to find the function you’re looking for on the watch.


The band is made from a soft urethane material that provides a nice, comfortable fit on the wrist. There are wings underneath that act as a bridge between the band and the watch itself. Some folks didn’t like the look of the band and instead opted for a different style which is available through third-party markets online. That said, there were some users who preferred the look of the simple band over the chunkier versions that are present in some of Casio’s other models. This will come down to your personal preference, of course. Some wearers had concerns over whether or not the polyurethane material will hold up over time.


The Pro Trek 3000 features a low profile and very lightweight design. There aren’t any big bulky buttons or bumps that other sports watches sometimes have. It’s not oversized or obnoxiously large and reviewers commented that it fits a female wrist just as well as a males. The watch tucks away nicely under long sleeved shirts. Some users with larger wrists may have issues with the band length.


This sports watch doesn’t come with any additional accessories and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the third-party market that you can pair with this. It is a very basic watch when it comes to technological offerings.
Key Features

Key Features

-Low-temperature resistance (to -10°C or 14°F)
-The barometer to measure the atmospheric pressure
-Altimeter to determine altitude attained
-Uses radio signal reception
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Overall, the Casio Pro Trek 3000 comes highly recommended from us and many of its current users. When it comes time to decide whether or not this is the watch you want to take with you on your adventures, you must first ask yourself if you need the technology that it is offering. There is no shortage of sports or smart watches available on the market and each come with their own unique features. What sets the Pro Trek 3000 apart from other products is that it’s made with the extreme athlete in mind. Take this watch out on the mountains or hiking and you’ll find the altimeter and the barometer to be extremely useful features that aren’t available on a lot of current smartwatches. The digital compass will come in handy for any outdoor adventurer and having instant access to the sunrise/sunset data is a definite bonus for folks who have found themselves out at dusk, losing light. As previously mentioned in our review, this isn’t necessarily the watch for you if you’re hoping to calculate your daily steps, calories burned and heart rate as it doesn’t offer any of this information. At $300, this sports watch might cost a bit more than it's worth but if you’re able to find it at a cheaper price point online, we recommend you go for it if you think you’ll use the features that it offers.