Casio Pro Trek 6000

The Casio Pro Trek 6000 is a rugged workhorse of a watch perfect for someone who loves the outdoors but doesn’t want to be bogged down with features like GPS and smart tracking. The sophisticated watch is sleek enough for everyday wear but its tough appearance isn’t just for looks. This watch means business. Ultra-durable and built for long-lasting performance, the Pro Trek offers unmatched accuracy and reliability. The features take some time to learn and get used to and the watch doesn’t offer any kind of state of the art technology but for those looking for a classic outdoor watch option, the Casio is a solid pick. 

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Attractive, rugged design
  • Lightweight 
  • Accurate readings
  • Solar powered 
  • Cons
    • Expensive 
    • Lacks features of comparably priced watches 
    • Key Features
      The Pro Trek 6000 is best for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer to rely on a compass and barometer to track movement and weather patterns instead of using GPS. At its most basic, the watch acts as a timer keeper but it’s much more than that as you’ll read shortly. This isn’t a watch for a beginner, though. The learning curve is significant and the setup isn’t particularly straightforward or easy. But for the seasoned outdoors person the 6000 is an invaluable, reliable tool. For hiking, climbing, and running in the wilderness, the Casio provides information that doesn’t require a strong GPS signal. A radio-controlled atomic clock provides users with accurate time data and solar-powered backup power means this watch can be used for days and months on end without needing a charge. This makes it a perfect companion for ultra long outdoor excursions.

      Basic Features
      The radio-controlled atomic clock provides users with accurate time of day with a world clock function that shows users 29 different time zones. The time is displayed in both analog and digital format and a LED backlight keeps things visible when the light outside is minimal. The clock also delivers an hourly time alert and users have the option of setting up to five alarms. The watch also has a stopwatch feature and a countdown timer.
      Advanced Features
      While the Casio Pro Trek doesn’t offer GPS data, the watch does have fairly sophisticated capabilities. Even if it’s not particularly high-tech, its old-school features are reliable and work well. The watch has a compass that works at a basic level to help with navigation, though users must be sure to calibrate the compass before use and take bearings while holding the watch steady.

      Also included are a barometer, altimeter, and temperature sensor. Users can find altitude data displayed on the watch and use the watch to record climbs and descents. The watch can record up to 30 events of this nature. The barometer, useful for weather tracking, has a built-in alarm to warn users of severe changes in pressure. An indicator is also visible on the screen. The watch also graphs this data but users weren’t particularly impressed by this function saying they were hard to read and not very useful.

      The atomic watch is also water resistant up to 100M and its clock hands move out of the way when users try to view or use the digital display. Then there’s the battery. As a solar-powered unit, the Casio 6000 is one of the most reliable options on the market making it an exceptional choice for multi-day (or month) adventures in the wilderness. Charging is rarely required, especially if conditions are sunny.
      Thanks to its radio-controlled atomic clock the 6000 keeps extremely accurate time. Users also reported the altimeter as quite accurate, as well. Accuracy, however, requires careful calibration. Users mentioned that they found the temperature sensor function a bit temperamental and highly variable because of body heat interference.

      The Casio Pro Trek does not offer any connectivity functions. It is not GPS enabled and does not have Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity.
      The 6000 is also not compatible with any apps.
      Reviewers reported that the Casio Trek fit well and felt good when worn all-day on the wrist. A few found the watch a bit bulky but most weren’t aware of the watch after an hour or so.
      Choosing the Casio Pro Trek gets you an ultra-rugged design. It looks outdoor adventure ready and it certainly is. The complex display design isn’t just for looks, however, there’s plenty of functionality behind that serious looking exterior.
      The tough outdoor Pro Trek is resistant to changes in temperature, is water resistant up to 100 meters, and can withstand shock. It’s one of the most durable watches available making it perfect for particularly taxing outdoor situations and environments. The strap, too, is nice and thick and resistant to breaking or warping.
      Sturdy like the rest of the 6000, the 12.8 mm thick casing is made of sturdy non-reflective material so glare is kept to a minimum. The round watch face features both an analog and digital display.
      The Casio watch band is made of tough resin material and features a strong buckle clasp that can easily be adjusted on the fly.
      Sizes Available
      The Pro Trek is available in a single size but features an easily adjustable buckle clasp.
      Ease of Use
      Although it doesn’t have the many menus and navigation issues inherent in some high-tech GPS fitness smartwatches, the Casio-brand device has its own drawbacks in terms of ease of use. Users found the setup to be pretty tricky. Many also reported that using the full range of features included a steep learning curve. This isn’t a watch for outdoor newbies. A bit of know-how is required to properly utilize all of its features.
      Power Source
      The 6000 utilizes Tough Solar technology for super convenient solar charging on-the-go. When away from a power source, exposure to light is all you need to juice the device back up to life. The rechargeable battery has a 6-month charge capacity but can easily be recharged outdoors thanks to its solar-powered construction. This makes it an appropriate tool for very long outdoor trips.
      The biggest drawback of the Casio Pro Trek? The high price tag. It’s a super expensive watch considering its feature set. What you’re paying for isn’t high-tech GPS tracking or sophisticated built-in algorithms. The value comes from the watch’s ultra-durable construction, extremely reliable readings, and exceptional battery life.
      Casio points out that a second compass could be useful for intense excursions that require extremely precise navigation but otherwise, the watch is not compatible with or intended to be used with other accessories.
      Key Features
      - Barometer
      - Compass
      - Altimeter
      - Thermometer
      - Atomic clock
      - Solar powered and rechargeable
      - 29 time zones
      - Waterproof (100M)
      - Stopwatch
      - Timer
      - LED backlight
      - 5 alarms
      Bottom Line
      The Casio Pro Trek 6000 provides exceptional battery life with solar power for backup making it an extremely reliable device for outdoor expeditions that may last days, weeks, or months. It’s not GPS enabled, so why buy it? The rugged design, primo battery life, and ultra-accurate radio controlled atomic timekeeping. If you want something that’s stripped down but still delivers important information, the Pro Trek is a premium solution.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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      Where to buy
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