Should new runners buy running gear?

Greetings! I’m training for my first marathon with my friends. They just bought their own running gear the other day and they’re also encouraging me to buy some; however, I find it incredibly expensive. Do I really have to buy running gear?

How long do running shoes last?

I have a GPS running app installed on my phone. The app tracks almost everything from steps taken to how many miles I’ve run. It also tracks and advises me to get a new pair of trainers. So, how long will running shoes last? Does it really vary?

How far is running around a soccer field?

I just transferred to a well-known school in Texas. My new friends are into running and, in order to blend in, I need to adapt to their hobby. During our free time, we always take a run on the school’s soccer field. So, how far is running around a soccer field?

How often should you wash running clothes?

I always run and work out during the week so, normally, I wash my clothes every after workout/run. As time passes by, I noticed that my clothes are wearing out. Do I have to wash them even though I don’t sweat that much? How often should I wash my running clothes?

Why is running bad for your knees?

Hello! I started running because I want to get in shape and to be healthy as well. However, over time, I feel pain in my kneecaps. Running should be good for your overall health right, but why is running bad for your knees?

What running shoes are best for overpronation?

I came from a family of runners. My dad encouraged me to have a “video gait analysis” test and found out that I’m an overpronator. I’m stuck between Brooks Addiction and Nike LunarGlide 8. What running shoes are best for overpronation?