New Balance 940V3
Our Conclusion
The third addition to New Balance’s 940 family is the 940V3. Undergoing some noticeable changes and improvements from the last model, this shoe is a well cushioned, flexible and slightly more shock absorbing trainer. Potentially its biggest change lays in the midsole, where ABZORB foam gives it a big upgrade in a cushion and shock absorption. This material balances the shoe well between stability and cushion. Another difference in the 940V3 is that the drop is slightly lower, by 2mm exactly.

The adjustment made by New Balance is meant to add stability. Runners will notice how thick the shoe’s midsole is, and New Balance took that into account by adding deep flex grooves into the outsole. By doing so, the 940V3 adds flexibility, more cushion, and yet again more shock-absorbing capacity.
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Pros & Cons
  • Superior comfort
  • Shock absorbent cushioning
  • Support
  • Breathability
  • Durability
  • Updated look
  • Versatility
  • Cons
    • Significantly heavy
    • The price runs high
    • Height of the heel collar 
    • Key Features
      At first glance, runners will notice the large pods separated by deep flex grooves on the outsole of the New Balance 940V3. Adding grooves in between each of the pods increases the flexibility. Also, the overall cushioning is given a small boost by the layout. Ndurance rubber surrounds the heel, outer side of the shoe, as well as the tip of the forefoot. The Ndurance rubber is made in-house by New Balance, and is a durable carbon-based compound that is meant for maximum durability in high-wear areas. Lastly, the rubber found near the forefoot and sections of the midfoot is blown, meaning it contributes more overall traction and responsiveness. Another feature of the outsole that runners likely will appreciate is that the rubber is waterproof and can tolerate wet and slippery surfaces.
      An update made to New Balance’s 940 line is the ABZORB foam in the midsole of the 940V3. ABZORB cushioning is New Balance’s basic cushioning compound. By design, it works by dispersing impact and reducing the shock that is usually transferred from the shoe up towards the leg and body - this shock is usually the culprit of heel, ankle, and back pain). Today, most New Balance shoes feature the ABZORB material. Resulting from being located underneath the midfoot, the high-density foam cushioning reduces the risk of overpronation by decelerating the inward rolling of the foot after the lading. In addition to the ABZORB foam, New Balance adds what they call T-Beam technology into the 940V3 along with other models. The T-Beam adds torsional stability and arch support through a lightweight shank that runs through the midsole. The T-Beam further reduces the risk of overpronating, and the TPU material gives the shoe more structural integrity. As a whole, the whole midsole mixes cushioning, support and stability that is optimal for runners who have regularly overpronate.
      In the New Balance 940V3, the upper is fairly simple and straightforward. Its comprised of a highly breathable mesh with synthetic overlays. When worn, runners will feel the openness of the material near their toes and hopefully experience a comfortable and breathable feel. New Balance uses their Phantom Liner which is an internal layer engineered specifically to provide a smooth surface that prevents irritations and blisters. This technology is also features in the New Balance WX608V3 Cross-Trainer. The material is continuous throughout the shoe and contains unnoticeable seams unlike other shoes with similar features that generally contain pressure points that dig into the skin and cause abrasion. With the Phantom Liner, the pressure is distributed evenly and safely and blisters, chafing and other irritations will be a thing of the past. New Balance also adds an Ortholite Sockliner for more cushioning and support as well as a traditional enclosed lacing system that keeps the fit tight and secure.

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      The New Balance 940V3 is a heavier shoe than your standard running shoe. At 14.4oz for a men’s pair and 11.4oz for a women’s, New Balance considers this one of their lightest running shoes to date. Obviously not as light as the ASICS Gel and other high-end runners, the added cushion makes it a good option for runners who are recovering from trauma or injury. Runners thought the 940V3 was heavier than they had initially expected - this could likely be due to the added rubber insole. According to a few user reviews, the same rubber insole added little to no cushioning - contrary to the company's advertising. While some runners may be turned off by the weight of the shoe, those who will use the sneakers for walking instead of running should not mind the weight and pay attention to the firmness of all the added cushioning.
      Based on the comments of many runners, the New Balance 940V3 is very breathable. The Ortholite brand of foam incorporated into shoe’s midsole not only offers comfort, but breathability as well. The material is antimicrobial and is safe to wash through your in-home washing machine. The upper mesh is made of waterproof fabric and contains air holes along the edges of your toes. This serves as a protective net that keeps your toes and forefoot covered from moisture, mud and other liquids. If something does seep through the barrier, runners have another form of protection to fall back on as the ventilated material contains tiny grains that absorb penetrating moisture.
      In both the men’s and women’s model, the cushioning and comfort are the same throughout. The New Balance 940V3 is soft, yet firm due to its dual-density midsole that plays an integral role in the shoe. Towards the back of the foot, the shoe contains gel cushioning that absorbs shock and impact and allows your heel to have smooth landings during the entire gait cycle. The shoe is mostly true to size, but may vary slightly depending on widths. New Balance released the V3 with multiple widths - narrow (2A) to extra wide (6A). Therefore, finding a version of the shoe that fits to your specific size shouldn’t be an issue.
      The 940V3 is an appealing shoe, coming in two color schemes. While not a lot of variety to choose from, the options New Balance builds the shoe with a bright look while the construction of it gives it a sturdy look. The overall shape of the shoe speaks to sophistication and gracefulness and is suitable for serious athletes to sport during their training. They’re also capable of being incorporated into your daily activities, as these runners are said to go well with a pair of jeans or a skirt.
      A handful of reviews through the New Balance 940V3 was quite durable. The Ndurance rubber outsole is super durable and runners should have no fear of the blown rubber peeling off quickly. Some reviews of this model, as well as previous models, have said there is no doubt the shoes in the 940 family can last anywhere from six to ten years - depending on how well users take care of them.
      Starting with the ABZORB cushioning in the midsole, the foot is already protected against shock and impact during their gait cycles. There is blown rubber on the very front of the shoe’s outsole protecting the toes from direct impact. Another protective measure taken by New Balance is the addition of the T-Beam within the midsole. This is the reason this shoe is so good for runners who overpronate during their gait cycle. The material, made up of TPU, is stretched along the foot in the shape of a T (hence, T-Beam). It gives runners torsional stability, is lightweight in nature, and gives additional arch support through its center beam design. Moving into the upper, the mesh fabric and its antimicrobial and waterproof characteristics protect the hygiene of the runner’s feet.
      The 940V3 is a fairly responsive shoe, beginning with the outsole. The blown rubber located in the forefoot and midfoot add traction to the shoe as well as response. In theory, much of the response a runner gets from their shoe is based in the sole traction. And since the rubber on the outsole provides a solid amount of traction, users can expect a solid return in energy during their runs. While the ABZORB midsole provides a lot of cushion and prevention against overpronation, it does not feature a whole lot of energy return features. Therefore, after an assessment conducted to test the responsiveness, results underwhelmed testers. The highly durable and high-pressure soles allow the runners to run quickly and do provide a slightly above-average level of bounce after each foot strike.
      The great news for overpronating runners is that the 940V3 offers a unique support system called Stabilicore. This medical support system guarantees stability and overpronation control - one of the reasons the New Balance 940V3 outdid many of its competitors. An adverse side-effect of this, however, is that the stabilicore system can offer too much support for runners who only have a slight issue with overpronation. Additionally, arch support is given to runners through the T-Beam located through the midsole. Further, the ABZORB cushioning in the midsole supports the foot with its excellent cushioning and superior arch support. As runners will see, the 940V3 contains multiple support systems.
      New Balance’s 940V3 can handle itself well on muddy and wet surfaces. While it is not considered a trail shoe, the blown rubber pods and deep grooves between them make it so the shoe’s grip handles well enough to be taken in most places. That being said, this is a road shoe, meant for asphalt, tracks and light gravel.

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      One pair of 940V3’s will run a customer for $124.99 - pretty expensive. With its vast amounts of cushion, pleasing design, durability and versatility, the price can be justified. With its multiple widths, the price does range a little higher - as much as $134.95 seen on But shoppers who seek their shoes on Amazon will be pleased to know the price of the shoe is as low as $97.74.
      The outsole gives the shoe all the traction it needs. The design, large pods with deep grooves between them not only makes the shoe respond to the road quicker, the blown rubber gives it a lot of traction. Enough to lead runners saying that others need not worry about taking this shoe on wet and slippery surfaces.
      This is a flexible shoe not only by feel but by design as it allows runners with different foot sizes to benefit from its greatness. Not only is it flexible in sizing, but it's stretchable upper is flexible as well. The webbing system in the upper stretches and shrinks depending on foot size. Groove positioned at the front of the shoe provide further flexibility while the midsole is built with elastic features. Workouts in the 940V3 may be rigid, especially upon newly purchased pairs, but it is overall agreeable.
      Whether traveling uphill, off road, or standing on your feet for long hours, the 940V3 offers continuous stability. The high-quality cushioning in the midsole stabilizes the foot, especially in the presence of overpronation. As previously mentioned, this is a great shoe to keep the foot still and in place for runners who need the added stability. One more factor is the T-Beam shank that promotes arch motion. And the toe box and rearfoot is broad - broad enough to give the foot enough room to move freely and securely.
      With a heel height of 32mm and a forefoot height of 22mm, the heel-to-toe drop on the 940V3 is 10mm. This makes it a traditional shoe, which has a drop of 10-12mm. This is perfect for overpronating runners as traditional shoes, specifically this one, presents a solution to those issues. This shoe is a motion-control, cushioned runner that is suitable for runners who are unable to maintain a typical stride.
      Key Features
      - High-density medial post
      - T-BEAM technology for torsional stability
      - Full-length ABZORB cushioning
      - Ndurance rubber outsole
      - Ortholite Sockliner
      - Traditional lace-up closure
      Bottom Line
      The 940V3 offers a wide variety of choice for runners seeking out this particular model. Its qualities that help runners who overpronate are invaluable and thus prove why this is such a popular shoe. The great features of this shoe that were built into previous models are present in the 940V3, except with more cushioning. With the T-Beam support system and deep grooves, the support and flexibility this shoe gives to runners are perceived as a wonderful balance between the two. While the price may be high, as well as the overall weight of this shoe, this model follows continues the legacy that New Balance has created with the 940 product line.
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