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A Review of Kramp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew

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a review of kramp krusher extreme training & endurance chew A Review of Kramp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew www.runnerclick.com

Endurance chews have found their way into the runner’s market by promising to deliver extreme amounts of energy throughout any extended or training session and help avoid muscle cramping. Entering into this market is Kamp Krusher’s Extreme Training & Endurance Chew, a scientifically formulated energy chew that delivers a large amount of electrolytes and dextrose (read: sugar) to the body. Using all-natural ingredients, Kamp Krusher has made a dietary supplement that’s surprisingly tangy and easy to chew that replenishes electrolytes in the body without requiring runners to lose focus during a training session.

Central to Kamp Krusher’s promise is that use of the Extreme Training & Energy Chew will help avoid cramping during a run or workout, mostly through the calcium lactate content that helps nerve-muscle concentration. However, this chew is also notable for providing quick recovery when energy levels dip during a run and electrolytes are depleted. All-natural, allergen and vegan free, caffeine free, and gluten free, Kamp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew is for runners who burn energy fast during intense and long runs and need to keep refueling while on the go.


Each chew is round and sticky to the touch with a light yellow coloration. These chews are definitely chewy upon consumption, and some runners may not appreciate just how gummy each one is. However, they are rather tasty, particularly if one likes tangy citrus flavors. The only downside is that the recommended serving size is five pieces at a time, which can take a few minutes to chew thoroughly enough to safely swallow. In addition, the chews tend to get even stickier in heat.


Each package of Kamp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew comes in a sealed pouch that contains 10 chews, or two servings. After the package is open, there is no resealable option so runners may want to be careful when opening the package so the remaining chews inside do not spill out. This package is somewhat larger than other comparable chews, although it is still pocket-sized for easy transport.


After taking a serving of the Extreme Training & Endurance Chews, runners will immediately notice the effects, with a boost of energy surging through their system that almost demands activity. Chalk this up to the dextrose, which is sugar. For an immediate pick-up, the 1500 mg dose administered per serving is more than enough. But the dynamics of the chew begin to reveal themselves further into a workout or training session, as the calcium lactate works to fight against muscle cramping and the natural sea salt (containing magnesium, potassium, and copper) replenishes lost electrolytes.

Boosting stamina and muscle performance is a promise many energy chews make, but just one session after using Kamp Krusher’s Extreme Training & Endurance Chews bears out the difference. This chew packs a great amount of energy with each serving, dynamically providing support in key areas that need replenishment during a run. However, it is highly recommended to keep water on-hand, as this supplement—and its high sea salt content—will leave you thirsty.


Most commonly sold in cases of 12, a healthy supply of Kramp Krusher Extreme Training & Endurance Chew can be obtained for a fair price. Given the amount of energy each serving provides for a workout, runners will find this energy supplement a good value for their energy needs.


  • Natural Sea Salt (160 mg) provides sodium boost to replenish electrolytes, enhances nutrient digestion
  • Dextrose (1500 mg) gives great energy boost to performance
  • Calcium Lactate (75 mg) helps prevent cramping and optimizes nerve-muscle function
  • Chewy tablets have a tart, natural flavor
  • All-natural ingredients in a dietary supplement


  • Amount of chews to consume per serving (5) is a mouthful

Bottom Line

For a maximized energy boost, Kamp Krusher has developed something different with the Extreme Training & Endurance chews. Made from all-natural ingredients, runners will feel its effects in both the short- and long-term. Long-term is key, considering these are made to keep runners moving mile after mile during marathon training while keeping energy high and electrolytes replenished. With its Calcium Lactate content to help prevent muscle cramp, dextrose for an energy boost, and natural sea salt to replenish electrolyte loss, the Extreme Training & Endurance Chews are made for hard-charging performance and high-energy runs. Although the chews are a little too chewy, and the recommended amount may make for a gummy mouthful, there’s no denying the benefits of Kamp Krusher’s chews. Now if only they can do something about the serving size…

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