Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12

The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 is a cushioned neutral road running shoe. It was designed to have a soft, plush feel and great energy return. The Nike Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel soften landings and add responsive cushioning. There are two layers of cushioning, the firm Cushion carrier and the soft Lunar core, which also smooth transitions. The foam was updated to have more energy return compared to previous models from the Vomero series. A 5mm molded sockliner adds yet another layer of cushioning, and a 3/4 length bootie makes the shoe feel soft and comfortable like a sock. The collar is padded with plush foam. The mesh adds support and keeps the foot ventilated. Dynamic Fit technology makes the fit both soft and supportive. Flywire cables secure the lacing system, creating a comfortable fit. On the outsole, an updated crash rail improves transitions and flexibility while cushioning landings. If you are a neutral runner looking for something with a lot of cushioning that is will maintain its energy on longer runs, read on to see if the Air Zoom Vomero 12 is right for you.

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Pros & Cons
  • Soft cushioning
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Great color choices
  • Good flexibility and stability
  • Great energy return
  • Multiple width options
  • Cons
    • Small toe box
    • Slightly expensive
    • Heavy for a neutral shoe
    • Key Features
      The outsole is made of BRS-1000 and Dura-DS rubber. BRS-1000 is a type of carbon rubber and is used near the heel. It is very durable, which is important when going over high abrasion surfaces, and also provides great traction, especially for heel strikers. Dura-DS is used in the forefoot and midfoot and provides traction, cushioning, and responsiveness by adding a light bouncy feeling. Anatomical flex grooves run between the treads to allow flexibility so that the foot can move naturally and transitions are smooth. There is also an updated crash rail on the outside section to improve transitions, cushion landings, and improve flexibility. The outsole protects against the bottom of the foot against bruising and the shoe against wear and tear.
      The midsole uses durable cushioning that is both comfortable and responsive. The main foam was updated so it has better energy returned than previous shoes. There is a firm Cushion foam carrier around the edges that is both durable and responsive. There is also a soft Lunar core that is lightweight and helps smooth transitions. In the heel and forefoot are Nike Zoom Air units that soften landings and add spring to the wearer's step. The top layer is a 5mm molded sockliner for even more cushioning.
      The upper is made of synthetic material and mesh. The mesh keeps the foot ventilated while also adding support. The Dynamic Fit technology means that the fit is soft, supportive, and matches the shape of the wearer's foot for a personalized fit. The collar is padded with plush foam and Flywire cables lock down the lacing system for a secure and comfortable fit. There is also a soft 3/4 length bootie on the inside, which makes the shoe fit like a sock. There is also a toe cap for an additional durability and protection, and a heel counter for support and stability. Reflective material makes the shoe more visible in low lighting conditions.
      The men's shoe weighs 11.8 oz and the women's shoe weighs 9.4 oz. This is heavy for a neutral running shoe, and the extra weight comes from the multiple layers of cushioning. The outsole's rubbers are some of the heavier components, with the more durable BRS-1000 being heavier than the softer Dura-DS rubber. The midsole's foam layers are lightweight by themselves, but multiple layers make the total midsole weight heavier than other running shoes. The Cushion carrier is the heaviest foam, followed by the Nike Zoom Air units, the Lunar core, and the molded sockliner. In the upper, the mesh is lighter than the synthetic material, and the extra padding adds additional weight. The high energy return made it so that testers did not notice the extra weight, some even stating that it felt lightweight while running.
      The Air Zoom Vomero 12's breathability is provided by the mesh, which covers the entire upper of the shoe. A lot of shoes only have pockets of mesh, but this one even has mesh on the tongue, toes, and heel. The midfoot areas of the shoe are not blocked by overlays or stitching that can cause irritation or trap heat on top of the foot. This means that the shoe is properly ventilated at all times, keeping the foot cool and dry.
      This shoe has a very comfortable fit according to testers. It has a regular length. The toe box is slightly short and narrow compared to other shoes, which explains why some retailers recommend ordering a half size larger than normal. The men's shoe comes in narrow, regular, wide, and extra wide sizes. The women's shoe comes in narrow, regular, and wide. Many sites categorize this shoe under “cushioning” or give it the highest level rating for cushioning. The cushioning in the forefoot is very soft and the cushioning in the heel is soft. The outsole's Dura-DS rubber adds an extra layer of cushioning. The midsole uses Cushion foam carrier, Lunar core, Nike Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot, and a molded sockliner for cushioning and comfort. The upper's mesh keeps the foot comfortably cool and dry, the Dynamic Fit technology creates a soft fit around the foot, the Flywire cables and laces provide a snug fit, and the 3/4 length bootie provides a sock-like feeling inside the shoe.
      The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 comes in lots of great color choices that go well with just about any running clothes. They are not too flashy, but are colorful enough to show the wearer's personality. The men's shoe comes in five color choices and the women's shoe has six color options. Many of the color combinations have reflective materials so that runners can stay visible and safe no matter what time of day or night it is. The shoe has a classic Nike look with the upper completely covered in mesh and a thick, heavily cushioned sole unit.
      The Air Zoom Vomero 12 is made from durable components. Both of the outsole's rubbers are durable, although the more solid BRS-1000 is used in high abrasion areas in the heel, while the more cushioned Dura-DS is used in the rest of the outsole. The midsole's foams are also all durable, with the Cushion foam carrier being the most durable and the softer Lunar core, Nike Zoom Air units, and sockliner also lasting for a few hundred miles before starting to show signs of wearing out. The upper's mesh is very durable and has to be because it covers the entire shoe. The bootie on the inside covers 3/4 of the shoe and does not wear out easily. The padding around the collar improves durability there, and the Flywire cables increase the durability of the lacing system. The toe cap adds durability by protecting the front of the shoe from wear and tear. Reviewers ran between 50 and 100 miles and did not experience any signs of wearing down.
      This shoe protects the foot and joints very well. The sole unit has a high stack height in order to protect the bottom of the foot against bruising from objects on the ground. The outsole has Dura-DS rubber covering most of the surface area that helps cushion landings and protects joints. The midsole has many layers of foam that cushion landings and absorb shock, protecting the joints in the feet as well as the knees, especially with the Nike Zoom Air units. The upper protects against heat with its breathable mesh, and the toe cap protects against stubbing. The heel counter, foam carrier, Dynamic Fit technology, and Flywire cables lock the foot in place to protect against rolling and sliding.
      The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 has great energy return and smooth transitions. In the outsole, the Dura-DS rubber and deep flex grooves allow the foot to move naturally while adding a light bounce to each step. The midsole's cushioning also has nice responsiveness, with the main foam being updated specifically to add extra energy return. The Cushion foam carrier adds energy return, the soft Lunar core smooths transitions, and the drop helps propel the foot forward. The upper also lets the foot move naturally, feeling snug but not constraining.
      The Air Zoom Vomero 12 provides support around the foot for a comfortable fit. The midsole has a Cushion foam carrier around the edges that supports the sides of the foot and provides a neutral level of arch support that makes landings comfortable but does not slow over-pronation. The Lunar core supports the inside areas of the foot and the sockliner supports the length and the width the shoe. The upper supports the midfoot with the Dynamic Fit technology, Flywire cables, and lacing system. The top of the foot is supported by plush foam around the collar as well as padding in the tongue. The heel is also padded to support the back of the foot and prevent slippage.
      This is a road running shoe, designed for hard surfaces. It can be safely worn indoors on gym floors, as well as outdoors on dirt or paved roads, gravel, and paths. It can also be worn on light trails but was not designed to go on technical terrain. Dry or wet surfaces are okay as long as they are not slippery, such as mud, snow, or ice.
      The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 is a slightly expensive shoe. When it was initially released, it cost around one and a half times the average running shoe price. Runners were willing to spend extra because of the layers of soft, thick cushioning, high energy return, and the Nike brand name known for its high quality. Current pricing ranges from 30% off to $100 more than the original price, depending on the size and color chosen.
      The outsole has threads going around the outside of the shoe as well as through the middle of the forefoot. These treads do an excellent job of gripping hard surfaces, allowing runners to run on roads and light trails, downhill and uphill without slipping. The traction, combined with the high energy return, allows the wearer to pick up speed during daily or long distance runs.
      The outsole, midsole, and upper all add flexibility to the Air Zoom Vomero 12. The outsole has deep flex grooves between the treads to allow the foot to move naturally. The midsole has thick cushioning that is soft and flexible enough to add support and comfort. The upper has lots of mesh as well as a bootie that move as the foot does, and the locked-in fit still allows comfortable movement.
      The Nike Aire Zoom Vomero 12 has good stability for a neutral shoe. The outsole rubbers stabilize landings and the Cushion foam carrier adds light stability to the arch and outside edges of the foot to prevent rolling. In the upper, the heel counter, Dynamic Fit technology, and lacing system help keep the foot stable to prevent sliding.
      The heel height is 22mm and the forefoot height is 12mm, giving a standard range drop of 10mm. This drop is perfect for this shoe because it means extra cushioning and energy return in the heel, which are the shoe's main goals. It also absorbs impact in the heel better than shoes with less cushioning.
      Key Features
      • Mesh upper

      • Dynamic Fit technology

      • Collar padded with plush foam

      • Flywire cables secure the laces

      • 3/4 length bootie inside the shoe

      • Updated foam

      • Midsole has a firmer Cushion carrier

      • Nike Zoom Air units in forefoot

      • 5mm molded sockliner

      • Updated crash rail on outsole
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 is a great shoe for someone who wants to go on long daily runs. The breathability and cushioning mean that the foot does not get sore, and the high energy return makes it so it takes longer for the wearer to get tired. It has good flexibility and stability, and is durable enough to go over rougher surfaces and take on longer runs. It has narrow, regular, and wide sizes so it is not just for people with average width feet. The designs are liked by most people and have reflective material in case the wearer decides to run early in the morning or in the evening. The biggest area for improvement is the small toe box. The price and weight are above average, but the extra cushioning makes it worth the investment, especially for someone who has plantar fasciitis or is prone to injury, and most people did not even notice the weight once they got moving. Overall, it is a good daily trainer that works well for most neutral foot profiles and can be worn by both new and seasoned runners.
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      By Stephanie Potter
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