Nike Air Zoom Span

Nike is a huge player in the running shoe market, and they have a host of stylish and cutting-edge trainers, as well as less serious but more fashionable running shoes. The Nike Air Zoom span is one of their lower priced shoes that serves as a great trainer for beginners and those looking for a straightforward shoe. This review will explore the positives and negatives of the shoe.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Fairly fashionable design
  • Lower price
  • Solid durability
  • Lightweight
  • Great for workouts
  • Cons
    • Less suited for long runs
    • Limited width options
    • Key Features
      The Air Zoom Span uses an outsole made of Duralon material. Duralon is commonly found in many of Nike’s shoes and is a pretty good material. Duralon is a very lightweight, synthetically blown rubber. This rubber is great for providing traction and is also a bit more comfortable and soft than most rubbers. The only real drawback to it is that it is a bit less durable than other carbon rubbers. Overall, it is a very good blend, however, and fulfills its job well. The outsole also features a waffle design, which helps to improve traction through the bumps and ridges used. These are not too overbearing either, as they are like lugs but less thick. The outsole also features grooves in order to improve the flexibility of the shoe overall. The outsole of the Air Zoom Span is pretty solid as a whole, offering pretty good materials and technology.
      The midsole in the Air Zoom Span is pretty impressive as well. It features dual-layered EVA foam, which is another staple of Nike running shoes. Dual layered EVA is a great choice for midsoles because it provides two useful features. One of the layers is softer and springer, providing better responsiveness and comfort. The other layer is better at providing cushioning and is a bit harder to better redistribute shocks and impacts. The midsole also features Nike’s special Dynamic Support technology. This is designed to help stabilize the midsole and make the shoe more stable as a whole. Finally, the midsole has a Zoom Air unit, which helps to add a bit more responsiveness. It does this through some extra material placed throughout the shoe. This is one of the defining features of the shoe, as is obvious from the name. Overall, the midsole is a pretty strong piece in the Air Zoom Span.
      The main design of the upper is mesh, which is pretty much a staple of modern running shoes. This mesh has the advantage of being lightweight thanks to its material and also being breathable and flexible thanks to the woven nature of the shoe. In addition to the main mesh, the upper has a more firm mesh, which makes the upper more stable and secure while running. Within the upper, the tongue of the shoe, as well as the area around the openings, are padded for extra comfort too. Finally, the upper’s lacing structure is very quick and clean, making a comfortable and easy fit. The upper of the shoe is a decent piece and provides good breathability and flexibility as well as comfort.
      The Air Zoom Span is pretty light, weighing in at 9.1 ounces for a men’s, and a bit less for a women’s. This is pretty light for a trainer, though not exceptionally so. The shoe probably isn’t light enough to be considered lightweight, but still falls on the lighter range of trainers. Overall, the weight isn’t really too standout and isn’t a huge negative or plus of the shoe.
      Breathability is fairly strong in the Air Zoom Span, mainly thanks to the engineered mesh of the upper. The upper usually dictates the effectiveness of a shoe’s breathability, and this is definitely true in this case as well. The engineered mesh is very effective at allowing air to flow in and out of the shoe. This is thanks to the material and also the way the holes are woven. Overall, this is sufficient to make good breathability in the Air Zoom Span.
      Comfort is a very strong aspect of the Air Zoom Span. The main reasons for this are the upper, midsole, and outsole. The upper provides some nice comfort thanks to its good breathability and flexibility. These are obviously very beneficial when it comes to comfort. The upper also helps with its padded collar and tongue. The midsole’s main source of comfort is the dual-layered EVA foam. This dual-layered foam provides both good response and cushioning, which is also really useful when it comes to comfort. Finally, the outsole contributes a tiny bit with its synthetic blown rubber. As mentioned before, this rubber is a bit softer than other rubbers, making strides a bit more comfortable as well.
      Nike is one of the top brands when it comes to style, even with their athletic wear, which is an impressive feat. One of the only major competitors to them is Adidas, who also make very stylish running shoes. The Nike Air Zoom Span is a very stylish shoe. It is offered in a variety of colors, ranging from flashy and bright to subtle and dark. The shoe also has a very simple and clean design, which makes it very suitable for use in everyday life as well. The Air Zoom Span would make a great choice for everyday use in addition to running, which is definitely a nice plus.
      Durability is a bit disappointing in the Air Zoom Span. The outsole is a part of this. Because of the blown rubber, the outsole doesn’t last as long as a carbon rubber one might have. Despite this, the outsole still is pretty good at maintaining its shape, it just isn’t as good as other materials might be. The midsole and upper also don’t have much to improve their durability. They aren’t inherently prone to wear, but additional materials might have been useful in extending the lifespan of the shoe. Overall, the durability of the shoe is not bad but definitely could have been better too.
      Protection is pretty solid in the Air Zoom Span. The main features that affect this are the upper and the midsole. The upper provides protection from the outside elements and also provides stability, which is both necessary and useful to protect the feet from any damage. The midsole helps to protect the feet with the dual-layered EVA foam it employs. This foam helps with protection by reducing shocks and impacts and also redistributing them. This helps prevent any long-term damage to the legs which can occur from running. The Air Zoom Span has pretty decent protection overall.
      The midsole is primarily responsible for the responsiveness of this cushioned runner, as is generally the case for running shoes. The material of the midsole in the Zoom Span is dual-layered EVA. As discussed earlier, the dual layer is very beneficial to springiness and response. This is because one of the layers is softer which allows it to bounce more and give more energy back with every step. The outsole also helps slightly, thanks to the fact that it is a blown rubber. Because it is softer, it allows for more feeling and response. The lightweight nature of the shoe helps as well. Responsiveness is overall pretty solid in the Air Zoom Span.
      The main pieces that help support in the runner are the upper and the midsole. The upper supports the foot through the firmer mesh it utilizes. This firmer mesh helps to provide support from the top of the foot and holds the foot in place well while moving. The midsole helps to support the cushioning of the EVA foam once again. It sits on the foot very comfortably and supports the foot well by alleviating impacts. These are the main sources of support throughout the shoe, and they do an adequate job overall.
      When it comes to terrains, the Air Zoom Span is pretty well suited to most terrains that are frequently ran on. The shoe is probably a bit more suited to city terrain, thanks to its lighter rubber outsole, which might be a bit lacking for traction on very uneven or slippery surfaces. That said, the Air Zoom Span should definitely function quite well on trails, grass, or dirt. The only real areas where the shoe should not be used are in the most extreme terrains like in icy or rocky areas where specialized shoes are needed. The shoes can also surely be used in rain, so long as proper caution and care are taken.
      Price is actually a strong point for the Air Zoom Span. Nike shoes tend to fall on the more expensive side, so this is definitely a nice plus. The shoe retails for slightly less than the average trainer, but it is not lacking in any major ways when it comes to features and materials. It competes quite well with most basic trainers. The shoe can also probably be found from other retailers for even cheaper, which make it an even better value. For the style and technology in the Zoom Span, its price is definitely a strong point.
      Traction is mostly influenced by the outsole, as it is in every shoe. The blown rubber of the Zoom Span is pretty good at gripping on to surfaces. Again, it will be most effective on roads and sidewalks, but should definitely work well in other terrains as well. The outsole also has Nike’s waffle technology, which is a less prominent version of lugs. These also help with traction. Traction is overall very solid in the Air Zoom Span, and shouldn’t be a major problem in a majority of terrains.
      Flexibility is aided by the upper and the outsole of the Air Zoom Span. The upper’s engineered mesh is the main piece that contributes to the flexibility of the upper, and of the shoe as a whole. The use of two different mesh materials for the upper makes the top of the shoe very good at flexing and twisting to different strides. The outsole contributes slightly with its flex grooves. These grooves allow the bottom of the shoe to bend well with each step too. This in tandem with the upper makes the shoe flex quite comfortably and naturally while in motion. Flexibility is good in the Zoom Span thanks to these parts.
      The primary areas that help the stability of the shoe are the upper and the midsole once again. The midsole helps with stability through its cushioning once again. The cushioning reduces the effects of shocks and strikes from the ground. This makes the stride more stable overall. Within the midsole, the Dynamic Support design also helps to add stability. Finally, the upper contributes with its meshes, which support the foot from above well, keeping them stable while in motion.
      The Air Zoom Span has a drop that is 10 mm. 10 mm is a standard size for a drop. Many average trainers have a drop around this range. The drop is too small to be maximalist and too large to be minimalist. Overall, the drop isn’t a beneficial or detrimental feature in this shoe.
      Key Features
      - Engineered Mesh Upper
      - Stylish Nike Design
      - Duralon Blown Rubber Outsole
      - Dual Layer EVA foam
      - Waffle Outsole Design
      Bottom Line
      Overall, the Air Zoom Span is a fantastic shoe for its price. While it does not offer any particularly exceptional or groundbreaking technology, what it does offer is really solid. As a whole, it is a great shoe for those seeking a basic trainer that can also double as a stylish everyday shoe. Between the style, the technology, and the fact that the shoe is from Nike, the price is a bit of a pleasant surprise.
      Where to Buy
      By Abbie Copeland
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      Where to buy
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