Casio Pro Trek 600

If the Casio Pro Trek 6000 is a bit too expensive for your taste, the 600 is a lower-priced alternative with nearly all of the same features. The 600 offers the same excellent battery life as the higher-cost 6000. The design is a bit paired down compared to the more expensive alternative. The result is a less cluttered look overall. So, what’s missing? The only thing of note that’s been omitted in the model is the lack of an atomic clock. But even without this feature, the watch is incredibly accurate and manages to pack in most of the features of its pricier counterpart. 

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Pros & Cons
  • Watch face easy to read
  • Great battery life
  • Comfortable band
  • Accurate sensors 
  • Cons
    • Steep learning curve
    • Expensive 
    • Key Features
      Like the 6000, the 600 is designed for everyday wear. Casio clearly had outdoor enthusiasts in mind when creating the watch both in terms of form and function. The Pro Trek series offers watches perfect for hiking and multi-day trips in the great outdoors thanks to their fantastic battery life and their rugged nearly ‘everything-proof’ construction.

      You could easily just wear the device as a watch using it solely for timekeeping, but why would you? The quality matches the price, but it also speaks to the amount of included features packed into the 600.
      Basic Features
      If you’ve read our Pro Trek 6000 review, you already know all there is to know about the 600 since the feature set is essentially the same. The only difference? No radio-controlled atomic clock. Considering the hefty price drop, for some this might not feel like too much of a drawback.

      If you haven’t perused our 6000 review, here’s what you might find in terms of basic functions on the lower cost Pro Trek. Of course, there’s an analog clock. But there’s also a digital display, just in case you need to brush up on your clock reading skills. It can display time in 12 or 24-hour format. The watch features a backlight for when you need to check the time in low light conditions and, like the 6000, it gives users a look at 29 different time zones. It functions as a stopwatch and timer, too. Never forget about a meeting or the sunrise ever again thanks to its five built-in alarms, and the watch also shows you what’s going on with the battery so you’ll know as soon as you need to power it up, though that might take a while.
      Advanced Features
      We weren’t lying. The Pro Trek 600 is basically the same in terms of functionality as the 6000. It also features Casio’s Triple Sensor Navigation. Since the original release of the series, the sensors have decreased in size, so the watch is a lot less bulky. The three sensors included are a compass, thermometer and altimeter/barometer. Everything you need for some serious time in the outdoors.

      Like its higher-cost companion, the 600 is solar powered, which makes it a great watch for those who spend a lot of time outside and not near a wall outlet. Charging requires exposure to light, and you’re good to go. Powering up this way means that frequent charging isn’t needed, so long trips without visits back to civilization are possible.

      The 600 also has a calendar feature so even if you’ve lost track of the day of the week, your watch won’t. And, did we mention? It’s also water resistant down to 100 meters.
      In terms of accuracy, the 600 pretty much matches the 6000, except for the fact that it lacks an atomic clock. Reviewers found the watch delivered accuracy-wise and there were no reports of significant malfunctions of the Triple Sensor technology. Casio actually shrunk down the sensors in the 600 to eliminate bulk and ensure a slim, comfortable profile. That doesn’t mean the sensors don’t work as well. Technology gets smaller, but performance stays the same!
      The Pro Trek 600 has a digital display in addition to its analog watch face but other than its built-in features the device is not intended to connect or transmit to other accessories.
      The 600 is not meant to be used with your smartphone. Unlike the various smartwatches on the market, the Casio brand timepiece is not Bluetooth compatible. Everything is intended to be viewed on the watch itself. This is good news for those who prefer to keep their phone time to a minimum. If you want a watch that provides you with loads of app-based features, you’re looking for a smartwatch.
      Wearers found the band acceptably comfortable for daily use, though some pointed out that the chunky metal backplate was a little uncomfortable against the skin if worn for long periods of time.

      The 600 features the same outdoor-oriented design as its pricier cousin, the 6000. The design is a little bit more refined thanks to an entirely black bezel. Chunky numbers are easy to read and larger than those on the 6000. The font looks a little clumsy but the lower cost watch still manages to sport a sleek design.
      The reinforced Pro Trek is resistant to temperatures down to -10C. That’s good, but for severe weather conditions in northern climates, the watch might not perform as well. It’s also water resistant up to 100 meters. What makes the Casio device super rugged isn’t just its tough design, though, it’s the fact that you can head out to the wilderness for days at a time without even needing to think about charging it. The solar-powered watch can hold a charge for a long while so you can focus on your adventures and worry less about lugging around accessories like portable power packs.
      The round-faced Pro Trek has a fairly easy to read screen. Users didn’t report any visibility issues and appreciated the bright backlight. The screen is well-designed with enough contrast that it’s readable without the backlight even in low light conditions. Compared to the 6000, the analog clock numbers are large and very clear. The digital display is also very visible. Overall, the watch looks a lot less cluttered than the 6000.

      The 600 is available in two band styles. There’s a breathable silicone band made of Dura-soft material and a cloth material option. Reviewers liked the feel of both of the bands.
      Sizes Available
      The watch is available in a single size but has an adjustable closure. The watch is relatively wide at 51mm, which makes it a bit big for those with small wrists. The watch is fairly slim at 13mm, but some users complained that the steel backing felt too thick for comfort. Overall, the watch weighs just under 80 grams. For such a rugged device, it’s an appropriate weight.
      Ease of Use
      Both the 600 and 6000 include complex features that require some getting used to. If you want to get the most out of the Pro Trek series of watches, you’ll need to open up the manual. The manual is required to properly calibrate the device and ensure you’re using its Triple Sensor navigation features correctly. If you’re not looking for a watch with a learning curve, opt for something more straightforward because this isn’t for newbies.
      Power Source
      The solar-powered Casio 600 watch has a slightly longer advertised battery life than the 6000. The difference is minimal, though, at seven months on a charge. At its very maximum, the watch can go a little longer than two years, that’s with power saving mode enabled. The bottom line to take away from this is that the device’s Photovoltaic battery means business.
      Reviewers found the price consistent with the value and construction of the device. Compared to the 6000, the 600 is almost half the price. The biggest and most important difference being the lack of an atomic clock. The design is beautiful, but the construction is of slightly lesser quality. Still, for the same features, including Casio’s Triple Sensor Navigation technology, the 600 is an excellent buy.
      The Casio Pro Trek watch isn’t compatible with any accessories so leave the chest strap at home, stow away your smartphone, and focus on the adventure.
      Key Features
      - Analog and digital clocks
      - Triple Sensor Navigation includes a compass, thermometer, barometer
      - Solar powered with Tough Solar Power
      - LED backlight for nighttime and low light visibility
      - Water resistant (100M) and temperature resistant (-10C)
      - 29 Time Zones
      - Timer
      - Battery indicator
      - Automatic calendar
      Bottom Line
      If the high price of the 6000 is holding you back, the Pro Trek 600 is a reliable alternative at nearly half the cost. Although it doesn’t have the fancy radio-controlled atomic clock of its cousin-device, the 600 contains an almost identical feature set and a similarly sleek design. The watch is just as rugged as its more expensive alternative and certainly looks the part of a serious outdoor timepiece.
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      By Steph Coelho
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