Nike Flight Bonafide

The futuristic Nike Flight Bonafide is marketed as a basketball shoe, though reviewers seem to agree that its place isn’t necessarily on the court. The mid-height sneaker with pod-like midsole accents certainly has a unique design. While reviewers lauded the shoe as ultra comfortable and stylish, it just doesn’t hold up as a basketball shoe. Lack of support and stability make it a poor choice for a game of b-ball. Most reviewers chose instead to wear the high-top sneaker casually. Wear it as a spectator, but opt for something else as a player.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Excellent midsole design
  • Extremely comfortable cushioning
  • Unique futuristic design
  • Zip-style delivers easy on-off
  • Cons
    • Ill-fitting upper offers little support
    • Zipper prone to unzipping
    • Traction isn’t great
    • Not suitable for basketball 
    • Fit around the ankle is unstable and too tight
    • Key Features
      The Bonafide’s outsole is made of rubber and features no unique components for added traction. Reviewers felt that traction could be a lot better, especially considering the Flight is billed as a basketball shoe.
      The midsole is where the Nike Bonafide shines. The soft platform gives way to shock-absorbing Nike Air cushioning contained in the shoe’s large circular side pods. Reviewers loved the midsole feel, which felt comfortable and responsive. There’s a fair amount of midsole material packed into the Flight.

      The upper is made up of Nike’s Flyknit material. Instead of laces, the Bonafide is easy to slip on and take off thanks to a zipper located at the rear of the shoe. The high-top shoe’s upper is stretchy and flexible, but some wearers noted that the material tended to stretch out over time. Many reviewers, unfortunately, found the zippered shoe delivered an ankle fit that was extremely tight and uncomfortable. Many even experienced blistering because of the poor fit. Reviewers also mentioned having issues with the zipper, which often got stuck and failed to zip correctly.

      The biggest downfall of the Bonafide? The poorly thought out upper design. Overall, it lacks support and doesn’t provide adequate lockdown. Without a lacing system to help adjust the fit, the result is a super sloppy feel with an overly aggressive ankle hold.
      We couldn’t find a listed weight for the Nike Flight Bonafide, but with lightweight Nike Air cushioning and few user complaints about weight, it’s unlikely the feel of the Bonafide is very heavy.
      The Flyknit upper material delivers excellent ventilation and reviewers liked the breathable, stretchy design.
      What’s disappointing about the Nike Flight is that its midsole is so incredibly comfortable. The Nike Air cushioning is soft without feeling mushy and delivers excellent impact protection. Unfortunately, the rest of the shoe is a huge miss. The upper’s design is poorly thought out and delivers an exceptionally sloppy fit. The high-top design’s ankle fit is too tight, cutting off circulation for some and blistering for others. Despite a generously padded midsole, the ride feel of the Bonafide just doesn’t cut it.

      The future is here. The space-age design of the Nike Flight Bonafide is sure to turn some heads. The bulbous midsole pods add an interesting design element, and the curvy features of the shoe make for a sleek statement. While the Flight Bonafide isn’t quite ready for the court just yet, the shoe is certainly a looker. It’s available in a variety of colorways including blue, black/white, dark red, grey, multi/black, all black, purple, and brown/grey.
      Reviewers seemed to agree that the Bonafide featured a durable construction overall. The rubber outsole is nice and thick, and the Flyknit upper is highly resistant. The weak spot, though, is the zippered closure. Replacing a traditional lacing system, the rear zipper is meant to make it super easy to slip in and out of the Nike shoe. While a zipper certainly makes the process of putting on the shoe easier, keeping it on poses a problem. The zipper has a tendency to slide down during wear, which causes fit issues and instability. The fit is a mess because of the crappy zipper. Users also pointed out that the zipper would often get stuck and there were even reports of the zipper breaking completely.
      Forget protection from instability with the Bonafide. The ill-fitting upper just doesn’t cut it in terms of stability. The high-top design won’t do you any favors when it comes to lateral stability either, according to reviewers. The outsole, too, is poorly conceived for use on the court. Where the Bonafide does a good job is with impact protection. A generous infusion of Nike Air midsole cushioning ensures wears are well-protected underfoot.
      Reviewers characterized the midsole feel as soft but responsive. The Nike Air pods deliver energy-return and comfort.
      The Nike Flight Bonafide lacks support in a big way. Reviewers described the shoe as unsupportive. Why? The high-quality Flyknit upper seems to stretch out over time, and the ankle fit is too tight while the rest of the shoe fits sloppily. Lockdown is nearly non-existent thanks to a badly designed zippered closure that unzips on the regular.
      Made for the court but not quite ready for it, the Bonafide’s rubber outsole doesn’t provide enough traction for a sport like a basketball. The fit is ill-suited to the game, too. The ankle zipper doesn’t seem to stay put and the stretchy Flyknit upper stretches out too much too quickly leading to a sloppy overall fit that’s not at all a good choice for the basketball court.
      The high priced Bonafide doesn’t quite offer the value you’d expect. While reviewers flocked to the shoe for its futuristic design and ultra-comfortable cushioning, most left with a bad taste in their mouth. The comfortable midsole and trendy look just don’t make up for the poor fit and lack of stability. If you can’t use a shoe for its intended purpose, is it really worth its price tag? Reviewers seemed to think not in the case of the Nike Flight Bonafide.
      The rubber outsole just doesn’t provide adequate traction for playing basketball. Reviewers were disappointed in the sole and said that the outsole grip could definitely be improved.
      The outsole is fairly flexible, and the upper is nice and stretchy. The stretch helps with ventilation but the material, unfortunately, tends to over stretch. Normally, you wouldn’t expect a shoe to stretch out. Once a running shoe stretches out, it’s usually time to replace it. The same goes for shoes for other sports. Your chosen shoe should fit right out of the box. Don’t expect stretching to occur, if it does it’s a sign of poor quality and bad design.
      Despite a supportive platform of Nike Air cushioning, the Bonafide fails big time to deliver an acceptable amount of stability. The Primeknit upper stretches over time to become too loose. The outsole doesn’t provide enough grip on the court. The ankle-fit is snug (enough that it’s uncomfortable) but the zipper doesn’t stay zipped. It comes undone often resulting in a very sloppy fit. Reviewers agreed that the Nike Flight did not provide adequate lockdown to ensure a stable ride. For a sport like basketball, which requires a lot of sudden movements from side to side, a lack of stability is a deal breaker.
      There is no listed drop height for the Nike Flight Bonafide.
      Key Features

        - Stretchy Flyknit upper construction
        - Instead of laces, there’s a zipper closure
        - Large circular side pods filled with Nike Air cushioning
        - EVA foam midsole cushion
        - Rubber outsole
        - High-top design
      Bottom Line
      Scoring ultra-high points for the comfort, the Nike Flight Bonafide loses more points than it wins because of its poorly designed upper. The highly comfortable midsole simply can’t solve all the problems inherent in this basketball-style shoe. Its high price tag doesn’t match up with its ill-fitting upper, sloppy fit, and awful stability. A cool design doesn’t make up for the fact that the expensive shoe isn’t even a good choice for the sport of basketball. Virtually no reviewers found the shoe suitable for the court, and many found the fit so uncomfortable it was a poor option for everyday wear, as well.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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