Puma Flex Racer

The Puma Flex Racer is a neutral road shoe made for performance racing. The Racer is also super lightweight and features an attractive aesthetic that will appeal to racers looking for something a little bit more stylish than usual. Reviewers like the Puma Flex Racer for its comfortable fit, affordable price point, and excellent ride feel. It's a great shoe for runners seeking a reliable race day shoe that won't break the bank, those who just want a shoe with a little less heft, but is perfectly suitable for non-runners, too, who might appreciate the sleek look of the Puma Flex Racer.

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Where to Buy
Where to Buy
Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Fairly priced
  • Flexible construction
  • Super lightweight
  • Works as casual footwear
  • Cons
    • Not super durable
    • Poor traction on wet surfaces
    • Key Features
      The outsole of the Puma Flex Racer is made of a very flexible rubber material. Added Flex Grooves help quite a bit with flexibility, too. Reviewers did note that traction wasn't great with the Puma Flex Racer, so it's not a good choice for rainy day racing or training. The tread underfoot is indeed quite flat. The durability, too, of the outsole leaves something to be desired. A thin outsole is to be expected on a shoe that's this lightweight, after all. A few runners did feel that the traction was good enough for racing on pavement, it's just best to be careful in wet conditions.
      The midsole of the Puma Flex Racer is composed of full-length EVA foam. The cushioning is both durable and responsive. Reviewers felt the cushioning was comfortable and soft without skimping on impact protection. For a race shoe, there's a nice amount of midsole padding. One reviewer even said that wearing the Puma Flex Racer felt "like walking on air".
      The upper of the Puma Flex Racer is made of a very thin, lightweight mesh material. It's a paired down upper to help keep the overall weight of the shoe down. The logo isn't just a design element, it actually acts as an overlay for support. A SoftFoam sock liner is also present and provides added cushioning inside the shoe. The Puma Flex Racer is topped off with a regular lacing system.

      Reviewers liked the comfortable fit of the upper and appreciated the lightweight feel. The upper, users say, is very breathable. The midfoot area is well secured and although some cited a narrow fit, the majority felt the shoe was true to size. The upper material feels soft against the skin and the fit is sock-like. The toe box is well-protected and features a slightly thicker, protective mesh to prevent rips and tears.
      The Puma Flex Racer weighs about 4.27 oz for both the women's and men's versions. It's an ultra-lightweight racing shoe that doesn't sacrifice cushioning, comfort, and support for a lighter weight. The upper is thin but soft against the skin and there's enough midsole cushioning to provide protection against impact forces.
      The Puma Flex Racer has quite a thin mesh upper which ensures exceptional breathability and helps runners stay cool no matter what. Reviewers did not complain about overheating or blister issues. The interior SoftFoam liner wicks away moisture quite well and users get plenty of ventilation to ensure a comfortable ride.
      The majority of reviewers found the Puma Flex Racer very comfortable. The thin upper material isn't just lightweight, it's also soft against the skin. The fit is a bit narrow, according to some, but most didn't feel the sizing was off. The tighter fit works just fine for racing conditions and the shoe ventilates well enough to help reduce the chance of foot swelling and friction blisters. The Puma Flex Racer is also quite flexible which helps produce a smooth ride that feels natural and effortless.
      The Puma Flex Racer comes in a variety of attractive colorways. Each features clean lines with modern branding. The look is subtle but sleek. It's an appealing style that makes the shoe attractive for runners and non-runners alike. The look of the shoe is not obviously athletic and it could easily pass as a casual wear sneaker.
      The Puma Flex Racer is a racing shoe so one shouldn't expect it to last for hundreds of miles. The lighter construction means that durability suffers a little bit, that's to be expected with most racing shoes. Weight is shaved down and durability is sacrificed. The thin upper is lightweight but not flimsy but the outsole is a bit thin and won't last as long as a traditional running shoe.
      The Puma Flex Racer provides a decent amount of protection for a racing shoe. It's best for short distance running or race day, for anything else, it's just a bit too minimalist. However, for its intended purpose, there's a surprising amount of midsole cushioning, which reviewers were impressed by. There's enough EVA foam in the midsole to protect from impact without weighing the shoe down. Although the upper material is thin, the forefoot area features reinforced mesh to prevent rips from occurring.
      The Puma Flex Racer's midsole EVA foam provides plenty of energy-return for the wearer. Reviewers liked that the shoe felt fast, lightweight, and responsive. Running or walking in the Puma Flex Racer feels like doing so on air, according to one reviewer. The midsole cushioning is soft but not so much as to negatively impact energy-return. It's a great racing shoe with plenty of responsiveness.
      The Puma Flex Racer provides some support thanks to the narrower fit that ensures runners stay snugly secure inside the shoe. The logo doesn't just appear for aesthetic purposes, it helps to support the wearer. It's a stylish and functional component all at the same time. The upper fits like a glove without feeling restrictive. The material is soft and flexible so that it moves naturally with the wearer.
      The Puma Flex Racer is meant for running on roads, the tread underfoot is made of rubber and although it's flexible it's not appropriate for long distances or off-road running. Traction isn't superb because of the flat tread and reviewers had issues when running in wet weather.
      The Puma Flex Racer is affordably priced which reviewers greatly appreciated. Racing shoes are not meant to work or last through daily training so it's not super fun to think of spending large sums of money on them but the Puma Flex Racer is priced fairly. The look of the shoe helps to enhance its value since it's attractive but subtle enough to be worn for activities other than running.
      The Puma Flex Racer provides okay traction on dry surfaces. It's not a great shoe for tackling wet weather runs, though. The tread is flat underfoot and just doesn't grip slick surfaces very well. The outsole is also not super durable. It's quite thin - in an effort to shave off weight - and won't hold up as well as the sole on a traditional pair of running shoes.
      The Puma Flex Racer is very flexible, this makes it a great racing shoe. Movement from heel to toe feels natural and quick. Toe off is effortless and the responsive midsole EVA foam helps propel runners forward with an extra hand from the malleable outsole. The outsole is made of pliable rubber and also features Flex Grooves. The result is a super smooth ride. There's virtually no breaking in period required, just lace up and try to hit that personal best.
      The Puma Flex Racer is a racing shoe, so there's not much here in terms of stability. The fit of the shoe certainly ensures that wearers don't feel unstable as they pick up speed. The mesh upper is thin but firmly wraps the foot of the wearer to stabilize them.
      The Puma Flex Racer features a fairly normal 8mm drop from heel to toe. Reviewers liked the natural feel this drop produced paired with the flexible construction of the shoe. Moving through the gait cycle never felt rigid or hindered in any way.
      Key Features
      - Rubber outsole made of very flexible material
      - Flex Grooves featured in sole
      - EVA foam cushioning in the midsole
      - Minimalist mesh upper
      - Support from logo instead of overlays
      - SoftFoam interior liner for added cushioning
      - Regular lacing system
      Bottom Line
      The Puma Flex Racer is an excellent option for race day. It's comfortable, well-cushioned for such a lightweight shoe, and features a superbly breathable mesh upper. Runners won't feel overheated or restricted when wearing the shoe. It's not as durable as a traditional daily trainer but it'll do the job when performance is key. Reviewers who ran in the Puma Flex Racer felt fast and loved the flexible, responsive ride.

      The design, too, is a strong point of the Puma Flex Racer. It's clean, free from too many design elements that create an overly busy look. The logo is simplified and acts as both a functional and style element. The shoe works just as easily as a casual footwear and it's a strong option for race day.
      Where to Buy
      By Steph Coelho
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