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The Top Running Hacks All Runners Should Know

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Some of the best running hacks include using a frozen water bottle on the feet and using newspaper to dry sneakers. The Top Running Hacks All Runners Should Know www.runnerclick.com

You don’t need to be a professional runner to be a good runner. It does take time and putting in those miles in order to become a better runner, but there are plenty of running hacks all runners should know to make their journey that much more bump free.

Runners are often faced with obstacles along their personal course. This includes everything from lack of motivation to injury.

But knowing the tips and tricks to this running game can help make the runner a player for many years to come.

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Running Hack #1: Run To Destinations

One of the biggest problem runners faces is the clock.

There is no way to add hours to the day, but there are ways to make time for a run.

One of the best hacks to know is runners can clock in some serious mileage each week by running to their destinations.

Need to pick something up from the store? Run to it. Meeting a friend for coffee? Run there. The bonus is getting that extra java boost for the run home.

Someone even revealed on social media that they made their Target run a real run. With plans to meet a friend at Target, the runner told the friend they need to get their run in first. The friend suggested running to Target and then driving the friend back after shopping.

Squeeze a run in on the way home from work instead of taking the bus or train.

Running Hack #2: Carrying Keys

How to carry keys is one of the biggest mysteries for runners. Master this by separating keys from the key fob. Then only take the key fob for the run.

Store the fob in shorts, pants or jacket pockets. Just make sure to wear those leggings with the side pocket that day.

The key fob is small enough to also nicely fit in a fuel belt.

Running Hack #3: Leave Water On Route

It was a hot and hilly run while training for a mid-distance event. My running group turned to run from the nearly empty dirt trails to the pavement of the local neighborhood. That’s when we realized we were getting thirsty.

As we reached a landmark, my running coach pointed up her water bottle hidden up ahead.

She revealed that before meeting the group for that day, she pulled over and left some iced cold water in this spot she knew we would run by.

She suggested we do the same in the upcoming weeks since we were training on the same course for that weekly run.

Do the same and place a water bottle in route during a long run. This could also be left at the runner’s doorstep or car to be picked up when making a loop back to their start.

This solves the problem of having to carry a water bottle or wear a belt or vest.

Photo by Parker Mauk on Unsplash

Running Hack #4: Trade Planned Course To Closer One When Weather Is Bad

Runners need to be mindful of the weather. Bad weather and even hot temperatures can greatly affect a run.

Always have a backup course that is near the runner’s home on the back burner. This is so if a storm comes rolling in, the runner can just stick close to home and seek shelter if it starts to rain.

The same is true for heat or cold. If temperatures become too unbearable, at least they are close to home to cut the run short. A short run is better than no run at all.

Running Hack #5: Make Calendar Alerts

Scheduling in runs just like one would do for a doctor appointment or work meeting does wonder for staying on track.

But one of the best running hacks to do is actually put these runs in the runner’s calendar on their phone. This way they receive calendar alerts to be that extra push of motivation as the day goes by.

Running Hack #6: Perfecting Pace

The biggest hack to know when it comes to running is keeping that desired pace.

To do so, start off slow. No matter what, keep the beginning of the run at a conversational pace. 

Make the objective to continue to run faster the duration of the mileage until running the fastest at the end.

Starting slow helps to perfect the pace so that the runner isn’t burnt out halfway through the run and have to slow down.

Running Hack #7: ABC’s To Avoid Shin Splints

Shin splints occur when the runner does too many miles or runs too fast too soon. The calf muscles need to strengthen first. 

One of the best ways to avoid shin splints is by strengthening these muscles whenever possible. Do so by “writing out” the ABS’s with each foot. Do so on each side.

Running Hack #8: Track Miles For Shoes

It’s so important to make sure to regularly get fitted for new running shoes. Runners need a new pair every 300 or so miles. 

To know exactly when this is, keep track of the mileage done using each sneaker the runner rotates. This is easily done is some running apps like Nike + and Garmin’s smartwatch app.

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Running Hack #9: The Rainy Day Savior 

A little rain never stopped us from running. But running in a puddle has us stopping right in our tracks.

Prevent wet feet by using the rainy day savior, duct tape. 

When rain is in the forecast, wrap duct tape around the toe box of the sneaker. This will help keep out all traces of water.

Simply remove the tape after the run.

Running Hack #10: The Drying Trick

If the sneakers do get wet, the best trick to get them dry is using newspaper.

This is also the best way after washing the shoes in the washing machine. First, make sure to take out the insoles. Then wash the sneakers.

Do not put them in the dryer. Instead, use newspaper to stuff inside the sneakers. Then leave them out to air dry overnight.

Running Hack #11: Mimic Outdoors On The Treadmill

If the runner needs to use the treadmill, make sure to mimic outside conditions. And this means setting the treadmill on a one percent incline. 

Doing so better matches how the ground is outside. 

This running hack is the best for speed runners who are running fast on the treadmill. But all runners should give it a try to make it comparable in workouts. 

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Running Hack #12: Free Race Entries

Runners love racing. But we should also give back and try to volunteer at races as well.

And doing so might just get the runner a free entry into the event or a future one.

We shouldn’t volunteer for the sake of free stuff, but it’s a nice added bonus.

Some events look for volunteers to help set up. And then the volunteer can then participate in the event. After volunteering over and over again, the race organizers might offer free race entries.

Running Hack #13: Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Plantar fasciitis pain is no joke. But there are two running hacks to getting through it.

The first is using a frozen water bottle to roll on the bottom of the feet. The ice helps reduce inflammation and is soothing.

The next best running hack to know is using a tennis ball to roll away the pain. There is no need to buy expensive massage balls for the bottom of the feet. Tennis balls also do the trick.

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