Inov-8 Road Claw 275

This is a shoe that combines the ultra grip demanded of a mountainous shoe with the ride needed to be a great road shoe. The Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 is a lightweight option for those who are searching for a durable sneaker that works well on the road. It doesn’t matter how rugged the road is or what the weather is like, this sneaker can get the job done for those who run daily or for distance. This neutral shoe will give you the comfort you need, in addition to being supportive. Between having a sturdy outsole, reasonable price, and lightweight feel, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 gives the runner a great experience for any type of terrain.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight upper
  • Good traction
  • Ample Breathability
  • Good protection
  • Cons
    • Few color options
    • Subpar durability
    • Not very lightweight
    • Not very flexible.
    • Key Features
      The Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 has an outsole that is meant to stick to the ground. The combination of EVA foam and synthetic rubber provides a smooth ride and an excellent grip for the runner. The lug depth on the Roadclaw 275 is measured at about 3.5 millimeters; a measurement that proves this shoe to be useful on uneasy surfaces. This combo is typically known as the sticky fusion compound. Referred to as the TRI-C outsole, the runner will notice a comfortable ride, as well as great balance on slippery surfaces. The TRI-C is best at delivering traction throughout the entire gait cycle, which is great for those who want to run during the winter months or in areas with a lack of stability.
      You can easily run in any type of climate with this sneaker. The Roadclaw 275 has special PowerFlow technology that is designed to offer decent cushioning. Compared to the average midsole, PowerFlow is significantly better at shock absorption and energy return. With every stride, the midsole will absorb all incoming energy while propelling the runner to their next step. With PowerFlow, the runner can go onto the hardest of surfaces and no longer be worried about the bottom of their feet hurting due to impact. No matter if you’re running on surfaces with snow, ice, or water, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 will be able to keep you balanced while on the run.
      After searching for the “right” kind of upper, the Inov-8 brand has finally produced an upper that will keep the runner’s feet dry as well as feeling light. This shoe is made with a breathable mesh upper that is thin, lightweight, and keeps the shoe well-ventilated. This upper is an update from previous versions and is meant to increase comfort, responsiveness, and flexibility. The tongue is cushioned, warranting extra comfort, and is made with the same soft and breathable material as the rest of the upper.
      Based off of the weight alone, it is evident that this shoe is not necessarily an overall lightweight running shoe. The weight for both men and women versions is 10.2 ounces. At this weight, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 is heavier than sneakers that focus on being light. It may not be the lightest in the market, but the Roadclaw 275 will protect your feet while the runner gains traction that you would only see in a trail shoe.
      The synthetic mesh lining throughout the upper creates a fair amount of ventilation. It is placed on specific parts of the shoe for enhanced breathability. This material allows the air to easily enter the inside of the foot so that it feels dry and cool. Runners will feel confident in hot or wet weather knowing that their feet won’t be soaked by the end of their run. Based off of the mix of leather and mesh, you could tell that while there is a great amount of breathability, there are other sneakers on the market that provide a greater amount of ventilation.
      Comparing the cushioning of the Roadclaw 275 to other models in the Inov-8 line, this sneaker falls right in the middle of the spectrum. The 2 Arrow Shoc-Zone technology in the midsole is responsible for a majority of the comfort in this sneaker. The Shoc-Zone technology delivers soft cushioning underneath the foot. The Inov-8 brand considers this their medium level of cushioning.

      There is an underfoot shock compound that is also in the midsole. This compound produces comfort for many miles because it reduces the stress that is placed onto the underfoot and subsequently creates a clean stride. In regards to the fit, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 fits true to size. The midfoot and heel area are mildly comfortable and the toe box has a lot of space for the forefoot area. The Roadclaw 275 won’t necessarily be the most comfortable running shoe you will ever wear, but it isn’t anywhere near an unwearable level of comfort.
      The Roadclaw 275 looks like a combination between a slim running sneaker and a trail shoe. It has a low top, a round front, and an interesting distribution of color. The Inov-8 name is placed clearly across the midfoot, with the foot logo placed on the heel and the front of the shoe. The only improvement in the style that runners should be looking for is color variety. With the Roadclaw 275, there are few color combinations available. If there was more of a choice when it came down to color, the style would seem more appealing.
      The durability of the Roadclaw 275 is fair. Some users have had good experiences, yet others have claimed that their outsole wore down quicker than average. The upper is made with a mixture of mesh and leather. The thick midsole enhances the durability of the shoe because it takes the most impact between the ground and the runner’s weight. It takes a lot to break down this material, although you can’t say the same with the outsole.

      Besides the terradapter heel, most of the outsole has been known to easily deteriorate after a reasonably short amount of use. Most of the time, runners won’t even notice the fact that they ran over “x” amount of miles because the upper won’t look worn out like other shoes. While these shoes can handle long distance, it seems common that are expected to have a shorter lifespan in comparison to other running shoe brands in the market.
      The high amount of cushioning in the midsole offers great protection for the underfoot. The 2 Arrow Shoc-Zone delivers great underfoot protection, which will keep the bottom of the foot from hurting during long distance runs or jogs on rough surfaces. The heel is also protected by something called the terradapter. This feature will enhance the foot strike of runners who tend to land on their heel while running. There is also a front plate underneath the forefoot of the shoe. This is meant to protect the toes from getting stubbed or any other random damages that could occur during an adventurous exercise. Overall, the material used for the Roadclaw 275 does a great job at protecting the bottom of the foot, as well as the front.
      This sneaker from Inov-8 is has a moderate amount of responsiveness. The Roadclaw 275 also has a Dynamic Fascia Band that starts from the heel and ends at the forefoot. Acting as a rigid lever arm, the Fascia Band releases energy each time the foot hits the ground so that the runner can go forward with an explosive next step. Every ounce of energy that the runner generates transfers towards the outsole. After each step, the energy from running is absorbed by the midsole and the cycle continues.
      A substantial amount of support in this sneaker is within the upper. The Roadclaw 275 uses the MetCradle design. MetCradle supports the midfoot for rigorous training. It is strategically designed to position the forefoot behind the metatarsal heads. This provides a fair amount of support in the forefoot which will help when it comes to the natural gait cycle of the runner. The Dynamic Fascia band also provides just as much support for the Roadclaw 275 as it does responsiveness. The underfoot cushioning in the midsole also provides a lot of support that is needed for a consistent running shoe.
      Despite the fact that this sneaker has distinct tread on the outsole that signifies trail, it works best on the road. If you’re running on an even street, a track, or any type of light gravel, you will find success with these sneakers. You could also find this sneaker to be beneficial in a gym environment. The best feature of this shoe is that while it is meant primarily for the road, it can handle tougher surfaces if need be. The Roadclaw 275 is designed to handle rugged roads while feeling like a traditional running shoe. With the exaggerated patent pending cleat-lugs on the outsole, the runner will be able to grip into any type of unstable surface and run with their natural motions.
      The original price for the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 was slightly expensive. This is probably justified by the high-quality material used to construct the shoe. If one was to purchase this sneaker in present time, they will likely find a good deal for a sneaker with great potential. The Roadclaw 275 has a great value based on its price, and any runner with a budget will be very grateful for this deal. After looking at the price, it is clear that these sneakers are cheap in price.
      The grip on the outsole delivers great traction. After examining the Roadclaw 275, you can confidently say that this shoe is the “best of both worlds” between a quality running shoe and a trail shoe. Just by looking at the sneaker you can clearly notice a great amount of tread on the outsole. The TRI-C outsole promises consistent traction regardless of how stable the surface is. The Roadclaw 275 has a patent pending design on the outsole called the “claw-cleat.” This design is strong enough for the shoe to efficiently grab onto any thick material on the road surface such as snow, ice, or mud.
      Daily runners might be disappointed with the flexibility more than anything else with this sneaker. Right out of the box, the Roadclaw 275 is fairly stiff. Between the synthetic upper and the Meta-Flex grooves, this shoe has an average sense of flexibility. Runners will easily be able to go through the natural motions of running without feeling limited due to a stiff sneaker. Placed on the forefoot, the Meta-Flex groove allows the foot to naturally bend and move during toe-off.
      Despite being a neutral shoe, the Roadclaw 275 is quite stable. Starting with the upper, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 secures the foot with a tight hold placed around the foot. No matter if you’re going uphill or downhill, your foot will stay in place throughout the entire run, rather than moving around inside the shoe. The Fascia band keeps the midfoot in place at all times so that the runner can run aggressively and not be concerned about twisting an ankle due to unnecessary movement inside the shoe.
      It’s safe to say that the midfoot strikers will benefit the most from the drop of the Roadclaw 275. The drop of this sneaker is measured at eight millimeters. Those who are considered light heel strikers could possibly be comfortable with this drop, but if you want to have a more natural gait cycle, this type of drop may be a start.
      Key Features of the Roadclaw 275
      • Outsole has excellent grip
      • Low price
      • Comfortable
      • Responsive
      • Durable upper

      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Inov-8 Roadclaw 275 represents the combination of a trail shoe and a running sneaker that benefits neutral runners the most. This shoe is engineered as a smooth shoe that delivers a maximum amount of traction on the road. Runners will get the most of this shoe if they are using it for long distance and/or daily running. For this Inov-8 shoe, the “Roadclaw” name truly describes the positive effect it has on the runner.
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      By Jerry Nogueras
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