PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5

The PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 doesn’t have too much to offer that hasn’t already been seen in the PG 2, aside from the forefoot strap of the PG 2.5 and the unique, innovative and cool design reminiscent of the original Play Station 1. This might be enough to sway you to buy this basketball shoe, and we couldn’t blame you – the design is really great. However, if you own a good pair of basketball shoes and you’re not a PS fan and/or a shoe collector, there isn’t much reason to jump on the PG x PS bandwagon.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight for a basketball shoe
  • Very comfortable
  • Great design
  • Snappy performance
  • Forefoot strap on the upper increases stability
  • Decent traction
  • Underfoot protection
  • Cons
    • Indoor courts only
    • Not too durable due to soft rubber traction pattern on the outsole
    • Some users are opposed to the Pro-Lock midfoot lacing system
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 basketball shoe complements all the on-court movements and provides great grip on the surface. The multi-directional traction thread covers the entire outsole and consists of dense and small, irregularly-shaped grooves that provide a great base for short and fast movements, as well as indoor running. In essence, the outsole hasn’t changed all that much from the PG 2 release – which is a good thing.
      The PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 features an 11-mm-thick Zoom Air cushioning unit in the forefoot of the shoe which isn’t dampened by a foam layer as one would expect. Rather, the player feels all the energy return and the responsiveness the Zoom Air technology has to offer, making the player explosive, swift and confident. The heel does have a cored-out foam cushioning that provides a lot of comfort and underfoot cushioning. This shoe has kept the TPU shank featured in the PG 2, which provides torsional rigidity. Overall, this is a performance-oriented midsole that has tuned out all the noise, leaving just the necessary things behind.
      The upper of the PG 2.5 PlayStation colorway uses the same materials as the regular PG 2.5 as well as the PG 2. The upper is made out of mesh material in the front which provides ventilation, while the rest of the upper, primarily the rearfoot heel cup and the lateral forefoot areas, dons a sturdier, durable neoprene material. The inner sleeve of the shoe provides comfortable wear. The materials used in the upper construction are lightweight, high-quality and flexible, hugging your foot in all the right places. The mid-top construction offers some support to the Achilles, while the forefoot strap both completes the look and provides some much-needed support during the lateral movements. The tongue isn’t too padded, but it has just the right amount of thickness as to prevent the laces from creating uncomfortable pressure on the top of the foot.
      The PlayStation colorway is the same as the other PG 2.5 colorways and weighs 12.6 ounces for a half-pair. This is a regular price for a basketball shoe and will even feel lightweight for some players because basketball shoes are known to easily weigh even upwards of 13.5oz.
      The mesh material used in the upper provides a significant amount of ventilation, although this type of shoe cannot compare to the all-mesh, lightweight breezy running shoes. Due to the fact that basketball shoes require some sturdiness and a whole lot of lateral support, the idea of an all-mesh basketball shoe isn’t that achievable. That being said, the breathability of the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 is much greater than the Nike Foamposite Pro, but it can’t be compared to traditional running shoes in terms of airflow and (the lack of) hot spots while wearing them.
      The blend of mesh and neoprene materials used in the upper of this basketball shoe provides a comfortable player’s experience. The shoe runs slightly narrower than a standard basketball shoe, but this will only pose an issue until the shoe is broken in. All in all, this shoe runs true to size, except if you have especially wide feet, in which case we’d advise you to try it on in-store before making a purchase. The forefoot strap makes the shoe fit customizable and caters to a lot of different support preferences, which a number of players appreciate. The overall comfort of the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 is great, and the softness of the insole has pleasantly surprised some wearers as well. The heel pull tab is also a nice detail because it allows two fingers to go through it, allowing you to actually pull on the heel in a comfortable manner.
      The style is what is perhaps the most important when discussing this specific colorway of the PG 2.5 shoe, and the design doesn’t disappoint. The original, grey colorway of the PlayStation x Nike shoe (this colorway of the original PG 2.5 now comes in different colorways as well) is actually a throwback design made as a PS 1 homage because it dons the color scheme of the original PlayStation dating back to the mid-to-late ’90s. The top eyelets also feature a touch of the original PS design, and the splattered-looking midsole plays into the design as well. On the back of the heel, you’ll find the standard Paul George branding, and there are different-colored Nike swooshes on each side of the shoe. The top of the tongue features a discreet PS logo, but the real surprise comes when you look under the tongue, where you’ll find a PS-power-button-shaped LED light. When you click the button on, it will start with the pulsating light giving off a subtle hint of a glow from inside of the shoe. A lot of people have been thrilled with this hidden cool feature, although they have noted there is no way to switch the battery when the light burns out. However, given the durability of LED lighting in general, our guess is that the tongue light will easily outlast the outsole of the shoe, so this isn’t something to worry about.
      This basketball shoe offers better-than-average durability while maintaining the less-than-average shoe weight, which is commendable. The durability of the outsole will be greatly enhanced if you decide not to wear the shoes on outdoor courts because the traction pattern will wear down fast if you do. That being said, even if you do decide to wear these shoes on indoor courts exclusively, don’t expect them to last longer than a basketball season. This isn’t a bad result, but on the other hand, it’s nothing to rave about either.
      The dual-cushioning that differs from the forefoot to the rearfoot does offers good underfoot protection. The rearfoot foam is somewhat stiff, which corresponds to the Zoom Air cushioning’s nature in the forefoot. Together, these two types of cushion provide a smooth experience and will definitely dampen the ground feel and protect the foot from impact forces. The heel is on the firmer side, so keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of that kind of underfoot feel. The insole, however, provides a lot of extra cushioning, making the shoe pretty comfortable and protective.
      The responsiveness of the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 is great, especially due to the bare Zoom Air technology located in the forefoot, allowing the player to propel the foot forward while jumping and running, as well as experience a snappy underfoot feel while in the basketball stance. The rearfoot foam is also on the firmer side, providing a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The front and back midsole units of this basketball shoe are so in-tune, that you won’t be able to feel where one ends and the other one begins, which provides a comfortable and energized wear.
      The main type of support needed in a basketball shoe is the lateral support, and this PG 2.5 colorway has more than enough to offer. The neoprene heel overlay, along with the mid-cut collar, prevents the ankle from twisting and your foot from moving too much inside the shoe box, and the forefoot strap allows for a very tight grip on the vamp. The overall build of the PG 2.5 shoe provides a secure lockdown that will give you confidence in every on-court movement, without worrying about your feet.
      The PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 basketball shoe is great for indoor use and indoor use only – the outsole rubber is too pliable and soft to be worn outdoors. However, a number of people only want the PG 2.5 PlayStation colorway because of the looks, in which case you can walk in these shoes on a variety of surfaces, but we still wouldn’t recommend running in them outside.
      For those players who are die-hard fans of the original PlayStation console and fell in love with this PG 2.5 colorway, the price of the shoe will be affordable. The combination of quality and style in the PS colorway is enough for collectors, PS, and basketball fans alike to go ahead and spend the C-note on this basketball shoe. Is this the most high-quality shoe in this price range? No, it’s not, but the quality is high, and the design is innovative and appealing, which makes this a decently priced shoe in our book.
      The wavy outsole traction pattern of the PG 2.5 is fairly similar to the one seen in the PG 2. The pliable rubber offers the best traction on slightly dusty courts and the dust won’t stick between the multi-directional grooves, even though they’re very dense. The performance of the outsole is above average, at best. This means that this basketball shoe does have some stopping power, but the traction it offers isn’t very strong.
      The upper vamp mesh and the transition in the midfoot between the heel foam and the Zoom Air unit at the forefoot provide a flexible experience in the forefoot, which is quite enough for a basketball shoe. The PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 will bend where it needs to and provide support everywhere else, which is a somewhat different approach than what most people are used to seeing in neutral running shoes, but for a basketball shoe, this is a great thing.
      One of the greatest stability and support features of the PS Nike PG 2.5 is the forefoot strap that locks the foot in place and prevents it from slipping forward during the landing. Additionally, the small TPU block in the midfoot area increases torsional rigidity, which in turn protects the player from torsional twists. The sturdy heel counter does offer some stabilization in the rearfoot, but the mid-cut collar, the lacing system, and the forefoot strap are already more than enough to prevent the heel from slipping outside of the shoe box; that being said, it’s more useful to have the heel counter than not.
      The PlayStation x Nike Paul George 2.5 basketball shoe features quite a bit of heel cushioning, which is necessary in these types of shoes due to the extremely important heel-to-toe transition that has to be swift and smooth in order to provide a great playing experience and cater to the specific movement needs of basketball players. Due to the classic basketball stance that makes the player spend most of his time on the forefoot, the drop of a basketball shoe isn’t relevant when choosing the shoe, regardless of whether you’re a forefoot or heel striker.
      Key Features
      ● Multi-directional traction pattern on the outsole
      ● 11-mm-thick Zoom Air forefoot cushioning midsole with foam cushioning in the heel
      ● Mesh and neoprene upper
      ● Forefoot Velcro strap
      ● Supportive
      ● Very comfortable
      ● Not too expensive
      ● Less durable outsole due to pliable and soft rubber
      ● Basketball shoe
      ● Good responsiveness
      Bottom Line
      The only major differences between the PG 2 and the PlayStation x Nike PG 2.5 are the forefoot strap and the design. The price of both shoes is the same, so if you just recently bought the PG 2, there aren’t that many reasons to buy the PS colorway of the 2.5. However, if you’re an avid fan of the PlayStation console from the ‘90s and you’d like to try out the strap feature, this basketball shoe is definitely worth a try. It offers great comfort, support, responsiveness, and decent traction, making it a good basketball shoe overall.
      Where to Buy
      By Lizzy Pavlovic
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      Where to buy
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