New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin

The New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin was designed to accommodate the natural bending and shape of the foot. As the name suggests, it utilizes the brand's Fresh Foam midsole technology for lightweight and comfortable cushioning. It also combines a stretchy fabric with the brand's unique Hyposkin material for a sock-like fit that's also highly breathable. A hexagonal pattern is carved into its outsole and the sides of its midsole for added flexibility, traction, and responsiveness. A two-way stretch collar and lacing system, featuring round laces and fabric bands, complete this shoe's overall design. The end result is a stylish running shoe that keeps the runner comfortable and completely supported throughout their day.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons

-Fashionable design

-Comfortable, sock-like fit

-Plenty of underfoot cushioning

-Very breathable wear

-Fits true to size


-Limited color options

-Color aren't always as advertised

Key Features
New Balance uses a simple rubber compound for the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin's outsole. It runs the entire length of the underfoot and curls up at the toe area or an added layer of protection. Its unique, hexagonal tread pattern, which many say resembles reptile skin, is textured and stretched out along the forefoot and heel in order to offer better traction on everyday surfaces. And the narrow flex grooves in between each of these shapes allow the runner to bend and move their foot more naturally, making this a great fit for casual wear.
As the name of this shoe suggests, it utilizes the brand's trademarked Fresh Foam technology to create a full-length midsole unit. Its comfortable cushioning is also incredibly responsive, ensuring that the runner stays both protected against impact and powered up for a long walk or jog. Though it's already flexible enough on its own, this particular model features laser-cut designs that mimic the shoe's outsole in order to make it more pliable. Further protection and stability are offered via two raised segments underneath the ankles.
Hyposkin is a specially made material that, when paired with a stretchy fabric, offers the runner a true sock-like fit that comes complete with added stability and support. Small slits are featured throughout the forefoot and sides of this material to provide the runner with plenty of much-needed breathability. Instead of a separate tongue, it has a two-way stretch collar with pull tabs on the instep and heel. This allows for both easier insertion and more accurate ankle support, thanks to its curved sides. And its rounded laces have been laced through fabric bands, allowing the runner to have a more secure and customized fit.
Overall, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin's weight seems to be on the lower side of average when compared to other running shoes. According to product listings and reviews, men's sizes average at 9.7 oz. while women's are at 8.2 oz. Though it's by no means a competition shoe, reviewers are still incredibly impressed by how lightweight its wear is. It manages to be light and agile enough for easy, casual wear yet still provides the perfect amount of support for long walks, intense runs, and indoor workouts.
One of the incredible benefits of New Balance's Hyposkin is that, aside from being highly supportive, it also permits a very breathable wear. While stretchy fabrics make direct contact with the foot, this specialized upper features a number of small slits that are lined up along the forefoot and sides to target hotspots where they occur most often. This enhances the runner's level of comfort by keeping them cooler and dryer as they work out or go about their everyday tasks.
Across all online platforms, reviewers can't stop raving about how comfortable the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin is. Its Fresh Foam midsole unit provides the runner with plenty of underfoot cushioning, along with a responsive wear that safeguards against chronic pain and fatigue. The upper combines stretchy fabric with the brand's specialized Hyposkin material for a sock-like wear that's equal parts supportive and breathable. Its high level of comfort makes it just as easy to wear for workouts as it is for everyday tasks. The fact that it generally fits true to size, and is also available in wider sizes, makes it even more appealing to most buyers.
Every last one of its features gives the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin a very unique and eye-catching design. Its hexagonal tread pattern greatly resembles reptile skin, and this same pattern is mimicked along the sides of the midsole. Reviewers also enjoy the combined textures of the Hyposkin and stretchy fabric, along with the supportive two-way stretch collar. The only downside is that is doesn't come in any vibrant color options. It's available in black, gray, and muted tones of navy, green, and purple. Some buyers have also noticed that the colorways seemed very different in person than they did in all of the photographs.
Reviewers don't seem to comment on the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin's level of durability. But given its overall construction and materials, along with its intended usage, how long it lasts depends entirely on the individual runner. Its outsole is made with a simple rubber compound, used only to provide traction and protect the rest of the shoe. While it focuses more on providing lightweight comfort, the Fresh Foam midsole is still sturdy enough to withstand multiple long-distance runs. And the addition of Hyposkin allows the upper to better maintain its shape and resist possible damage over time. Though it can definitely hold up to workouts and casual settings, it's best not to use this model for hiking or trail running.
As with a number of casual running shoes, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin provides the runner with adequate protection against everyday hazards. The rubber compound that makes up its outsole safeguards the rest of the shoe from potential damages and is also textured for more adequate traction. The Fresh Foam midsole is quite substantial, protecting the runner against uneven surfaces, and its responsive wear shields them against chronic pain and fatigue caused by a long day of standing or running. The combination of Hyposkin and stretchy fabric supports the foot and provides breathability while also giving added protection against the elements. The stretch collar also keeps dirt and debris from entering the foot chamber, while the shoe's lacing system prevents accidental removal.
New Balance's Fresh Foam midsole technology is known mainly for lightweight and comfortable cushioning, yet it also proves to be highly responsive. The Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin serves dual purposes as both a running shoe and casual footwear, so it has to be responsive in order to keep the runner pain-free. Its cushiony wear completely absorbs the impact of each landing and disperses it into just enough energy throughout the underfoot to stave off aches and pains and keep the runner going for longer as they wear the shoe. Even the upper's construction can be considered responsive, as it completely wraps around the foot and adapts to its every movement.
Every single part of the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin continually supports the runner's foot. The Fresh Foam midsole was created to map out all points of the foot in order to properly support areas that feel the most weight and impact. Its upper uses a combination of stretchy fabric along with a layer of specialized Hyposkin on top, providing a sock-like fit that completely wraps around the foot without feeling tight or restrictive. Its stretch collar is curved at the sides to allow more accurate ankle support, and the fabric-based lacing system allows the runner to better customize their wear.
Since it's listed as a road-running shoe, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin works on almost all types of everyday surfaces. Its hexagonal tread pattern provides a decent grip on concrete and cement, and its midsole's level of cushioning safeguards against constant impact. While its upper's supportive sock-like fit does make it a versatile shoe for many athletic and casual settings, its high levels of breathability means it's especially useful during the summertime. Due to its construction, however, it's unfit for any kind of rugged outdoor sport.
Though it's not an inexpensive shoe to most buyers, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin's price tag is definitely still below average. Across all online retailers, this model has been listed at just $100. While this isn't as low as some of New Balance's other models, it's still significantly less than most running shoes sold by Adidas and Nike. And when considering its level of comfort and highly versatile wear, many buyers would even consider it to be an incredible bargain. Of course, those who are looking for an even lower price can easily find some incredible deals on either Amazon or eBay.
Though reviewers have praised the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin for a lot of things, they don't seem to mention how good or bad its level of traction is. Its tread pattern features a number of tightly clustered hexagonal lugs that are more stretched along the forefoot and heel, giving it the appearance of reptile skin. It's also textured, especially around the edges, in order to provide the runner with a more efficient grip. Though this seems to be suitable for everyday surfaces, there is no indication of how it performs in wet conditions. It's also a given that this shoe is not intended for trail running.
Though its upper materials do provide some much-needed support, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin still gives runners a very flexible wear. The many small and shallow flex grooves that separate its tread pattern's hexagonal lugs are enough to allow natural movement. The same can be said for the Fresh Foam midsole, which features this same pattern carved into its sides. And, while supportive, the upper's Hyposkin and stretchy fabrics are also incredibly pliable and unrestrictive. This, along with the shoe's light weight and cushiony comfort, allow it to be truly useful in casual settings.
Though it's marketed as being lightweight and comfortable, the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin also gives a stable wear to neutral runners. Its cushiony Fresh Foam midsole is highly responsive, staving off pain and discomfort to keep the runner moving smoothly. It has raised segments on its medial and lateral sides to keep the foot from wobbling around. This same task is given to the shoe's lacing system and two-way stretch collar, which also prevent accidental removal. But its wear wouldn't be nearly as stable if it wasn't for the brand's Hyposkin, which works with a stretchy fabric to wrap completely around the foot.
Those who prefer a lower heel-to-toe drop height will love the Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin. Its 6mm drop allows a much more natural gait cycle while still giving the runner a decent amount of heel support. Despite this, its midsole is definitely still thick enough to provide ample cushioning for an intense running session or a long day of standing or walking. However, those who prefer a zero drop platform would have to look elsewhere.
Key Features
-Protective rubber compound outsole
-Full-length Fresh Foam midsole
-Stretchy fabric and Hyposkin upper
-Rounded laces held by fabric bands
-Two-way stretch collar
-6mm heel-to-toe drop height
-Limited color options
Bottom Line
Though there were some minor issues with its overall look, reviewers seem to be very happy with how New Balance's Fresh Foam Lazr Hyposkin feels and performs. Runners of all levels and most foot shapes have a comfortable and stylish running shoe that they can wear for warm-ups, workouts, and casual everyday settings. Its lightweight wear and supportive cushioning keep them pain-free all day, while its layer of Hyposkin provides equal amounts of structure, stability, and breathability. The fact that its $100 price tag is quite reasonable for a shoe like this is also an added bonus. It's quite safe to say that most runners would be able to get a great deal of use out of this model.
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