Nike Air Zoom Streak 6

The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is a unisex racing flat that's appropriate for racing longer distances. The versatile shoe is available in many attractive colorways. The 6th iteration of the Zoom Streak has received many positive reviews from users. The shoe is lighter than before, it has a larger toe box, a more responsive midsole, a lower heel to toe drop, and a completely revised upper with improved breathability. It's a solid option for half or full marathoners looking for a shoe for race day.

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Where to Buy
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Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Great arch support
  • Good traction
  • Wider better fitting toe box
  • Cons
    • Not as durable as a regular trainer
    • Requires sizing up
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is composed of blown rubber. Unlike other parts of the shoe, it hasn't been changed. The outsole features pebble shaped flat lugs in the forefoot area with similarly shaped cutouts in the midfoot zone and an irregular tread pattern at the back of the shoe. The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is a racing shoe so the outsole is not built to handle day to day training but reviewers were still impressed with how the outsole held up during long-distance races and were happy with the amount of traction provided.

      The midsole of the Air Zoom Streak 6 features Phylon cushioning. The Phylon padding runs the length of the entire shoe for a fully cushioned ride. Reviewers were impressed with the amount of cushioning for such a lightweight racing shoe. In the heel area, Nike has also included some Zoom Air cushioning for extra impact protection and comfort. The Phylon cushioning feels firm underfoot and the shoe's firmness is aided also by a new Pebax midsole plate which enhances responsiveness. The firmer feel of the shoe also makes for a more stable shoe. The midsole contains enough cushioning to be used for longer distance racing.
      The upper is made of FlyMesh. This new material helps to make the racing flat more breathable. Gone is the Flywire from previous versions, instead the shoe features an internal arch strap for stability and support. The upper also features a newly shaped toe box which has been widened to accommodate more foot shapes. The wider fit also helps runners gain stability as they land with each stride. A thin tongue features tiny holes for even better air circulation, as well.

      Reviewers did comment that the shoe ran a bit small but otherwise provide a great fit. They appreciated the supportive fit of the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6's upper and found that overall, the shoe felt breathable. Some reviewers pointed out that while the laces don't cause any glaring issues, they are a bit long and some runners may need to replace them with shorter ones. A few reviewers didn't like the fit of the upper and complained about the FlyMesh easily tearing. The wider toe box, however, was well liked by most reviewers except for a few who had issues with the shallow depth of the forefoot area.
      This shoe weighs about 6.4 oz. It's a unisex shoe, so the weight is the same for both men and women. The shoe is lighter than its predecessor. Reviewers liked how light the shoe was and commented that it felt like they were wearing nothing on their feet when running with the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6.

      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6's FlyMesh upper greatly improves the shoe's ability to ventilate and cool down the wearer's foot. Reviewers appreciated the enhanced breathability and liked how lightweight the upper felt. The thin tongue of the shoe also features holes for air circulation. Reviewers added that the shoe was almost unnoticeable when on and the larger toe box greatly improved the fit and feel of the shoe. The wider toe box ensures that air circulates properly in the front of the shoe.
      Reviewers really enjoyed running with the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6. Despite being a little small, the fit of the shoe is excellent. The new FlyMesh upper feels almost non-existent but finds a way to support and stabilize the wearer even with such a lightweight feel. The firm midsole cushioning protects and cushions without sacrificing responsiveness. A wider toe box gives the foot room to breathe and splay naturally. Overall, the shoe is a comfortable racing option for longer distance races like the marathon.
      This shoe features a super clean design with various color options available to suit all types of runners. The unisex shoe comes in black, grey, ombre neon & pink, teal, white and many more colors. There's definitely a style to suit any taste. The large Nike brand logo is featured on the side of the shoe but doesn't look awkward or out of place. It blends in well with the overall design. Nike has designed a racing shoe that looks fast and stylish.
      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is a racing shoe so it's not built to last throughout a training period. It's meant to be lightweight and responsive. Runners should be aware that the shoe will last for a significantly shorter period of time than your average trainer. The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6, however, can still hold up for long distance races. But overall, it's made for performance, not durability.
      The Air Zoom Streak 6 features a few protective components. A new Pebax midsole plate is the most notable protective feature. It not only protects wearers from ground debris that might be felt through the thin outsole, it also helps to create a more rigid midsole feel. What this does is help enhance stability and prevent overpronation (and improve responsiveness). The outsole, while thinner than your average trainer's sole, still works to protect runners from slippery ground thanks to a fairly grippy blown rubber outsole. The new FlyMesh upper also helps to protect runners from blisters and other types of issues that may occur with overheating inside a shoe.
      This shoe is extremely responsive which is not surprising for a racing flat but Nike has managed to improve upon an already responsive shoe and make it even more so. The new wide toe box helps to allow for natural foot splay and gives runners a more natural toe-off feel. The new Pebax midsole plate makes the midsole feel stiffer and the firmer ride helps create a super responsive feel. The Phylon cushioning in the midsole, too, is firm and responsive which racers greatly appreciated. The extremely responsive Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is the perfect shoe for racing.
      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 offers support in the form of firm midsole cushioning. The Pebax plate and Phylon materials in the midsole provide a supportive platform that feels firm yet responsive. The shoe also provides a great deal of arch support in the midfoot area. A few reviewers found the arch support was a bit too aggressive, though.
      This shoe is made for racing on roads. While reviewers did find the shoe provided good traction, the outsole does not feature aggressive lugs for tackling uneven terrain. The outsole profile is mostly flat and isn't rugged enough to handle technical trails. That's why the shoe is best suited to running on pavement. The outsole also isn't thick enough to handle a treacherous terrain and the FlyMesh upper features too much open area to let debris inside.
      The Air Zoom Streak 6 is priced extremely fairly for such a versatile racing flat. While users won't get the same kind of durability as they would with a regular training shoe, the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 provides plenty of value because it delivers on its promise of a responsive, fast, comfortable ride. Reviewers had very few issues with the shoe and really enjoyed running in the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6. Even as a lightweight racer, the shoe provides a nice amount of midsole Phylon cushioning and good traction. The updates for this version of the Nike Air Zoom Streak enhance the shoe further making it a superior racing flat with excellent responsiveness.
      For a road racing flat, this shoe provides an impressive degree of traction on pavement. The irregularly shaped flat lugs underfoot provide a decent amount of grip for flat surfaces that impressed reviewers. The outsole is not made to last but it does provide the necessary grip for racing and helps to make the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 a solid performance shoe.
      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is more rigid than it is flexible. The firm Phylon midsole cushioning provides stability and a responsive ride. The outsole doesn't feature any Flex Grooves but the FlyMesh upper does provide a bit of stretch for runners. The stretchy upper aids with fit and comfort and an internal arch strap helps to keep the foot in place.
      This Nike shoe provides plenty of stability, at least as much as a neutral racing flat can provide. The new Pebax midsole plate and rigid Phylon cushion both help to create a firm feeling shoe that stabilizes the wearer. A lower heel to toe drop helps bring runners down to earth and enhances stability as well. While the FlyWire components of previous versions have been done away with, the new arch wrap in the midfoot area does the same job in stabilizing the wearer. The outsole provides decent traction, according to reviewers, which also aids with stability. Overall, the firm feel underfoot and the secure upper fit help to provide plenty of stability even during racing conditions.
      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 features a slightly lower drop than before. This version has a drop of 8mm. The lower drop helps to enhance stability and brings runners lower to the ground to further improve responsiveness. Reviewers appreciated the lower drop and the smooth ride is provided.
      Key Features
      - NEW wider toe box features a square shape and a roomier interior
      - NEW Pebax midsole plate enhances firmness, responsiveness, and stability
      - Lower heel to toe drop of 8mm
      - NEW FlyMesh upper construction greatly enhances breathability
      - Blown rubber outsole
      - Zoom air rearfoot
      - Phylon midsole provides firm, comfortable cushioning
      - Thin, breathable tongue
      - Padded ankle collar
      - Internal arch strap replaces Flywire for stable and secure fit
      Bottom Line
      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is an excellent choice for long-distance racers looking for a super responsive, lightweight racing flat. The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is well designed and well-liked by reviewers. Users will want to size up a bit to ensure the best fit but otherwise, the shoe provides a smooth comfortable ride. The firm midsole cushioning is protective and responsive, the outsole is grippy enough for racing on the roads, and the improved upper and wider toe box make the shoe fit better and feel better.

      The Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is more responsive than ever, still lightweight, and features a sleek design. Reviewers were impressed and it's hard to find much to complain about. If you want a long distance racing flat, the Nike Air Zoom Streak 6 is a great option.
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      By Steph Coelho
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