Casio Pro Trek 3100

This is a watch for the most extreme outdoors people amongst us. This is not a watch for the casual runner who is looking to find the pace for their 5ks. This watch is designed for folks who are potentially spending days at a time in the wilderness. This updated 3100 has sensors that are 95% smaller for a sleeker and lighter fit with the same advanced technology. It is designed using advanced technology that connects it to a variety of different signal towers around the world. It is charged by the sun and can stay charged up to 22 months! While this isn’t a watch that will record your splits and pace, it is expertly designed to track altitude gains, changes in air pressure, and ascent and descent rates for up to 14 different treks. The design is geared toward durability and protection as opposed to style and fashion. Since this watch relies on the highest level of tech and is designed to keep you safe and active while out on your toughest treks and adventures, the price tag is not low. This watch is an investment and should not be purchased by the novice hiker or athlete.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • Very durable
  • Long battery life
  • Cons
    • Expensive
    • Not suited for the novice athlete
    • Key Features
      Although this watch can be worn during everyday activities, it really shines under the most aggressive outdoor conditions. The watch face and band are made using high tech, durable materials that are designed to last a lifetime and stay intact regardless of the touch trail and weather elements that may face the hiker. Since the watch comes equipped with an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer, it is best suited for long hikes and hiking at high and sometimes dangerous altitudes where the weather can change quickly.
      Basic Features
      This watch is full of features. In addition to basic time telling, the basic features of this watch provide the hiker with the ability to set alarms, set timers, and adapt the face setting based on the level of sunlight. By simply flipping the wrist toward you, the light will illuminate so that you can always see the face, even if you don’t have a free hand available. In addition to telling the time, this watch also displays the time until sunrise and sunset so you can plan your hiking, camping, and fishing expeditions accordingly.
      Advanced Features
      What really sets the Casio Pro Trek 3100 apart from other watches is its ability to communicate weather and altitude conditions to the wearer. Based on the accumulated pressure of the atmosphere, the pressure sensor is able to determine the altitude. Not only can the watch communicate the altitude of each trek, it has a unique detail that stores the data of each trek to show the gains in altitude during ascent and descent. This summary helps the athlete compare treks and set new goals. In addition to the altimeter features, this watch also has a barometer that hikers can use to track dangerous weather patterns. Since hiking in higher altitudes can often mean sudden and dangerous changes in the weather, the watch is designed to display pressure changes on the watch face. Falling pressure means worse weather on the horizon while rising pressure means that the weather is going to clear up. Finally, the watch also offers a digital compass to keep you safe and heading in the right direction on longer adventures.
      This watch is one of a kind in that it uses Casio’s patented Mutliband 6 to connect to 6 different transmission stations around the world via a radio controlled system. This system automatically updates data and is able to precisely calculate altitude, air pressure, temperature, and provide a compass as well. Advanced trekkers appreciated the accuracy and precision that is offered in this watch.

      Since this watch connected via a radio controlled system from different transmission stations around the world, the watch works best when it is in a smaller radius of one of these stations. Since there are 6 stations around the world, two in Europe, one in North America, one in Japan, and one in China, it is difficult to ever be too far out of the radius.
      Since this watch connects via multiple radio controlled systems around the world, this watch isn’t compatible with the type of technology that attaches to your phone. This watch is more geared toward the extreme athlete and less geared toward the runner or athlete who is looking to track their calories and steps and compare them to friends on social media.
      At 72 grams, this is a heavier watch than some others on the market. This can be attributed to the scratch resistant sapphire glass that is slightly thicker and heavier than a less durable material would be. Additionally, the band of the watch is uniquely designed to stand up to the elements which makes is slightly heavier too. Granted, this is by no means a heavy watch and athletes reported that the entire fit was extremely comfortable.
      This watch certainly has an extreme sports aesthetic. This watch is not designed for the fashionista in mind and instead, achieves a rugged look that translates that the wearer means business. The band is black as is the steel bezel. The color options are very limited and are designed to blend in as opposed to stand out.
      Athletes were extremely impressed with the overall durability of this watch. It is designed to withstand high altitudes and extreme temperatures. The actual watch face is stretch and shatter resistant and made with a sapphire glass that is covered with a non-reflective coating. The Bezel is constructed with powerful stainless steel that is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Casio even considered durability when they designed the band of the watch. The band has inserts of carbon sheets that provide tensile resistance. Wearers don’t need to worry about the band fraying or falling off during activity.

      The watch face of the Casio Pro Trek 3100 has a few different advanced features. For starters, the lighting system of the watch is designed to provide hands-free illumination. By simply flipping the face of the watch toward the body, the face will illuminate without the need to press any buttons. The face of the watch is made from an advanced scratch resistant sapphire glass. It is also covered with a non-reflective coating. Additionally, the watch face is virtually indestructible so athletes don’t need to worry about it cracking.
      The band is unique in that it also contains materials that add durability. Casio made sure to consider all aspects of durability in the creation of this watch and they added carbon figure sheets into the band of the watch to make it tear resistant. This provides a comfortable, flexible fit that is strong and durable.
      Sizes Available
      This watch comes in a standard one size fits all model. The band has multiple sizing options and can be adjusted to fit any wrist size.
      Ease of Use
      If you are familiar with tracking altitude, air pressure, temperature, gains and losses in elevations, and finding your way through the wilderness, this watch will be very easy to use and understand for you. However, because this watch comes equipped with these advanced tracking features, it isn’t a watch that is suggested for the novice hiker or the runner who is looking for a tool to track pace and distance. This is a watch for the extreme hiker and if that describes you, this is an easy watch to use and read.
      Power Source
      This watch has a very unique power source. In addition to being powered by the sun, using Casio’s patented Tough Solar technology, and being able to retain a charge for up to 22 months, the watch relies on the advanced technology of the MultiBand 6. This is a radio controlled system that is built into the watch and designed to receive signals from 6 transmission stations around the world.
      This watch is not suggested for the hiker on a tight budget. Since this watch uses the most cutting-edge technology and is designed to last a lifetime, athletes should expect to pay a pretty penny for this watch. This is not a watch that is suggested for the novice hiker and instead should be reserved for the more extreme athletes.

      The Pro Trek 3100 comes with a variety of fun accessories. The watch has the capacity to track the time and conditions in 48 cities worldwide. It also is water resistant up to 100 meters of water and is designed to withstand temps as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.
      Key Features
      - Scratch resistant Sapphire glass watch face
      - Non-reflective coating on watch face
      - Water resistant up to 100 meters
      - Battery life up to 22 months
      - Counts down time to sunset and sunrise
      - Auto light switch
      - Stopwatch, alarm clock, and compass functions
      - Tough Solar technology uses the sun to charge the watch
      - Ability to track altitude, barometric pressure and temperature
      Bottom Line
      This is a watch for the true outdoorsman. Casio applies their signature technology features that allow this watch to connect via radio signals to 6 different worldwide transmission stations. The accuracy of the readings that this watch provides is spot on and help to keep the hiker safe in treacherous conditions. Since this watch is charged via Tough Solar technology, it can hold a charge for up to 22 months. In addition to the simple features like alarms clocks, stopwatch, and hands-free illumination on the watch face, the Casio Pro Trek 3100 can also measure air pressure which is a great indication of weather changes. This watch can withstand temps as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and is water resistant up to 100 meters. All of these bells and whistles come at a price, and athletes should be prepared to find a higher price tag attached to this watch. Although the price is much higher than other watches, the durability level is also very high and athletes reported that this watch is virtually indestructible and an excellent investment.
      Where to Buy
      By Stacey O'Connor
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      Where to buy
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