Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300

For many runners, winter is a tough time.  It may mean that you either move your running to a gym or taking a break from running altogether. Luckily, there is a solution.  The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is specially designed to run on snow, ice, and other winter terrains.  The British company is well known for its range of innovative products for trail running, and this shoe is no different.  Looking forward to long runs?  This shoe also shines on long runs in tough winter conditions.

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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight
  • Specially designed for long runs in cold weather conditions
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Delivers phenomenal grip on the most difficult terrains
  • Cons
    • The shoe is equipped with numerous spikes that are great for winter running but won't work on other terrains.
    • The shoe is rather expensive.
    • Available in just two color schemes
    • Key Features
      Like many other shoes from Inov-8, the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is packed with many features. The OROC™ outsole is made of two types of sticky rubber. The high wear areas feature a harder rubber compound to ensure the shoe’s durability.

      Softer rubber is used everywhere else to provide good traction on various surfaces. The sole is also equipped with Inov-8 proprietary multi-directional lugs that further enhance the traction. Finally, the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 features more tungsten carbide spikes than ever before. The spikes provide a solid grip on a variety of terrain.
      The midsole features the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 POWER-FLOW technology which is a new synthetic rubber layer that provides both protection and comfort. Thanks to this technology, the Arctic Claw 300 midsole provides about 10% more shock absorption and 15% better energy return compared to other similar shoes.

      To protect the foot from the metal spikes on the outsole, the shoe is fitted with the PROTECT shank, a 4-finger polymer that has the same flexibility as the Inov-8’s Meta-Shank™ but also provides additional protection from the impacts of the metal spikes in the OROC™ outsole.

      Together the solutions creates reliable underfoot shock absorption for long distances runs on difficult winter terrains.
      The upper of the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is made of tough mesh and synthetic rubber that provide enhanced flexibility, comfort, and durability. The last characteristic is supported by a full welded rand that goes around the whole shoe, strengthening its form and adding protection from the elements.

      For further protection, the shoe features unique on-the-shoe gaiter hooks. The gaiters may be securely attached to the shoes making them even more water-, snow- and debris-proof.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is very light taking into account its firmness and numerous metal spikes on the outsole. A US Men's 9 shoe weights only 11 oz.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 provides good breathability, thanks to its mesh upper and lining. These features protect the foot from the harsh, cold weather while allowing it to breathe at the same time.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is comfortable enough for most feet with neutral pronation. The shoe is a unisex model, and it has a standard fit and standard sizing. It has a more close-fitting heel lock and a wider toe box that lets the toes to splay when needed.

      This kind of fit is perfect for long-distance running. It also suits runners with wider feet. Plush tongue and collar also make the shoe more comfortable.
      The shoe looks as sleek, modern and stylish as other Inov-8 shoes. Unfortunately for many users, it is available in only two color combinations: Black/Blue/Silver/Lime and Black/Grey/Lime. The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is positioned as a unisex shoe which makes the limited color choice a little disappointing.
      The shoe is designed for long runs on difficult terrains in the tough winter conditions. It's not a surprise that durability was one of the key points in creating the model. All the components of the shoe, from the outsole to the upper, are made of very durable materials. Additionally, the construction is reinforced and it gives the shoes 360-degrees protection from harsh elements.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 patented PROTEC 4-finger polymer shanks protect the feet from the impacts of the numerous tungsten carbide spikes in the outsole of the shoe. In addition to the protection, the shanks that are placed behind the metatarsals enhance forefoot flexibility and contouring.

      The cushioning in the midsole and outsole protect knees, joints and muscles from injuries. The solid grip and traction also help prevent possible traumas.
      The lightweight and flexible Arctic Claw 300 feels unusually responsive for a trail shoe with a spiked outsole. Thanks to the pretty tight fit and flexible sole and upper that allows for natural foot movement, this shoe is responsive. All this makes the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 almost an ideal choice for long winter runs.
      The supportive Met Cradle™ design used in the Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is another technology by the Inov-8. This construction supports the midfoot and provides a secure fit. The upper webbing cradles the forefoot behind the metatarsal heads and keeps the shoe in an anatomically correct position. The Met Cradle™ design is intended to give one’s foot more stability and control while running uneven surfaces.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is specially designed to perform on the most difficult off-road terrains, in particular on frozen and ice-covered ground. Such surfaces are usually unsurpassable for a normal running shoe. But the tungsten carbide spikes on the outsole of the Arctic Claw 300 create phenomenal grip.
      The price of the shoe is relatively high but reasonable considering the number of technologies and innovations incorporated in the design.
      With its 7mm depth lugs and carbide spike outsole, the Arctic Claw 300 provides phenomenal grip and maximum traction on surfaces covered with snow and ice. The multi-directional lugs guarantee that the traction will be ideal whether climbing or descending.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is very flexible. The outsole and midsole are made up of an innovative responsive rubber and polymer combination that provides comfort and great flexibility. The new generation upper fits the foot like a glove, responding to its every movement.
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is specifically designed for running on very demanding terrains, and it incorporates a number of technologies to promote stability, one being the patented Met Cradle™ design. Like other Inov-8 shoes, it’s often chosen by users for specialized runs.
      The shoe has an 8-mm drop (heel 27.5mm / forefoot 19.5mm). This is slightly less than a standard drop.
      Key Features
      • OROC™ outsole
      • Inov-8 proprietary multidirectional lugs
      • Tungsten carbide spikes
      • POWER-FLOW technology in the midsole
      • PROTEC shanks
      • The supportive Met Cradle™ design
      • 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 is a neutral unisex shoe designed for long winter trail runs covered in snow and ice. It is very lightweight and still remains durable and provides solid traction thanks to the numerous tungsten carbide spikes in its outsole.

      The shoe is both comfortable and supportive. It has perfect protection features. With this shoe, you can continue to run safely in the winter season. The Inov-8 Arctic Claw 300 keeps you protected and comfortable on any cold weather terrain.
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      By Lena Hagen
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