Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve

At the beach, it’s nice to feel the sand between your toes and the cool water on your feet. But sometimes, your feet require a little extra protection. For conditions and environments where water is a guaranteed factor, a water shoe can keep your feet from getting blistered and injured. The Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve features a sandal-like design with many cutouts to help drain out water. Whether you’re at the lakeside cabin fishing and catching frogs or you’re heading out for a short trail walk on an unusually rainy day, the Sieve ensures you stay dry even in the wettest scenarios. These are the perfect pair of summer sandals for your adventurous lifestyle. 

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Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Quick-lacing system
  • Quick-drying
  • Drains water easily
  • Cons
    • Outsole could be improved
    • Holes pose a danger on technical trails
    • Key Features
      The Sieve’s outsole is made of TC5+ Vibram material and is intended to provide traction on varied terrain. The 3mm lugs jut out from beneath the shoe for extra grip that adds stability. The shoe also features a variety of drainage holes for maximum water shedding.

      Users reported that while the lugs perform relatively well, the Vibram brand rubber was less impressive than expected. A number of reviewers found the sole slippery on wet ground, which seems like an oversight for a water shoe. The outsole is not a complete failure, however. It’s fairly grippy but also super durable.
      The All Out Blaze includes a UniFly midsole and plenty of holes for water drainage. Despite its sandal-like design, the Sieve has more substantial cushioning than you’d expect. Their midsole padding is good enough for hiking or walking. The drainage holes are intended to shed water and reviewers reported that they helped keep their feet super dry.
      The Sieve’s upper features a cut out sandal design for maximum water drainage. The upper itself is composed of waterproof leather. The waterproofing means the material doesn’t hold water. Inside, a Neoprene liner repels water to ensure the shoe stays dry. M Select FRESH material is also included in the shoe to keep bacteria at bay. Where there’s moisture, there’s potential for bacterial growth and nasty smells.

      Reviewers were happy with the sizing of the Blaze. The sandal-style makes the shoe easy to slip on and off. Users can adjust the fit with bungee cord laces, though some noted that the upper design and lacing system don’t offer a great deal of support for technical trail conditions. The elastic back of the shoe is convenient, but without a heel counter, overall support is limited. The interior isn’t seamless, and users reported issues with blisters. Going barefoot in these water shoes might not work for everyone.
      The shoe’s numerous cutouts shave off some weight, so the overall feel of the Sieve is lightweight. The men’s version of the shoe weighs about 1 pound 5 ounces, and for women, the weight is about 1 pound 1 ounce.

      There’s no shortage of ventilation with the All Out Blaze. The reason? Plenty of drainage holes not only shed any excess water still inside the shoe they also help with breathability. Without cutouts, the waterproof leather upper might otherwise hamper air circulation. The interior Neoprene material helps keep the inside dry, too, so you don’t end up with a soaking wet liner. Reviewers agreed that the shoe offered superior breathability and was perfect for wet summer hikes, walks, or hanging around the beach or lake.
      For short jaunts in the rain or at the lakeside cabin, the Merrell Blaze is perfectly comfortable. Drainage holes keep water out, a Neoprene liner keeps your feet dry, the fit is true to size, the UniFly midsole offers a bit of cushioning, elastic laces and an elastic back make the shoe easy to wear, and the Sieve is also relatively lightweight. For more extended outings, however, it’s important to note that reviewers did mention issues with blisters. The interior is well lined but not seamless. Despite its breathable, quick-drying design, the shoe is a sandal with cutouts. Water will get in. Even with a water repellent upper and Neoprene interior, it’s impossible to eradicate moisture completely. The combination of bare feet, exposed seams, and wetness will no doubt eventually cause blister problems for some.

      Because of its large drainage holes, the All Out Blaze Sieve looks a lot like a beefed up sandal. The water shoe comes in a variety of neutral tones. The design is understated and classic for a versatile summer-style that can be worn casually or for active outdoor pursuits. The men’s version is available in light brown, brindle & butterscotch, and black & wild dove. For women, there’s brown sugar & blue heaven, castle rock, and stucco.
      Reviewers reported that the Merrell Sieve was very durable. The only weak spot? The leather upper is prone to fraying. The issue is more a cosmetic one than anything else. Overall, the design is bound to hold up for a fair bit of time. The Neoprene lining, elastic laces, and TC5+ Vibram outsole are all sturdy enough to withstand repeated use over time.

      Your feet will stay dry in the All Out Blaze thanks to three anti-water features. The leather upper is waterproof. The Neoprene lining is water repellent and quick drying, and the drainage holes allow any remaining excess water to seep out. Reviewers agreed that the Sieve was ideally suited for wet excursions because of its water-repellent design. The shoe is also intended to be worn on trails. A sturdy TC5+ rubber outsole keeps users sure-footed on technical surfaces, and a toe cap offers front-end protection. Unlike a standard flip-flop style sandal, the Merrell shoe incorporates a UniFly midsole for underfoot protection, too.

      Keep in mind that even with the inclusion of a toe cap, the rest of the shoe leaves a whole lot of foot exposed. On gnarly trails, this can pose an injury risk. Be careful, also, when wearing the Sieve in tick-heavy areas. If you do happen to walk through tall grasses or in other tick-laden environments, make sure to check your feet when you get home. If you’re out with your furry walking buddy, don’t forget to check them as well. Ticks can spread Lyme and other diseases.
      The Merrell All Out Blaze delivers adequate responsiveness. The UniFly midsole is neither too stiff nor too soft, and the 3mm outsole lugs don’t compromise ground feel.

      While the Merrell shoe seems a perfect candidate for rugged conditions, the Sieve’s elastic back, and sandal-like construction isn’t ideal for technical terrain, especially in scenarios that include slippery wet ground. The rear lacks a heel counter, which would typically deliver a combination of stability and support. The elastic laces allow users to adjust the fit, but overall, the sandal-style is less supportive than a regular sneaker design. Reviewers noted that the Sieve was a poor choice for rugged trails because of its lack of support.
      While lack of support makes the Sieve a poor choice for intense bouts of activity on rugged off-road terrain, the sandal-like water shoe is a great candidate for non-technical trails with plenty of water obstacles. Water crossings, massive trail splitting puddles, and torrential rain are no match for the All Out Blaze’s cutout design. Large drainage holes allow water to escape the shoe’s interior and Neoprene inside the shoe helps keep things dry. Reviewers agreed that the TC5+ Vibram outsole performed well most of the time, though some found it less than stellar on slick wet surfaces. Otherwise, the Sieve is a great option for hiking or walking around on a rainy day.
      Reviewers had no issues with the price of the Merrell Sieve. The cleverly designed water shoe does its job and performs as intended.
      The Vibram brand outsole on the All Out Blaze is made of sturdy TC5+ rubber. The thick rubber sole includes 3mm lugs that help provide traction. The water shoe’s textured sole offers reasonable stickiness, but users reported poor performance on slick objects such as wet rocks. Still, the shoe provides relatively good traction for most instances.

      Reviewers said that they liked the flexible outsole of the Merrell Blaze. The shoe bends and flexes easily. An elastic back is also flexible and makes it super simple to slip into the water shoe on a moment’s notice.

      The Merrell Sieve offers reasonable stability for most wearers and for most conditions. The upper fits well and includes a useful elastic lacing system. The slip-on design, however, also consists of a flexible elastic backing. Without a heel counter, the adjustable rear felt flimsy and unsupportive according to many reviewers. The shoe is not a floppy unstable mess, however. The leather upper offers structural integrity to the lightweight water shoe. The outsole, made of sturdy Vibram brand material, also helps deliver stable footing. The 3mm lugs and TC5+ rubber provide the grip needed underfoot to tackle uneven trails.

      The drop height listed for the Merrell water shoe is 8mm. Unlike most sandals, the Sieve is not cushion-free. There is, thankfully, a cushioned layer of UniFly material in the midsole which provides a bit of protection between the user and the ground.
      Key Features
      - Water shoe
      - Sandal design with slip-on construction
      - TC5+ Vibram outsole provides traction and durability
      - 3mm lugs for added grip
      - UniFly midsole material for padding underfoot
      - Waterproof leather upper helps repel water
      - Drainage holes for shedding water
      - M Select FRESH anti-microbial liner
      - Neoprene interior is water repellent and quick-drying
      - Protective toe cap
      - 8mm drop
      Bottom Line
      For water-based sports, activities, or those who merely tend to walk or hike in waterlogged environments, the Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve is an excellent footwear option. The sandal-like shoe works well for indoor and outdoor pursuits. Merrell simply needs to fix the interior of the shoe to create a blister-free fit and improve the outsole to add a little bit more texture for grip on slick surfaces. The shoe could also be more supportive, but otherwise, it’s a great water shoe.

      A few simple fixes are all that’s required for version 2. Overall, the shoe is easy to slip on and kick off. A quick tug on the elastic laces is all that’s needed to tighten the Sieve. A flexible sole makes it easy to navigate on the trails deftly. Built for wet environments, the shoe also features a quick-drying waterproof design with drainage holes to repeal what’s left of the water after you step in a puddle. Breathability is indeed not an issue, and the Sieve also happens to be incredibly durable.

      Heading to the beach this summer and looking forward to long walks along the ocean? Excited to go fishing at the cabin? Or maybe you happen to walk your dog on waterlogged trails. The Merrell All Out Sieve will suit your needs for all these scenarios.
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      By Steph Coelho
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