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Do Nike Shoes Run Big, Small, or True to Size?

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Do Nike Shoes Run Big, Small, or True to Size? Do Nike Shoes Run Big, Small, or True to Size? www.runnerclick.com

Nikes have a reputation of running a little small. In most cases, many styles of Nikes boast a narrow fit which may fit a little too tightly for runners with even slightly wider-than-average feet.

If your feet are on the slim side, you will likely find that Nikes run true to size across the board. However, if your feet are just a little bit wide, you may benefit from opting for a half size larger than your standard size. 

The general rule of thumb when shopping around for a new pair of Nikes is when you are in doubt; sizing a half size bigger is always your best option. There wasn’t a single style of Nikes that ran big. 

Below, I have compiled a list of some of the most popular Nike trainers on the market and the consensus on their sizing. 

Air Force: True to size for Air Force low, runs small for mid to high tops.

Air Max 90: Runs slightly narrow, runners with wide feet should size ½ size up.

Air Max 270: Runs slightly narrow, runners with wide feet should size ½ size up.

Cortez: True to size with narrow toe box, Wide feet should size ½ size up.

FlyKnit: True to size. 

Free RN: True to size.

MetCon: True to size. (Many found that this shoe fits tightly at first but breaks in with time).

React: True to size.

Vapormax: True to size with a narrow toe box. Runners with wider feet may benefit from sizing ½ size up.

ZoomFly: Runs small. Runners should opt for ½ size larger than normal.

Nike vs. Adidas

If you are jumping from Nike to Adidas, it’s better to get a half-size larger. Generally, Adidas tends to run true to size with a roomy toe box and midfoot. Adidas running shoes are built to be a little bit wider, perfect for runners with average to wide feet.

Nike, on the other hand, is made relatively narrow. 

If you have narrow feet, you will fit that Nikes will fit like a glove, while Adidas running shoes are designed for runners with average to wide feet. 

Are There Any Styles Of Nikes Built For Wide Feet?

If you have wide feet, sizing a half size larger than you would generally wear will ensure that your trainers fit your feet well. However, if you want a pair of Nikes designed explicitly for wider feet, there are some options worth checking out. 

Air Zoom Pegasus: The fit of the mesh upper on this running shoe fits your foot like a glove. It has a slightly wider frame than what we have seen with other Nikes, making it a perfect choice for runners that want a shoe specifically made for wider feet.

Plus, the Flywire cables help to sculpt the ideal fit for your feet. 

Revolution: If you need plenty of room in the toe box to let your toes naturally splay inside of the shoe, the Nike Revolution is worth checking out. This shoe is incredibly responsive and boasts a durable rubber outsole for a comfortable ride, and the mesh upper contours to the shape of your foot.

While most Nikes have that classic tapered toe box, the Revolution keeps things nice and roomy. 

Lunar Glide: One look at this shoe, and you know that it is built with runners with wide feet. The squared design gives your toes plenty of room to naturally splay, and the roomy midfoot won’t squeeze the life out of the top of your feet.

The addition of Flywire cables boost lockdown, and subtle stability features guide your stride into a nice and even gait cycle. 

Always Try Them On At The End Of The Day

Trying on shoes (or measuring your feet) is essential with any brand of running shoes, but even more important when trying on Nikes. Your feet will naturally swell as you move throughout the day, which means they will be slightly larger at night than first thing in the morning. 

Since Nikes tend to run a little narrow, it’s even more important to try them on in the evening with your feet are at their widest. While they may fit perfectly in the morning, you will find that they may fit a little too tightly in the evening!

When In Doubt, Size Up

No matter what style of Nike you select, there are almost no instances where runners feel that they run too large. More often than not, runners have reported that their Nike trainers fit their feet a little too tightly. If you are unsure what size will fit your feet perfectly, it’s always better to go a half size larger.

With adaptive lacing and Flywire cables built into most designs, it’s much easier to create a secure fit on a shoe that’s a little too big than too small!

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